The Hanged Man as a Person: Upright & Reversed

The Hanged Man is a mysterious figure shrouded in mystery and secrecy. His true identity is unknown, but his actions have been noted by many. He is a wise and enigmatic figure to be respected and revered.

Hanged Man as a Person

The person depicted by the Hanged Man tarot card is at a crossroads in their life and is pausing to contemplate and reevaluate the priorities they have set for themselves at this juncture.

The upright position of this card indicates a person who is engaged in deep thought and prepared to deviate from their typical routine to gain a fresh perspective on their life. 

The figure of an upright Hanged Man is sometimes shown as hanging upside down, and this is meant to represent a break from the person’s typical routine and a readiness to look at things from a new perspective.

Because they are taking the time to think things through and make choices based on the knowledge they have gathered, others often see these individuals as being intelligent and patient. They are not hesitant to consider unconventional solutions to problems and are receptive to novel concepts and experiences.

A person with the Hanged Man’s emotional makeup is generous. Like the High Priestess standing, the Hanged Man can gauge when it’s appropriate to remain silent and when it’s time to speak out.

This individual is similar to the Hermit, with the key difference being that the Hermit focuses inward, while the Hanged Man looks forth and considers the perspectives of others.

You won’t find a more welcoming group of individuals than them. If people like you or your purpose, they will gladly put aside their own desires to help you succeed.

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Hanged Man as a Person: Reversed

when the Hanged Man card is reversed, it can suggest that the person is feeling stuck and unable to progress in their life.

They may feel like they are being held back or that they are unable to move forward. They may be struggling with their sense of identity and may be feeling confused about their purpose and direction in life.

Hanged Man in the reverse position symbolizes a person who is rigid in thought, feeling, and will. This can be someone who is really resistant to change.

The worst part about these individuals is that they are so set in their ways that not even facts and truth can sway them.

Even if you provide them with irrefutable proof, they will twist it into a dangerous conspiracy theory or “fake news” no matter how much evidence you supply them with. They are completely uninterested in hearing any alternative perspective.

Unfortunately, this might leave individuals vulnerable to extremism and fanaticism, which can be very harmful.

They might also be inconsiderate and self-centered. Rather than confront the truth, this individual prefers to remain in their fantasy world.

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The Hanged Man tarot card shows this person pondering their priorities. This card depicts a person who is carefully contemplating life and open to new ideas.

The bearer may feel stuck with this card reversed. The Hanged Man card, upright or inverted, gently reminds us to take stock of our lives and conduct some soul-searching to acquire perspective and direction, even amid confusion and turbulence.