The Chariot As A Person: Upright & Reversed

The Chariot tarot card can be seen as a representation of a person on a journey. It embodies the individual’s strength and determination, focus and ambition, and ability to control their destiny. This card can signify an individual who is driven, courageous, independent, and willing to take risks to achieve their goals.

The Chariot As A Person

Intense and cutthroat environments characterize the professions symbolized by Chariot as a person. Prepare yourself for hard hours and demanding standards of job performance. This is a standard business card used by companies on Wall Street. They are constantly expanding and gaining ground.

If you’ve been considering broadening your business or job abilities, this might be an excellent card for you to have. It may signify an imminent merger that would cause a firm to undergo significant change. Imagine, for instance, a small firm that has just undergone a merger and needs help to adapt to the new norms and regulations.

Careers and vocations that involve growth and planning are connected with the Chariot as a person. Employment will be created in transportation, logistics, or business consultancy areas. The Chariot’s energy may be used in any endeavor that calls for self-control, determination, and practice. The latter might refer to careers in the military, athletics at the professional level, or coaching positions.

The Chariot card reflects people whose personalities are passionate, goal-oriented, and even boastful. If this describes you, know that your ambitious and hard-working temperament are both gifts; nevertheless, you should learn to rein it in if you discover that you are controlling others or criticizing them for not getting in line. Some people do not share your viewpoint. It’s perfectly OK for different people to strive for different things and have different ideals. Calm down if you detect an increase in your level of angry energy.

A person born between the 22nd of June and the 23rd of July might be a suitable embodiment of this card, given its astrological connection to the Cancer sign. Individuals who are symbolized by the Chariot may, much like a normal Cancerian, give off the impression of being tough on the exterior. Still, the truth is that they are very sensitive and emotional on the inside.


The Chariot As A Person: Reversed

When it is reversed, the Chariot as a person might indicate either unproductive inactivity or constant grinding. Both of these extremes are undesirable.

When people are unmotivated to work, the workplace may quickly become a haven for slackers and managers who are incapable of getting things done. This may indicate that the organization’s culture needs to reward employees for going the extra mile. The worst-case scenario is that the initiative will be penalized since it is seen as challenging to your superiors.

On the other hand, this represents a company where people strive to win at any cost. If you are ready to put in the effort, this won’t be such a problem when the Chariot as a person is upright. On the other hand, when seen in a different light, this might reveal its more sinister sides, which include illegal transactions, undermining, and sabotage.

When reversed as a person, the Chariot might allude to a certain degree of submission and humility. If you recognize yourself in this description, don’t allow yourself to be bulldozed or coerced into making choices. Determine exactly what you need, then negotiate a fair deal. If something seems too good to be true, there is a strong chance that it is.

Additionally, it may indicate hubris, conceit, or stubbornness. If this describes you in a reading, you need to realize that you must meet people where they are to be successful. Everyone does not universally hold their beliefs. Don’t give in to the temptation of forcing other people to see things your way.


The Chariot tarot card as a person is a powerful and determined individual who is focused on a clear mission and will take whatever steps necessary to accomplish it. They are capable of harnessing their emotions and using them to propel them to their destination. 

They are leaders and inspire those around them with their strength and drive. Ultimately, they symbolize success and victory and remind us never to give up on our goals and dreams.