The Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism Of Vultures

If you needed to take to the skies to cleanse your life of ambiguities and toxic elements, which bird would you choose? 

Many might choose an Eagle, while some might go with sparrows, but the real candidate here is a vulture. Read on as we delve into the spiritual meaning and symbolism of vultures. 

Vulture Spiritual Meanings

1. Death 

In wildlife, a group of vultures will form a circle over the dying animal or one that has already died. Given their scavenging nature, their strong sense of smell allows vultures to locate their carcasses, their main source of food. 

Considering that they mainly feed off carcasses, a vulture is associated with death. An encounter with a vulture could be a sign of the nature of your death nearing or a sign that someone close to you might die. 

Ensure to take precautions and take care of those you cherish. 

2. Resourcefulness

According to a study conducted recently, a group of vultures were able to find 71-74 chicken carcasses over three days! Given their elite sensing mechanism and eyesight, one would expect them to do well. To further hone their skills, vultures have a strong hearing sense, allowing them to pick up sounds and identify their prey.

As they reach the skies, their abilities and skills allow them to find food easily. Similarly, a vulture points towards your skills and amazing abilities. Like a vulture, you must utilize your talents and skills to explore opportunities. 

Your skills are everything you need to succeed in all endeavors of life. 

3. Patience 

Given that vultures are natural scavengers, they will wait if they see any animal dying soon. The vultures stay away from the animal unless the animal has dropped dead. This natural element from a vulture’s life symbolizes remaining patient. 

Instead of making desperate efforts when something goes bad, sometimes it’s best to sit back and let events take their natural course. It’s a way of showing reverence for the life cycle and accepting that the universe aligns with your best interests. 

Staying patient will save you from devoting untiring efforts towards a lost cause. Before you act on something, wait and let things fold out first. Whatever happens will eventually be in your favor. 

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Seeing A Vulture Dream 

Seeing a vulture dream could mean various things, including: 

  • Transformation and Change

Given their association with death, seeing a vulture dream is an indication of changes entering your life. Your life has entered a phase of transition, which will prove helpful in becoming the best version of yourself. 

  • Cleansing 

As vultures scavenge on a dead animal’s remains, they tell you to rid yourself of the negative thoughts you’re harboring. Focus on your goals and induce clarity within your life to become a better person. 

  • Protection and Strength 

Seeing that the vultures work in a group, seeing a vulture dream is the universe’s way of assuring you. Your Guardian Angel is standing guard to protect you from all the malevolent forces surrounding you. Right now is the perfect time to chase any endeavor you’ve thought about but couldn’t due to facing various difficulties in life. 

Are Vultures a Good Omen? 

How you see vultures as an omen depends on your beliefs. Since some people associate them with death, they believe it to be a bad omen. On the other hand, these birds are also known for representing good luck and free will. 

Once again, your interpretations will define if vultures are a bad omen or good. If you see them as a bad omen, a vulture sighting predicts a death happening in your circle soon. Alternatively, if you believe them to be a good omen, seeing a vulture depicts the arrival of a healing period. 

What Does it Mean if You Saw a Vulture? 

Whether it be on your trip to safari or your dreams, seeing vultures often entails a message from the universe. So, what does it mean if you saw a vulture? Here are a few possible interpretations: 

  • Be Proactive 

The vultures are seen as a symbol of renewal and rebirth in the spiritual world. While vultures symbolize being patient, seeing them in a dream also urges you to be proactive. Ensure to remain patient to an extent and trust your instincts. 

When your instincts tell you that the time is right, take imminent action and grab the things meant for you. 

  • Exercise Free Will

Across various cultures, vultures represent independence and freedom. Even when in groups, vultures don’t succumb to anyone. Instead, they prefer writing their destiny and doing as they please. 

Nevertheless, with free will also comes self-control. When you see a vulture eating, they only take enough for them to eat, leaving the rest for fellow members of the group. This phenomenon tells you to be considerate when someone offers you from their plate. 

You must only take enough that is sufficient for you, leaving the rest for them. On the other hand, the vultures suggest not to give in when anyone pressures you. Exercise free will and make the decisions that feel right. 

  • Lack of the Commitment 

While a new phase in life awaits you, some distractions in your life aren’t allowing you to commit and adapt to the changes fully. These distractions are rendering you unable to make the necessary changes needed to become the best version of yourself. 

It’s also worth noting that in the spiritual domain, vultures are known for having insights about the future. If everything feels right currently, seeing a vulture could be an indication of the brewing trouble. Remain vigilant and imminently act as you see something happening wrong. 

Final Words

Seen as a profound symbol in the spiritual domain, the vultures carry significant spiritual and symbolic messages for you. Civilizations throughout history have associated these birds with spiritual guidance discussed in the manners discussed in the guide. 

If you’ve come across a vulture lately, this article is a sign for you to connect with your higher self and correlate to the meanings and symbolisms discussed. Its spiritual meanings entail a guiding message from the universe, urging you to remain focused on your goals.