The Devil as a Person: Upright & Reversed

The Devil tarot card is one of human nature’s most interesting and complex personifications.

Representing the darker side of our psyche forces us to confront the inner demons we may be repressing or denying. This card symbolizes the power of temptation and the struggle between good and evil and indicates a need for self-reflection and transformation.

The Devil as a Person

Regarding careers, the Devil as a person may frequently point to a hazardous workplace or a difficult employer. It may be a metaphor for a work in which you feel you are being held captive.

Since the Devil card is in charge of the material world, you’ll often discover that it represents work that you cannot leave due to its pay or benefits. It wasn’t easy to figure out how to make this card seem like it does.

The fact that such a powerful entity as The Devil is there gives rise to the suspicion that the conditions of this workplace are intrinsically hazardous to your well-being.

Once a work passes the point where it is just “poor” and becomes poisonous, there is generally not much you can do to get out of it.

Even if, on paper, it seems like the ideal job for you (if it pays well, has fantastic perks, etc.), it is not worth the harm that it causes to your soul to take the job.

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In this scenario, the Devil card represents a challenge to figure out how to escape the situation. Don’t let pessimism stop you from looking out for your well-being and trying to improve the opportunities available to you so that you can stay healthy. Only some things can be solved by wealth or status.

This card as a person has the potential to be used as a way to resolve a dispute at work. If this card as a person is drawn as the issue in a tarot spread, it may suggest that you or your employer are being overborne or are using fear as a motivational tool.

Don’t be a dictator when it comes to leading your team. Give other people greater leeway and independence.

You will be rewarded with more inventive, productive, and happier teams. In a twist of irony, this card may sometimes be the answer to a question or a problem.

In this particular instance, the atmosphere at your place of employment may have become too casual and laid back. You may be asked to play the “bad guy” role to carry out a more organized and aggressive plan.

Regarding probable occupations connected to the Devil card as a person, it might imply extremely competitive fields such as Wall Street investors or financial matters.

It brings to mind archetypal employment in an office setting. It is also possible to symbolize employment associated with the more negative aspects of society, such as the judicial system, law enforcement, and criminal investigations.

This card has even shown up in readings for me connected to my emergency medical services and trauma unit job. The latter examples are occupations requiring a person to have steel nerves and a strong stomach.

Of course, this may also refer to labor that skirts the boundaries of social acceptability, like engaging in inappropriate activities in exchange for money.

The Devil card symbolizes people who are often ambitious and charming. They could also possess a high level of sexuality and charm.

A propensity for dominating or controlling behavior is an example of a negative feature. They often exhibit a negative, ironic, and caustic sense of humor. If their mental and spiritual well-being isn’t prioritized, they may experience pessimism, anxiety, or despair.

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The Devil as a Person: Reversed

The Devil as a person reversed is often seen as a way out of a toxic work environment. This is the key to escaping the shackles of a job or supervisor that you despise and reclaiming your freedom.

When this card as a person is reversed, it may imply that the right career for you to choose will provide you with the greatest leeway in your personal life. This might entail prioritizing what your heart desires above what the market will bear or what would get you the greatest recognition.

It gives the impression that an outside force, either a father or your existing circle of acquaintances, is exerting pressure on you. Don’t let other people’s opinions regarding potential job paths influence how you live your life. You do you!

People whose tarot cards include the Devil in reverse are usually level-headed and collected in their thinking. They tend to be spiritual, but they should watch out that they don’t become too strict and moralistic.


The Devil Tarot Card as a person is a complex character that is often misunderstood. They can represent a person struggling with inner darkness and are often seen as a warning sign of impending danger and suffering.

They can also represent a person who is not afraid to take risks and break away from conventional beliefs and norms. No matter how this card is seen, it is always a reminder to be aware of the darker aspects of life and mindful of the consequences of our actions.