The Hermit as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Hermit is a card representing deep meditation, solitary contemplation, and the accumulation of knowledge. Alone on a mountaintop, an elderly guy holds a lamp and a staff. Being alone, as shown by The Hermit, is an integral component of the ebb and flow of life and relationships because it allows us to tap into our inner resources and develop our full potential.

Upright The Hermit Meaning

A time of meditation, introspection and spiritual enlightenment is generally what the Tarot card of the standing upright Hermit portends for you. You could find that you need time alone to acquire a better sense of who you are, to escape from the daily grind to discover your real spiritual self, and to reflect on who you are, what you want from life, and what your values are. The image of the Hermit may also signify inward retrenchment or seclusion to recover from a trying circumstance. This trump card from Major Arcana could represent antisocial behavior or a general lack of interest in social interaction. It could be necessary to see a therapist or psychiatrist since The Hermit is experienced, wise, and informed. You should pay close attention to your own needs right now.

Upright The Hermit as Feelings: for Relationship

One of life’s greatest mysteries, love, may have a lot to teach us. We must all be completely conscious of our needs, worries, and anxieties. The Hermit as feelings in tarot love interpretation may imply that we should take time to get to know ourselves better before committing to a romantic partnership with another person. Even though it may seem lonely now, you’ll be on the proper path to discovering the love you were destined to have. If you already have a relationship with your partner, you two might do your soul-searching together. Consider what you want to get out of a relationship and what can bring you joy. Even though the first interactions could be unpleasant, they will provide a strong basis for handling the difficulties. The Hermit upright in a marriage can stand for an experienced partner. It can also mean you need to make more effort to get along with your partner. It can mean that you and your spouse don’t spend enough quality time together or too much time apart.

Upright The Hermit as Feelings: for Singles

If you are single and the Hermit Tarot card emerges in a love & feelings situation, you have recovered from a time of loneliness and solitude required to overcome a difficult breakup or previous heartache. You’ll soon be prepared for a new beginning. It could also imply celibacy or virginity. 

Upright The Hermit as Feelings: for Ex

If you’re wondering about the feelings of your ex for you, the Hermit tells you that while they value the lessons your relationship has given them, they now need some time and space to conduct their own introspection. Finding oneself and comprehending what one must do in order to have a connection with their deeper self are their main concerns. They are not feeling about reconciliation right now simply because they are not thinking about other people.

The Hermit: Do They Like Me?

This individual hasn’t made up their mind about whether they like you or has feelings or not since they’re too preoccupied with their own issues.

Upright The Hermit as Feeling: What Someone Thinks of You

Someone in harmony with their real Higher Self is referred to as the Hermit. People see you as a clever, kind person who is well aware of their strengths and flaws.

Reversed The Hermit Meaning

Reversed, the Hermit Tarot card in feelings suggests that you have been too withdrawn or are about to do so. Even though seclusion was previously essential or helpful to you, the reversed Hermit pushes you to reintegrate with the world and the people around you. In moderation, self-reflection and introspection may be helpful, but doing so excessively might be damaging. This Major Arcana card in reversed position tells you to put things behind you when the time is right and go on. It could also mean that you have social anxiety or discomfort. Go back to the field fearlessly. If The Hermit is reversed, on the other hand, it might mean that you are fully avoiding self-reflection out of concern for what you could learn. It can signify that you’ve grown unduly preoccupied with someone or something or that your views have been hardened and restricted.

Reversed The Hermit: as Feelings: for Relationships

The reversed Hermit is a potent sign of isolation in a love & feelings Tarot reading. This can mean that your significant other has rejected you or has chosen to ignore you if you’re in a relationship. It can also mean that you two are too busy to spend quality time together. You can feel lonely as a consequence, even when you’re in a relationship. Additionally, it can suggest that one person is staying in a relationship while the other is leaving. 

Reversed The Hermit as Feelings: for Singles

The Hermit might signify that if you are single and feelings about being left alone or that you missed the chance to meet someone special. If the Hermit is reversed, it may be time to start hunting for love after being single. It would help if you took another risk to get over your worries. You may wish to re-date your ex if your relationship just ended.

Reversed The Hermit as Feelings: for Ex

The Hermit reversed, if you’re wondering about your ex feelings for you, denotes that they’re alone and lonely without you. They have undergone a time of introspection. They have struggled with being alone, but the end of their isolation tunnel is nearly here. They could be open to considering a reunion soon.

Reversed The Hermit as Feelings: What Someone Thinks of You

Reversed, the Hermit is seen as a lonely, thoughtless, and timid person who clings to the past. You could be so fixated on finding the truth that you isolate yourself, ignore the here and now, and fail to stop and enjoy life as it is. 


Hermit in feelings shows our inner knowledge and Self-bond for relationships and feelings. Before loving others, love yourself. Codependency isn’t loved. Closeness may suffocate if we’re not cautious. Healthy relationships need individual development. Leaning on the Hermit’s insight can strengthen your confidence and satisfy your relationships.