The Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism Black Sheep

The black sheep is often overused in a bad context.

It is used to identify someone who betrays you or someone who brings bad fortune.

However, when we depict its meaning spiritually, the black sheep aligns with various meanings scattered throughout various beliefs and cultures. 

While some cultures see it as an omen of death, some see it as a sign of wisdom and good fortune. Fortunately, we have dedicated this piece for you to exploring the Black sheep’s spiritual meaning and symbolism. 

So without any further ado, let’s get going!

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Black Sheep Spiritual Meaning


While people mainly associate being a black sheep with negativity, it requires you to be different to become successful. Since people already see you as an outsider, you are not limited by the never-ending expectations and voids to fill. 

The absence of unnecessary expectations gives you the space to prioritize your goals and wishes. Being different from others will allow you to devote more attention to your goals and become successful in the pursuit of anything you want.  


In many cultures, black sheep are a sign of misfortune. By this interpretation, seeing a black sheep in your dreams or in real life is a sign that there are negative energies surrounding you. You might fall sick or might suffer a loss. 

In any case, it’s better to take protective measures and avoid activities that could be potentially harmful. 


Many Native Americans see black sheep as a protector of the flock. Their black hide is an evolvement and protects them from predators. Considering the camouflage benefit, these sheep function as watchmen for the herd. So, whenever the danger is nearby, the black sheep can warn the rest of the herd. 

However, when you reflect on this interpretation spiritually, it suggests that you are the protector of the people close to you. People in your circle look up to you for your guidance and protection. They feel safe in your presence, making it easy for them to trust you. 


In ancient times, sheep were used as a measure of wealth. Throughout many cultures and beliefs, seeing a black sheep is a sign confirming that you will soon accumulate a fortune. These cultures also see the birth of a black sheep as a cause for celebration.  

If you have been seeing a black sheep in your dreams or somewhere, it is a sign that you will soon receive wealth. You might soon receive a job promotion, or someone might give you an expensive gift. Regardless, you will soon gain a financial reward! 

Bible About the Black Sheep

In the Bible, the “sheep” refers to the people who remain faithful to God. However, black sheep have an entirely different meaning in the Bible. The Holy Scripture refers to the outcast and the misfit people as the “black sheep.” 

Black sheep originates from the biblical parable of the Prodigal Son, where the younger son goes away, spending all his money. Spending money wastefully makes him a “black sheep,” bringing shame to his family. 

Considering the biblical parable, The Bible refers to various people as the black sheep, mainly those of have sinned, gone astray, or become outcasts. 

As degrading as it may sound, being a Black Sheep in the Bible comes with a lesson. The context reminds you that everyone can be exonerated and reconciled no matter how far away they fall from the path of righteousness. It’s never too late to turn back and do the right thing! 

Black Sheep Symbolism

In its literal meaning, a “black sheep” is someone people see as deviant from the norms or a group. Whether it be your family, or your society, being a black sheep means that you don’t conform to the beliefs that other people in your group do. 

People also use black sheep to identify someone who is a disgrace or brings embarrassment to any institution or any group. 

However, when you talk about being the family’s black sheep, it means that you don’t resonate with your family’s views and that they see you as an outsider. 

Nevertheless, it can be a good thing too. For instance, your family believes that accepting your financial situation the way they are is fine. However, you feel irritated by the never-ending compromises or simply wish for a better life. 

Rejecting settling for less makes you a black sheep who will be different from your family. You will focus more on developing your financials, allowing you to break the chain and make things better for everyone in your family. 

Conclusively, if you believe that being rebellious to foul ideas can bring betterment for you and the people close to you, it’s worth being a black sheep. 

Seeing a Black Sheep Dream

While seeing a black sheep dream can have various dreams, it usually is a self-analysis of the aspects you consider negative. 

On the other hand, seeing someone else in your dream with a black sheep is a sign that they are different from people in your life. However, whether they are good or bad depends on further context. 

If you have been feeling disconnected from your close ones or isolated lately, seeing this dream is a sign of this realization. In another interpretation, seeing a black sheep dream suggests that you feel embarrassed based on certain events happening in your life. 

To interpret what your dreams are trying to tell you, reflect your black sheep dream on your life. Since these dreams are often symbolic, reflecting them on your life will allow you to comprehend the right meaning and take steps accordingly. 

Final Words

The black sheep is one of the most powerful symbols for various meanings in the spiritual domain. 

But, it is necessary to adhere to the positive interpretations of the black sheep.

Knowing about the negative interpretations will allow you to identify the black sheep in your life and prevent them from running any more rampage through your life.