Temperance as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Temperance card in feelings represents the virtues of moderation, peace, and patience. One foot is in the water, the other is on solid ground, and an angel stands there. As the angel between two cups pours water, it represents the ebb and flow of life and its transformation into something new.

Upright Temperance Meaning

When Temperance occurs upright, you’ve shown the ability to maintain composure under pressure or periods of tension. You have perfected the skill of not allowing things to affect you, enabling you to make significant advancements in all the areas you desire to investigate. The Temperance tarot card symbolizes patience, balance, and a great deal of moderation. 

The Temperance card suggests that you have a distinct goal in mind and are aware of your objectives. This is a sign of advanced education, vital quality for navigating life. It shows that you are at ease with what you are doing and that everything is going according to plan. The Temperance card indicates that you can adjust and get along with others, including your community, workplace, and loved ones. They feel at peace and comforted by your composure in all situations.

Temperance is also a sign that it’s time to reevaluate your priorities. You may achieve equilibrium between your inner and outward selves with the use of this. In the end, you will discover more meaning and purpose in your activities because she is trying to tell us that we cannot truly exist in either.

Upright Temperance as Feelings: for Relationships

In reading about love, the emergence of the card Temperance as feeling in relationships is a favourable sign. Love at first sight, is a common metaphor for soulmates and intense romantic relationships. Upright Temperance’s tarot love means perfect equilibrium and harmony between the two of you for those already in a relationship. A promise like this means that you and your partner are committed to working through any difficulties in your relationship to restore harmony. But it would help if you were careful about going overboard. The Temperance tarot card advises a cautious approach so that one might find a happy medium between extremes.

Upright Temperance as Feelings: for Singles

If you are currently single, reading the Temperance as feelings for singles in Tarot card for love portends well. This portends your meeting your soul mate soon. This individual can bring back the peace and harmony that has been missing in your life because of their calm demeanour and tolerance. According to the Upright Temperance Love Tarot, you will find a better equilibrium in your life. You’ll try to straighten things up so you can welcome love with open arms.

Upright Temperance as Feelings: for Ex 

Temperance as feelings for ex suggests that your ex is okay with the breakup if you’re curious about how they feel about you or an old lover. There may have been a time when their emotions for you were intense and strong. After being gone from you for some time, they have restored the equilibrium. This new equilibrium favours a prospective reunion if your relationship is terminated due to excessive sentiments. Just be sure you’ve also finished your end of the healing process.

Temperance: Do They Like Me?

Yes, as long as you don’t add any drama or negativity to their lives, they do like you and have feelings for you.

Upright Temperance as Feelings: What Someone Thinks of You

When the Temperance card as feelings is used to describe how someone feels about you, they believe you to be exquisite but humble and grounded. You may seem distant and ethereal at times, yet you also have a solid grounding in reality. They respect you, feel secure with you, and may even see you as an example.

Reversed: Temperance Meaning

Reversed Temperance as feelings is a sign of an unbalanced situation that might be stress- and anxiety-inducing. The other cards in the spread may be utilized to interpret the Temperance card’s true meaning and pinpoint where this imbalance occurs. A Temperance in reverse may also serve as a warning: choosing a certain course might result in excess and turbulence.

Reversed Temperance as Feelings: for Relationships

Reversed Temperance as feelings relationship in tarot readings show relational imbalance and strife. It indicates that you or your partner think they care more. One of you may assume your spouse is not returning your love and respect. Temperance Reversed indicates soulmate discord. It suggests you’re arguing rather than listening. You may also be blaming rather than solving interpersonal issues.

Be calm and establish inner balance to handle relationship challenges. Remember, after you do that, you can organize and decide. According to the Temperance tarot relationship reading, patience and moderation in love situations will pay off. Read Temperance Tarot and other cards for relationship advice. Major and Minor Arcana Tarot guide may help understand cards.

Reversed Temperance as Feelings: for Singles

Reversed Temperance as feeling for singles in love tarot means expressing your romantic desires too soon if you’re single. You may be overly desperate to find love. Be patient! Temperance love tarot reading advises against haste if you want to find your match. You can’t compel someone to love before you know them. Keep cool and find inner balance as love blooms.

Reversed Temperance as Feelings: for Ex

Reversed Temperance as feelings for indicates that someone is unsure of themselves when you ask them how they feel about you. Sometimes they want you back because they miss what you once had. Other times, they get a “done” feeling. They experience dramatic swings in their feelings about you. This can imply that they want to make things right with you. However, since their sentiments are likely to alter quickly, you should be sure that they are not merely acting on the spur of the moment.

Reversed Temperance as Feelings: What Someone Thinks of You

If your temperance as feelings is reversed, others will see you as being either very modest and shy or extremely unpredictable and irritable. The individual about whom you posed the inquiry doesn’t believe the two of you would get along. They feel restless with a sensation of tension and loss of equilibrium.


Temperance as feelings teaches patience, compassion, and understanding in relationships and feelings. When we attempt to compel connections and individuals, it typically backfires. Temperance encourages patience, moderation, compromise, and the middle way. These attributes establish trust. Trust builds a strong connection over time.