The Devil as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Devil symbolizes addiction, sexuality, codependency, and relationship issues.

This card links a man and woman to the Devil. The chains around their necks seem to be held against their will, but they’re rather weak. They may leave.

The Devil reminds us that overwhelming good emotions like desire may be deadly. Drugs, sex, or other addictions kill loved ones. Codependency harms. Thus, independence in a committed relationship is crucial. The Devil also reminds us that our chains are the tightest. We choose to change. We’re strong within.

Upright The Devil Meaning

If the devil card appears in your love & feelings reading, it indicates that you have emotions of entrapment, emptiness, and lack of satisfaction in your life. It may also imply that you are a slave to materialism and extravagance and that, despite your best efforts, you can’t seem to get rid of the desire to live a life of luxury.

Although you may be aware that this way of living is taking you astray, you nevertheless feel that you have no control over your impulses or behaviors.

A drug or material pleasure addiction may also create a sense of helplessness and confinement. You could feel like a slave under these circumstances, unable to restrain your inclinations or use willpower to steer clear of fulfilling these wishes.

Upright The Devil as Feelings: for Relationships

The Devil as feelings in love & relationships reading represents lust and temptation. With this card, hedonism and a purely self-serving drive for satisfaction are possible. It may also refer to pursuing all of life’s material pleasures in less dire situations. There is nothing wrong with having a little fun, but when you do so, watch out that you are not inflicting harm or creating an incorrect impression on other people. You are responsible for letting your dates know if you’re simply interested in hook-ups. Be careful not to pressure others if they feel your way of life isn’t suitable for them. Now more than ever, communication is essential.

Upright The Devil as Feelings: for Singles

For those who are single, the Devil in feelings denotes a strong sexual attraction. The Devil represents passion and a need for immediate fulfillment. It’s possible that this individual is dependent on you. As long as you both understand the expectations, there is nothing wrong with a hookup or FWB scenario. However, you must make your intentions clear if you’re searching for a committed relationship.

Upright The Devil as Feelings: for Ex

The Devil in feelings for ex suggests that even if your connection tempts your ex, you ultimately find it damaging if you wonder about the feelings about you or a former romance. There may have been highs and lows in your relationship. That appealed to your ex, which resolved the challenge. However, your ex knows that returning would be both painful and pleasant. A healthy and long-term reconciliation seems possible once the scales tip.

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Upright The Devil: Do They Like Me?

Yes, but their goal is to exploit you for their own nefarious ends.

Upright The Devil as Feelings: How Someone Thinks of You

The person you have in mind views you in this way. They see you as someone who is mired in a pattern of evil deeds and who, although having a sufficient understanding of “good and bad,” is nonetheless susceptible to temptation. They don’t have faith in you and can even believe you are bad.

Reversed: The Devil Meaning 

The moment a person develops self-awareness and breaks free from all the bonds that come with addiction and bad habits might be represented by the Devil reversed. They may be seeking change because they are sick of going in circles.

But one thing is typically obvious: it’s never simple to escape these bonds, particularly those of addiction. Therefore, to make the adjustments that will ultimately pay off by enabling you to rediscover your actual self, you must be willing to make the required changes that may at first appear difficult.

In this situation, a self-evaluation is necessary, and the person should take some time to list everything they need to get away from. It would then be time for them to start the challenging road of self-improvement when that has been completed.

Reversed The Devil as Feelings: for Relationships

The reversed Devil as feelings in love & relationship interpretation may suggest that you are overcoming any unpleasant emotional shackles or dependencies that have prevented you from forming enduring bonds with others. You could experience more control over your romantic life than before. In rare cases, this card might also represent the ending of a codependent relationship or a connection with a controlling spouse who prevented you from being yourself. You could have realized that unhealthy or unsupportive connections bound your relationship with your spouse. Maintain your independence and take pride in your accomplishments.

Reversed The Devil: as Feelings: for Singles

When the Devil is reversed in feelings, it signifies that a person is prepared to let go of ingrained bad habits. Maybe this individual is prepared to put their old baggage behind them and start over with you. Alternately, if there have been warning signs of codependency in your early connection, this is a signal to cut your losses and stop the relationship. You will benefit later on in the relationship if you have a good start.

Reversed The Devil as Feelings: for Ex

The Devil reversed in feelings indicates that your ex feels liberated from your previous relationship’s restrictions on them if you are enquiring about how they feel about you. They have grown personally during their time apart and now feel more in charge of their romantic relationships than ever. Your chemistry and connection were probably addictive, but they weren’t long-term healthy. Reconciliation is likely to happen if you also put forth the effort to change.

Reversed The Devil as Feelings: How Someone Thinks of You

Therefore, when someone thinks about you, they see you as someone who is letting go of desiring just immediate fulfillment and developing into a more balanced person.


The Devil displays lust’s darker aspect in relationships and feelings. Extreme chemistry may be addictive. Unhealthy behavioral patterns never generate the outcomes we seek. The Devil warns us to identify and bring concerns into the light. We can build the future on honest dialogue.