The Justice as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Justice card stands for law, Justice, fairness, and truth. You will pay the price for your deeds because you are being held accountable. If your activities align with your Higher Self and benefit others, you shouldn’t worry. You’ll be called out if you don’t and forced to take responsibility for your actions. If you’re anxious about this, remember that the Justice card isn’t as simple as you believe. Although you could have done something regrettable, this card suggests that you will be handled impartially and equitably. Justice cannot exist without compassion and empathy.

Be prepared to acknowledge your errors and take ownership of the results. If you pursue it, Justice will be done, according to the Justice card. You can be taking part in a legal proceeding or awaiting the resolution of one with a governing body or another organization. There will be a decision shortly. The upright Justice card does not allow for retrials or second chances; once the judgment is given, you must accept it and go on.

Truth-seeking is at the heart of Justice. Things are more intricate than you first realize when you explore further into your world. Consider what truth means to you as you are ready to walk into murky waters. Use caution while deciding what you consider to be true, as well as what you consider to be right and moral. Be willing to push yourself and broaden your vision since it may not be as simple as you believe.

Justice Upright in Love & Relationships

Justice may advise dating a person in the legal profession if you are single and like Tarot readings (judge, lawyer, legal secretary, etc.) Since the Tarot card for Libra is a Libra, you could be about to experience a Libra. Justice in a love tarot reading might suggest that this imbalance will be corrected with the loving partner you deserve entering your life if you have served others with honesty and compassion but have not been treated properly in partnerships. Additionally, it can suggest that people who have treated you badly will be held responsible.

The final determinant of whether Justice is a positive or negative relationship sign is how you and your partner behave. You will profit from being truthful and moral in your relationship by experiencing more harmony or a deeper connection. It could signify marriage and symbolize the marriage contract. Justice assures you that if any of you have cheated or been dishonest, the truth will come out, and the dishonest person will be held accountable.

If you’ve worked hard, love and romance will come your way since Justice is based on karma. Your connections will show how helpful and kind you have been to others. Your kind and positive demeanor will make you more desirable to others if you’ve been single.

Reversed Justice 

Justice Reversed might mean that you see the moral wrongness of what you did. You may either confront your faults and move decisively to fix the issue, or you can conceal it and hope no one finds out. It’s possible that others missed it. Choose whatever seems right to you since you will live with the repercussions of your choice.

Justice Reversed asserts that you may not be prepared to take full responsibility for your acts and could be trying to “dodge the bullet” by placing blame on others. You can’t see the larger picture because you can’t get beyond your worries and ego. You’re lying to both yourself and other people. Reexamine your position to discover the areas for which you are accountable. Once you’ve acknowledged your error, attempt to put things right. You will be liberated from any guilt or shame as a consequence of doing this, enabling you to make better judgments.

Think about if you have any biases or prejudices that might unjustly impact your judgment if you are about to make a critical decision that will affect others. You may need additional information to make an educated conclusion or reveal your biased ideas.

In a legal context, you can worry about getting an unjust result or challenging the decision, which would doubt the legal system. There can be issues with the law or anything else that inhibits the administration of Justice.

Justice Reversed in Love & Relationships

Justice Reversed may be a clear sign that you are being exposed for lying or cheating if you are in a love relationship. So, if you’ve been lying or cheating in your relationship, be prepared for harsh repercussions. This Major Arcana trump card in your Tarot reading may also show you that arguments with your spouse appear to go on indefinitely. It could also signify that you don’t feel like you’re being treated equally or fairly in the relationship. Take into account your contribution to the relationship before judging your spouse. Consider whether it is appropriate to place the whole responsibility on your spouse.

Even if you think you have nothing to do with the relationship problems, you should still try to take something positive out of the experience. Remember that we are the standard by which others should regard us, and we reap what we sow. If you’re single, Justice Reversed can suggest that while thinking you’re prepared for the relationship you deserve, you haven’t given yourself enough time to learn the lessons you need to move on and avoid making the same errors in prior relationships. It can also indicate that your relationships deteriorate since you regularly lack balance.

Strike a balance between your romantic and independent life when you first meet someone. Your relationships will have the breathing space they need to develop. If Justice has been reversed, it can indicate that you are now being punished for the cruel ways you treated prior relationships. Everyone gets caught up in the first thrill of a new relationship, but watch out not to become too self-absorbed!


Justice demonstrates the karmic and cyclical nature of love and relationships. The kindness we show to others is always repaid many times over. What we put into the world is what we get back, and this principle of Justice serves as a reminder to be kind to others. We may strengthen our connections with others by channeling Justice’s impartiality and moderation. A life filled with joy and affection is yours if you can only learn to be more compassionate and empathic.