Ten of Swords: Yes or No Tarot Card Meaning

The Ten of Swords is not the brightest card to receive and suggests betrayal, difficulties, and hitting rock bottom.

Speaking to your emotional wellness, the Ten of Swords suggests having frequent breakdowns and the inability to deal with hardships. However, there is an unseen benefit in the message too! The card attests to your difficulties being temporary. 

You have the valor to deal with your problems and to turn things in your favor. While it is going to be a difficult battle, the Ten of Swords tell you to keep up and assure you that you will leave your troubles behind!

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Is the Ten of Swords a ‘Yes or No’ Card?

Given the gloomy tone of this card, the Ten of Swords signify a negative answer. Pulling this card suggests the coming of a time full of betrayals and failures. It is time for you to embrace your failures and develop an alternative strategy instead of dwelling on them or self-blaming. 

During this time, your life may go through a significant loss, such as losing your partner or losing your job. As humans, we care about our work and relationships, so losing something valuable will understandably cause you to hurt. 

However, it is necessary to realize that you have no control over these things and there is nothing you could have done to change them. It is time for you to accept that what is gone is not coming back. However, the path to recovery is waiting for you. Get up, and start working towards finding your way towards better things. 

Your diligent endeavors in reviving will yield a favorable outcome, as confirmed by the presence of the Ten of Swords.

Ten of Swords in ‘Yes/No’ Love Questions

For love and relationships, the Ten of Swords signify a “no” answer. If the card suggests bitterness, betrayals, and separation in a relationship, it is necessary to take a step back. 

The Ten of Swords suggests that your relationship might end soon or your relationship is likely to go through a difficult path. It can also suggest that you are still processing your past relationship, making it difficult for you to move on and contribute actively towards your current relationship. 

Refrain from making any hasty decisions since they might cause your relationship to spiral. Evaluate the situation closely before taking any steps. If you have decided to move on, ensure to remain calm and find your closure before proceeding ahead in life. 

Is He Going to Propose to Me? Ten of Swords ‘Yes or No’

When asked about a proposal during a “Yes/No” tarot reading, the Ten of Swords indicates a “No” answer. 

Receiving the Ten of Swords hints towards a relationship nearing its end. It also suggests that your relationship has been going through hardships lately and your partner has finally reached a breaking point. 

It is time for you to let go and focus on healing yourself. Heal from the wounds inflicted by the unsolved conflicts and the disagreements between your partners and only then will you be able to see an end to these problems. 

You and your partner are currently far away from harnessing the idea of living together. As a first step towards recovery, it is necessary to fix the underlying issues and avoid making any major commitments unless the issues are resolved. 

Is He Loyal to Me? Should I Trust him?

Given that Ten of Swords foretells a betrayal, it radiates a strong no answer about trusting your partner. 

The reading hints towards the hardships and difficulties present in your relationship. These difficult situations are impairing your judgment, and are resulting in mistrust between you and your partner. 

Receiving this card is a call for you to reevaluate your relationship. Identify the hurtful behaviors and communication patterns you are indulging in as a couple. Having open conversations and making a conscious effort to nurture your relationship will help you fix the issues and allow you to trust each other! 

Should We Get Back Together? Ten of Swords About Reconciliation

The Ten of Swords implicates a “no” answer about reconciliation with your ex-partner. 

Your ex-partner is heartbroken over how your relationship panned out and left them in a very painful place. They are overburdened by the pain and believe that there is no coming back from it. Your ex-partner tried their best to nurture your relationship, but it all went in vain. 

They feel exhausted and are skeptical of relationships now. When they think about reconciling with you, they feel traumatized. They still carry the emotional baggage and the hurtful memories from your relationship. At this point, it is best to leave them alone and move on. 

Ten of Swords in ‘Yes or No’: Should I Change my Career Path?

When consulted about inducing a career change, the Ten of Swords suggests a “yes” answer. 

The current events or your job condition right now may not be matching your nature anymore. Inside, you feel that you will be better off trying something new. The Ten of Swords suggests you follow your intuition and let your current job go. 

A time for a new beginning is upon you. You need to assess your financial and career situation honestly at this point. Create a relevant course of action suited according to your needs and future goals. 

The Ten of Swords also encourages you to consult other professionals and experienced people in the industry into which you might be looking to enter. Taking some guidance from experienced people can help you get a head start and reach your destined goals. 

Ten of Swords: Will My Life Get Easier Soon?

While the Ten of Swords suggests a twisted, “yes” when asked about your life getting easy. 

Your life is engulfed in a time of hardship and sorrow. You might be disappointed, face a huge setback, or are backstabbed by someone you hold dear. Whatever calamity occurs, it will make you feel defeated and tired of life. 

The Ten of Swords reinforce you and tell you not to lose hope. Likely, your troubles are already behind you. If not, they will soon reach their end. The card suggests that this difficult situation has squared with you, and you have emerged victorious after a disastrous battle. 

In a life guidance reading, you must identify the beauty in the endings. As a chapter in your life closes, you will find the path to new beginnings. Your life is bound to get easier as soon as you let hold on to your past and focus on your future. 

Reversed Ten of Swords in ‘Yes or No?’

The Ten of Swords also indicates a “no” answer in a reversed position. However, the Ten of Swords does not come without a hint of hope. 

Even though you cannot avoid feeling defeated and tired, there is a chance for you to wipe the slate clean and start a new one. Let go of what no longer works for you and seize the new opportunities showing up on your horizon, 

While difficult situations are not easy to process, they offer to bring along a valuable lesson. Learning these lessons will help you become a stronger version of yourself and traverse through life’s difficulties easily. 

Ten of Swords Reversed: Yes, or No Love Questions

The reversed Ten of Swords align with the upright position and bear bad news in a love tarot reading. 

Getting this reversed card during your reading suggests that your relationship is in turmoil. Your relationship is nearing its end. It has reached a point where making any efforts to save it will go in vain. 

However, this separation is a blessing in disguise. The card suggests leaving a toxic relationship. It could also mean that you are taking the breakup hard and might inflict pain on yourself. Since you will connect the painful memories with the separation, you might feel inclined to ask your partner to stay. 

The reversed Ten of Swords affirm that there is nothing you can do to save this relationship. It is time for you to finally let go, heal your scars, and create a place for a healthy relationship in your life. 

Final Words

Experiencing a betrayal from someone close to you has to be one of the most heart-wrenching feelings to experience. However, it is necessary to know that remaining bitter will only bring you pain and suffering. 

It is necessary to take some time and process these feelings. Find a sublime way to let out your anger. Whether it be working out, playing any sport, or anything that brings you happiness. Regardless of whatever path you choose, ensure to drive these feelings away imminently. 

As you accept the situation, you will soon find peace. Attaining inner peace will allow you to walk the path of life with determination and achieve triumphant success!