The Fool as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Fool, card number 0, is the first card in the Major Arcana deck. It is often seen as a good tarot card since it represents fresh beginnings. Additionally, it represents a person’s unbounded potential and purity as they prepare to begin their lives. You are about to embark on a brand-new, thrilling journey in your life if The Fool card appears in your tarot card reading.

This journey will change your perspectives and call for a leap of faith in the path you are on. However, it does offer you fresh experiences with that. It could also refer to a genuinely new experience, such as traveling to a new location. Even though it is a card for new ships, it may also indicate that you should think twice before committing.

The Fool Upright: as Feelings in Current Relationships 

If you contact The Fool for love advice, your relationship will be spontaneous, fascinating, and passionate. However, it also induces a little levity in the partner’s thoughts. This tarot card represents a person who is already in a relationship as being infatuated with their spouse and ecstatic to have them in their life. Alternatively, if the problem is commitment, it shows a lack of commitment or an unwillingness to progress the relationship. The Fool (Upright) symbolizes carefree and impulsive relationships with enjoyable moments and, sometimes, the entrance of true love for singles.

The Fool Upright: Feelings if you’re Single

For singles who are unmarried or starting new relationships, the Fool might be a sign that someone is completely smitten with you. The Fool stands for the excitement of meeting someone new and the flutter of butterflies in the stomach. Although it may be lovely, these emotions may not persist and do not necessarily signify a long-term commitment. Will this emotion last, or will it fade when the first thrill has passed? If these sentiments will develop into anything more remains to be seen in the future.

The Fool Upright: as Feelings for Ex

If you are inquiring about an old flame’s or ex’s affections for you, the Fool might indicate that their former feelings for you have been rekindled. Your ex-partner views you in a new way, and this perception of you brings them pleasure and satisfaction. Because they want to spend more time with you, they may contact you shortly. Quite maybe, they are contemplating the possibility of a reconciliation or a return to the relationship. Probably, they will test the waters.

The Fool’s answer to: Do they Like me?

The answer is yes. This card is associated with falling blindly in love. Be careful not to wear rose-tinted glasses however, remember that everyone has faults.

Reversed: The Fool as Negative Feelings 

The Fool reversed signifies fresh beginnings. However, you will make rash judgments without consideration. You would make hesitant choices and be too impulsive to carry them out. In any case, fresh beginnings would be present. The Fool (reversed) in tarot readings denotes someone who believes in living in the now. If things do not go according to plan, you may make impulsive actions without considering the repercussions and lose faith and hope. This tarot card, which indicates more negative characteristics, makes you a person who seldom considers the future. Caution would not approach the bay. You will encounter the most perilous things without fear and find yourself in circumstances that will severely impact you in the long term.

The Fool Reversed: Feelings for Current Relationships

When the Fool is reversed in a relationship reading, it often signifies barriers to receiving new love and relationships. When this tarot card appears in your readings, it indicates that something is preventing you from accepting the kind of love you want. If you are already in a relationship, it indicates that you are very unsure about your partner and dread committing to them. Your romantic life would be lively and adventurous. On the other side, you would feel insecure towards your lover, which would render your relationship fragile and unstable.

The Fool Reversed: Feelings if you’re Single

The Fool reversed as feelings are a sign for singles and those in fresh partnerships to move on. He or she likes you, but something is stopping them from going on, and it could or might not be because of you. It can just be anxiety about the future. It would be wonderful if this person could overcome their fear and unlock their desire to further the relationship. You don’t have to wait for them if they don’t, however. There are a ton more fish in the water, and you deserve to get off to a great start in a new relationship.

The Fool Reversed: as Feelings for Ex

If you are inquiring about the feelings of an ex-lover towards you, the Reversed Fool indicates that they have conflicting feelings towards you. On the one hand, you offer them enormous delight, they like spending time with you, and they perceive you to have a unique connection with them. On the other side, they are hesitant to rekindle their relationship with you. Both of you have been emotionally irresponsible, and they still feel the pain of your previous mistakes. They are unlikely to desire reconciliation or reconcile with you unless they can overcome their fear and resistance


The Fool has dualistic relationships and sentiments. The Fool, the 0th Tarot card, is at the beginning and conclusion of any relationship. Your Fool cycle connection depends on you. You must observe if the connection will deepen when you’re in the beginning. If you’re concluding the cycle, consider if you’ve learned its lessons and can gracefully stop it.