The Hermit As A Person: Upright & Reversed

The Hermit tarot card symbolizes introspection, contemplation, and solitude. Representing a person standing alone in the wilderness, the Hermit is on a journey of self-discovery. He is a seeker of wisdom and knowledge, and his willingness to go within and awaken to higher truths makes him an inspirational figure.

The Hermit As A Person

Typically, the Hermit card a person refers to occupations or working environments that are low-key and need a significant amount of time spent alone. An introvert’s ideal job! It may indicate work that requires a significant amount of autonomy, research, and self-direction on the part of the worker. In most cases, this is a positive development. 

It gives the impression that management prefers to keep their distance. Depending on your assumptions, you can feel lost in the absence of guidance or feedback that might help guide you. This card has the potential to show up in occupations that demand you to build and implement your unique systems.

There is frequently a connection between the professions and vocations represented by the Hermit card as a person and the pursuit of knowledge and the truth. This may be a metaphor for detectives, journalists, libraries, bookkeepers, or even spiritual leaders and instructors. Work done on a private or independent project is another possible interpretation of this term.

This is the card as a person for those who want to be alone, those with ancient spirits, and teachers. People exemplified by the Hermit card are often reserved, practical thinkers who are also analytical. They need to be more motivated to make a good impression on everybody. 

However, some people may find it off-putting if a pessimistic tone accompanies the straightforwardness. Those whose lives are reflected by this card have the wisdom of an ancient soul. They are excellent at both listening and giving advice.

The Hermit card sometimes represents Virgos. A tendency toward perfectionism is associated with those born under the Virgo zodiac sign. They put forth a lot of effort, and their goal is to be the best.

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The Hermit As A Person: Reversed

The Hermit as a person reversed can be interpreted to suggest open work to the public. This may be a wonderful thing for you if you are an extrovert or don’t like being cooped up in an office. This can be difficult if you are an introvert and find that engaging in social interactions leaves you feeling drained. This also implies that to progress, you need to be seen by others. Don’t be shy about sharing your skills and expertise with others!

The second interpretation of this card as a person is that it encourages bringing attention to a personal endeavor. You may have reached a point where feedback is required to hone your vision further. However, keep in mind the people whose opinions you seek before doing so. Make an effort to get feedback from a trusted advisor or other peers.

A person having difficulty following their inner compass may be indicated by The Hermit when it is reversed. The person in question may be overwhelmed by competing priorities. It may indicate that a mentor provided poor guidance. Suppose you were told that in a reading, you should consider the meanings of this card when it is reversed. Spend time thinking about what you want and permit yourself to do so.

Inflexibility, being judgmental and having problems with perfectionism are all potential drawbacks of this personality type. On a more humorous note, it may imply that the individual has an outgoing or gregarious disposition.


In conclusion, the Hermit tarot card as a person is one of strength, courage, and wisdom. They are a beacon of light to others, guiding them through dark times and providing sage advice. 

They are comfortable in their skin, and in their aloneness, they seek spiritual understanding and knowledge. They understand that life is a journey and are not afraid to take it alone. They are strong and wise and are a great example of how to live a life of growth, understanding, and enlightenment.