Ten of Pentacles as a Person: Upright & Reversed

The Ten of Pentacles represents stability, security, and wealth. As a person, they are often seen as flourishing and established, with strong roots in their clan. They value tradition, heritage, and legacies and work hard to ensure their loved one’s care for generations.

Ten of Pentacles as a Person

When the Ten of Pentacles is shown as a person in a Tarot spread, it indicates that although this person may be materially wealthy, they cherish prosperity in all forms. Their wealth might be their loved ones, health, or simply their grateful attitude.

Astrologically, it is connected to Mercury in Virgo. Since Virgo is a feminine sign and Mercury is a neutral planet, this card mainly represents passive, receptive energy. Regardless of the gender we identify with, we all possess a small amount of each energy displayed in a balanced manner.

The Ten of Pentacles denotes a person who is mentally stable in terms of their personality traits. They always consider the larger picture because they are long-term thinkers. They cherish tradition and the significance of a solid reputation.

A person with a Ten of Pentacles card will often utilize social media responsibly. They appreciate the community and are immensely devoted to the people they love. This card’s astrological association with Mercury indicates that this individual will highly value education.

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Ten of Pentacles as a Person: Reversed

When the Ten of Pentacles reversed depicts a person in a Tarot deck, it suggests that something in that individual’s life may go wrong. They can be undergoing a divorce or have a chaotic home life.

Given that this is a Minor Tarot card, a few of these characteristics won’t be fundamental to who they are. They may simply be going thru a brief phase if they act negatively. They may still be able to unlearn this behavioral tendency if they so want.

No one is perfect, excellent, or terrible, and individuals may utilize their own will to make positive changes.

The Ten of Pentacles reversed as a person suggests someone who needs to examine their privilege regarding emotional traits. They lack empathy and self-awareness and are consumed with fame, fortune, and power.

Another possibility is that they aren’t as privileged or affluent as they claim to be. If you’re romantically connected with this individual, they may put more emphasis on maintaining appearances than developing meaningful connections. They could live for publishing on social media.


For upright and reversed readings, the Ten of Pentacles stands for security, longevity, and the past. The Ten of Pentacles highlight a person’s worth and safety.

The inverted Ten of Pentacles can turn their situation around and reestablish ties to family, friends, and the past if they get the support and advice they need.

Like with other pentacle cards, the Ten of Pentacles subtly suggests that we might find solace and safety in the company of friends and family. They also serve as a constant reminder that wealth and achievement are the results of hard effort.