The High Priestess Yes or No? Tarot Card Meaning in Love and Career (Upright & Reversed)

The High Priestess tarot card is the deck’s second trump or Major Arcana card, and it denotes sensuality, mystery, and overall greater power.

Whereas many tarot cards entail taking action or making a move, the High Priestess is a nonaction card, which means that whoever receives it should consider the opposite of taking a step forward – take a step back and reconsider.

Rather than attempting to improve the situation, one should seek new potential opportunities.

In a reading, the High Priestess frequently encourages retreating in order to gain perspective on the situation itself.

Card Description & Symbolism Behind it

A lady sits on a cubic stone between two pillars in the High Priestess tarot card. 

The letter B on the black pillar represents Boaz, the pillar of strength. 

The J on the white pillar represents Jachin, the establishment’s pillar.

The pillars’ black and white hues represent duality: masculine and feminine, good and evil, negative and positive. 

They claim that entering this sacred zone requires awareness and acceptance of duality.

The placement of the High Priestess between the two pillars symbolizes that she works as a bridge between the depths of reality. 

She represents the third pillar or the way in between. 

Her opinion is that both pillars are equal and that knowledge may be gained from both.

The High Priestess carries a scroll with the word Tora written on it, which might be a reference to Jewish scripture, an anagram for the tarot, or both.

The scroll is partially obscured, which means that divine knowledge is both explicit and implicit, and that it can only be seen when one is willing to see beyond the material.

The crown and blue robe are both emblems of the High Priestess’ heavenly understanding.

Her robe’s cross depicts the four directions as well as the balancing of the four selves: body, heart, intellect, and spirit.

The crescent moon at her feet also indicates that she is lighted by reflection and represents her connection with the divine feminine, her intuition and subconscious mind, and the natural lunar cycles.

The pomegranate veil represents plenty, fertility, and the divine feminine, as well as Persephone eating the fruit of the Underworld, which allowed her to travel between the higher and lower realms.

The High Priestess Upright Card Meaning

When the High Priestess comes upright in a tarot reading, it typically means that now is the time for the person to take time and study and listen to one’s intuition rather than their intellect and conscious mind.

She advises us to take our time, ponder on what we’ve learned so far, and get additional knowledge before making a choice or taking action.

Moreover, if the person receiving the reading is female, the High Priestess urges them to embrace their sacred feminine in order to rebalance the feminine energy.

The High Priestess, who was often regarded as the gatekeeper in ancient temples, might also appear in a tarot reading when the person is dealing with a “gatekeeper” in their everyday life. Her suggestion is to quit worrying about the result and to trust the gatekeepers’ choice.

Furthermore, she suggests we devote our attention and time to reflecting on what we’ve learned and preparing for any outcome. 

Upright: Meaning in Love & Relationships

Because the High Priestess is a ‘self’ card, she frequently appears in love or social/friendship readings when one may need to focus more on getting their personal wishes and needs satisfied, rather than partner’s. 

Having opened the High Priestess tarot card in a reading, the person may be unsatisfied with many aspects of their life, including love. 

If she symbolizes one’s boyfriend, lover, or even just a friend, this card indicates that they’re undoubtedly frustrated because no matter how hard they try, they just can’t attain closeness with their partners/friends.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to both problems: quit trying! 

P.S. We are not suggesting that you give up on life or your relationships, but rather that you take a step back and let what is already there to flourish and heal on its own.

The High Priestess in Career 

The High Priestess tarot card does appear in professional readings, particularly those involving returning to school or pursuing knowledge of some kind.

The main thing that the person should ask themselves is: Are there any hidden things that are actively preventing me from progressing?

This Major Arcana card encourages the person to step back and study the issue, as well as determine what they are truly enthusiastic about.

The High Priestess: Yes or No?

In a Yes or No tarot reading, the answer from the High Priestess is always ‘yes’ if it’s upright, and ‘no’ if it’s reversed.

Because this tarot card signifies a strong sense of intuition, spiritual wisdom, and mystery, it may be interpreted as a sign that the person has what it takes to succeed.

If the High Priestess appears in a ‘yes or no’ tarot reading, it can also be interpreted as a good sort of encouragement to follow one’s intuition.

Reversed: Meaning in Love & Career

The High Priestess in reversed position might be seen as a message that it is time to concentrate exclusively on oneself for the time being.

Furthermore, the person may be encountering a lot of external influences and ideas, which is confusing them.

More time spent in nature might help them reconnect with their higher self, regain their confidence and develop fresh ideas and inspiration.

Love – Reversed

The High Priestess is the protector of intuition, meaning that it might be a strong sign that the person should solely trust their instincts when it comes to love and romance. 

When the person rejects their intuition and solely follow conscious thinking, difficulties might arise. 

The High Priestess might also indicate that one must be cautious in order to be really honest. 

Ultimately, avoid doing or saying things just to satisfy your partner. 

Career – Reversed

The person may not have all of the facts about their current job position, and as a result, they may feel alone and disconnected from their coworkers. 

It’s also possible that they’re not listening to their gut when it comes to professional decisions, which is something the High Priestess always encourages us to do.

For example, do not start a business idea with anyone if your gut feeling is telling you they don’t have best interests at heart.

This card might also represent a coworker with secret motives; be aware of others. 

Important Card Combiations with the High Priestess

The Major Arcana card appears with the other Major Arcana cards more often than with the Minor Arcana.

Keep reading to find out the most important combinations.

The High Priestess and the Fool

The High Priestess card represents initiation, mysteries, and mystery. 

The Fool is also the card of fresh beginnings, inventiveness, and originality. 

These two cards together might imply that the person receiving the reading has recently experienced a significant incident that will ultimately change their life. 

The person is going to learn something new about himself that they did not know previously.

These events may be difficult to accept or modify, but they are required for the individual’s growth and maturation.

The High Priestess and the Empress

When the High Priestess and the Empress appear together, it denotes that one’s emotions and instincts will be heightened and difficult to control. 

Therefore, before taking any further action, the person should consider how what is occurring is impacting them. 

In love, it might indicate that they are unable to control their emotions, which will ultimately result in their relationship being swept away by desire. 

It might imply that a concept or strategy being developed in the workplace is not possible in its current state.

The High Priestess and the Emperor

Even though one may have strong perception, their emotions are prominent in this card combination. 

As a result, the person should strive to be more objective while interacting with people. 

In the realm of love, it might imply that they aren’t thinking properly when confronted with an emotionally charged issue, and they should attempt to step back and review the situation calmly.