The Hanged Man Tarot Card: Yes or No?

The Hanged Man, like the Death and the Tower, is one of the most misunderstood tarot cards. 

When this card appears in a spread, people are disappointed. 

For example, you expect certain insights into your love life and they materialize, and you feel as if all of your early dreams have been dashed.

General Meaning of the Card

The Hanged Man symbolizes ‘the waiting game,’ which is a common element of life’s evolution. 

Although being caught in limbo is rarely pleasant, there are instances when nothing more can be done and we are forced to stay motionless.

This frequently necessitates the sacrifice of people and things that we would rather keep.

The tarot card Upright Hanged Man urges you to recognize that sometimes we have to accept a loss for the greater good

Acceptance and letting go are essential if you wish to progress.

Two Basic Readings of the Hanged Man (Upright)

The Hanged Man can be read in two distinct ways. 

All change is a little form of death, because the old must die in order for the new to be born, and it may simply foreshadow upheaval or change in your future, sometimes beyond your control, but more likely a decision that, for better or worse, you will be unable to reverse. 

The alternative meaning is one of sacrifice, albeit whether this sacrifice is modest or large is difficult to determine. 

Both readings emphasize permanency and the need of carefully considering your life decisions.

Meaning of the Hanged Man in Love & Relationships

When it comes to love and relationships, the Hanged Man represents dissatisfaction and being stuck in a routine. 

It is time to cut ties with anyone who is poisonous to you.

Only concentrate on those who bring you joy and calm.

There is no need to rush if you are apprehensive to quit a love relationship or friendship. 

You must, however, conduct some soul-searching.

Is there a way to make things better? Give it a go. 

Have you exhausted your options? Arrive at a point of acceptance. 

This might be a case where the Hanged Man tarot card indicates letting go of the past and embarking on a new path.

The Hanged Man in a Career Reading (Upright)

The Hanged Man tarot card typically emerges in money and career readings when things aren’t going as planned since it is a card of patience.

This may indicate that a promotion is no longer available.

This might sometimes signify that a promotion isn’t accessible or isn’t offered as expected. It may also indicate the sluggish and stagnant growth of a firm that was expected to take off.

Hold on if things take longer than planned to make a profit or your financial stability appears to be in jeopardy. 

Things will ultimately improve if you continue to put up the persistent effort.

You will want to avoid borrowing money, making promises, or going deeper with investments, though. 

Fear may frequently lead us to make hasty judgments that exacerbate an already terrible situation.

The Hanged Man’s Answers in a ‘Yes or No’ Reading

When it comes to yes or no tarot card readings, the Hanged Man is neither yes nor no; rather, it is a maybe card. 

Not every card will spell out a firm yes or no, but we should not ignore it!

In most cases, it indicates that you should take a breather and avoid from acting on impulse. This man’s presence, although not entirely bad, is an indication of spiritual progress. 

Simply put, his advice is to avoid procrastinating and to go ahead if you are keen about anything.

When performing the one card yes or no tarot, keep in mind that the upright card indicates yes and the reversed card indicates no to your query.

It generally indicates resting for a while and abstaining from activities. 

However, because he also signifies spiritual progress, the Hanged Man’s advice in some instances is to stop delaying and take a step forward.

The Hanged Man will only say “yes” if he emerges in a setting for which you know you’ve already done a lot of thought and shadow work. 

If it appears to be complimenting you on your efforts, you know it’s time to let go and go on with confidence.

The Hanged Man is a huge arcana with a significant message (albeit it may not be the one you were searching for). 

Several cards recommend that you make a change. 

This is a little different in that it appears in a spread at a critical juncture. 

Take advantage of the change and enjoy the break from your routine. You’re being given the option to take the situation in your hands and ‘change’ your response to yes; all you have to do is figure out what needs to change.

The Hanged Man: Reversed Position Meaning

Similar to the upright posture, this card in reverse puts a stop to anything you are doing or intend to accomplish shortly.

If the Hanged Man appears reversed in your reading, then you must pay great attention. 

Perhaps something in your everyday life isn’t quite right, and you need to take a step back to figure out what’s wrong and how to repair it.

Furthermore, this reversed card represents the cosmos demanding for your attention. 

You appear to be involved in something that will only cause you troubles. 

You must now awaken, open your eyes, and figure things out!

Two Basic Readings of the Reversed Hanged Man

The Hanged Man Reversed is frequently used in two circumstances. 

The first is when a person feels as though he or she is giving and giving but receiving nothing in return.

This might cause worry, which prevents one from investing in the future. 

Rather of declaring ‘never again,’ examine bad patterns and exhausting circumstances that must be halted and take steps to break the cycle.

If the initial interpretation does not resonate, the Hanged Man Reversed depicts someone making rash actions and experiencing (or about to experience) catastrophic repercussions.

Have you taken a decision that you now regret and are fighting to undo? 

We can’t erase the past, but we can modify our viewpoint to make any situation work in our advantage.

What can we take away from this? 

You can alter your course by accepting the answer to this question.

‘Yes or No’ Questions with the Hanged Man (Reversed)

There are some parallels to the upright posture when reversed, however there are a few important changes. 

You probably already know it’s not the proper moment on some level. 

You may be tempted to hurry, but this is something essential to you, and now is not the time to rush.

Again, you will not receive a yes or a no. 

Instead, it’s a sign from the universe that it’s time to slow down and think things out. 

If you are dealing with opposition, hesitation, or delays from a third party, these may appear to be hurdles at the time, but they are actually providing you with an opportunity to make the best choices for the desired conclusion.

The Hanged Man, like other Tarot cards, works best in conjunction with other cards in a spread. It can only tell you so much on its own.

When we flip The Hanged Man around, we notice him facing the proper way up. 

It makes so much more sense to see him in this light and actually comprehends how he now resembles being locked in one place and rooted to the spot.