The Hierophant as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Hierophant represents long-held customs, knowledge, religion, feelings, marriage, and enlightenment. Like the High Priestess, he is a member of the clergy. Two pillars support the Hierophant’s seat. Two followers, holding corporeal and ethereal keys, lay at his feet, seeking his counsel. Among the many things he oversees are rituals of goodwill and spiritual counsel.

Upright The Hierophants Meaning 

Receiving the upright Hierophant card during a tarot reading signifies an openness to traditional ideas and views. It implies that you want to engage in an already established practice. While you want to participate in the happening, you also want to adhere to conventional concepts and methods while staying within some customary bounds. So, how can you integrate yourself into the existential world? Your first attempt to conform to the ideas and philosophies that are currently prevalent.

Upright The Hierophant as Feelings: for Relationships 

The Hierophant upright card, which appears in tarot love & feelings readings for issues about love and relationships, portends commitment and marriage for the partners. Consequently, receiving The Hierophant card is a good sign for those currently in a relationship or wanting to advance their connection. Your relationship will improve, and some of you may even start new chapters with your significant other. Additionally, it implies that you and your spouse will often think similarly about each other and your relationship and will be on the same page.

Upright The Hierophant as Feelings: for Singles

On the other hand, this Major Arcana tarot card portends that a special someone will soon enter your life if you are single. And the feelings you will have will be characterized by dedication and comprehension. There will be safety, undivided attention, and a tendency to encourage one another more and avoid misunderstandings as one grows. A strong attraction to a spouse who upholds conventional values, is well-liked in society and is secure for your future ambitions is also indicated by the Hierophant tarot card for singles. In terms of you, it conveys a sense of respect for them and a thoughtful approach that will enable you to treat them better and appropriately.

Upright The Hierophant as Feelings: for Ex 

The Hierophant advises that their feelings are spiritual if you are inquiring about how an ex or a former lover feels about you. Your ex believes that you had a vital role in their lives. Your ex holds you in the highest regard since they have gained so much knowledge from you. They still care about you, but not romantically. Even though they admire you, they are not thinking about reconciliation.

The Hierophant: Do They Like Me?

Yes, they like you and have feelings for you, particularly if you cherish tradition and have traditional values.

Will he make a marriage proposal?

He’ll most likely do it. The Hierophant emphasizes the need of upholding all traditions, particularly conventional marriage.

Reversed: The Hierophant Meaning

 Revolt is quite likely when The Hierophant appears reversed in a tarot reading. The message declares that now is the moment to transform the world and defy all established norms. The established techniques, methods, and practices need to be abandoned. Additionally, it would help if you carried out your responsibilities in your life according to traditional methods. Forward, reverse The Hierophant tarot card advises you to get rid of societal conventions that contradict local laws and customs or that you shouldn’t abide by for flexibility. This card is mainly for self-reflection on whether or not everything you have been doing all this time was worthwhile.

Reversed The Hierophant: as Feelings: for Relationships 

Getting Hierophant reversed as feelings in a relationship reading suggests no charm in your union. It could have stopped being exciting, dull, or good enough for you and your spouse. The couples would feel like they were dragging things along with their spouse since, in essence, all the passion and understanding had disappeared over time. It warns residents who are already in relationships to put in consistent effort, discuss viewpoints, and have continuous talks. You must not believe in the same, even if it can suggest a future together. There may also be a chance of divorce.

Reversed The Hierophant as Feelings: for Singles

Without everything falling into place, The Hierophant (reversed) as feelings in tarot card suggests that singles may need to violate their own rules and make concessions to enter a committed partnership that denotes satisfaction and health. You may strengthen your connection with your spouse by being passionate with them, seducing them with sensual dialogues, and trying to understand their expectations for the partnership. This Major Arcana tarot card advises patience and waiting for the ideal opportunity to meet your match for certain individuals.

Reversed The Hierophant as Feelings: for Ex 

The Hierophant reversed as feelings for ex indicates that your ex still harbors resentment if you are inquiring about how they feel about you. Do you two quarrel frequently? Were either of you in charge of the other, or both of you? They believe you do not share the same values, even though you may have truly loved each other, and they cannot get past that. They do not want to get back together with you and have no interest in making amends. You two could possibly rekindle your friendship if their negative feelings change at some point.


The Hierophant is a challenging relationship card. At its finest, it’s spiritual, platonic love and feelings. This is the cornerstone of every excellent relationship, yet it’s not enough. Some friendships should stay platonic. You’re best served by finding a soulmate, as much as it hurts. You’ll need to consider your reading & relationship history to interpret the Hierophant’s message.