Temperance as a Person: Upright & Reversed

The Temperance tarot card is a powerful representation of balance, harmony, and moderation. Represented by an angel with one foot in a pool of water and the other on land, this card symbolizes the need to take a balanced approach in life, mindful of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. It is a reminder to take a step back, slow down and seek a middle ground between extremes.

Temperance as a Person

A comparable good signal is shown by the Temperance card appearing as a person in a career reading. It might stand for a job or a location of business that offers a good distribution of duties. You’ll find that these settings encourage a good work-life balance among their employees.

A Temperance card as a person may be used in disagreements that arise in the workplace to show that you are patient and moderate. Check whether one individual carries the weight of excessive responsibility or a hefty task. Allowing yourself or a colleague to take up all the slack at work is a way to exhaust yourself. When it does, it usually indicates that the situation involves impatience. This is particularly the case if you believe that your talents or someone else’s skills need to be revised to the standards required for the job. In this circumstance, the individual should be given the necessary time and direction to enhance their performance. Always remember that there is a learning curve associated with whatever you do.

Careers in healing methods, mediation, and therapy are all associated with this card as a person regarding its interpretation of the individual. It is also connected with those who can “transmute” items and produce “something out of nothing,” so to speak, such as painters, craftsmen, cooks, and other professions that are similarly creative.

The Temperance card as a person reflects people whose personalities are cool-headed, collected, and inventive. Since of these qualities, they are an excellent friend or business partner because they are willing to pay attention to arguments on all sides of a conflict. They can also stand in for a teacher or the advice of a reliable friend.

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Temperance as a Person: Reversed

Again, with the problem of finding a balance: this kind of working environment often involves battling against other forces. It may symbolize how your career is interfering with your personal life. You may work more than 60 hours a week, leaving you little time for your pursuits. It may indicate an unhealthy work dynamic in which most of the responsibilities are placed on you. The answer often entails redistributing the load in any manner that is possible. Establish limits for your time, particularly after you get off work.

Your personal life may be the one that’s infringing on your professional life, to the damage your means of subsistence. Once again, be sure to set limits. It would be beneficial to maintain some level of compartmentalization in this circumstance. If possible, it is in your best interest to take some time off to deal with the problem. However, you should be aware that bringing personal problems into the professional realm might jeopardize the team dynamic. For instance, if you are often late for work, regardless of the cause, you won’t get much love from your coworkers.

On the other hand, it’s not all bad news! In its reversed position, the Temperance card as a person may also be used to allude to labor that goes through distinct phases of activity & intensity throughout the year. For instance, a tax preparer may have many months of relaxation, followed by intense work leading up to and after the tax season. You’ll be able to handle this momentary imbalance much easier if you keep telling yourself that things will get better soon! Therefore, a career reading relating to prospective employees and personal qualities might imply that seasonal work could be a suitable match for you. This is because seasonal work requires less commitment than other types of professions.

When reversed, the Temperance card might indicate persons whose behavior is swayed by their changes in mood or whims. Their short fuse puts them at risk of embarrassing themselves in front of others. They could be good company at a party, but they might be having a hard time adjusting to adulthood overall (and let’s face it, don’t we all sometimes?). The emergence of this card may serve as a reminder to address unruly patterns of thought and behavior. Do you let your wrath get the best of you? Does impulsivity result in problems in one’s interactions with other people? There is certainly no problem with releasing yourself (you must not cram down feelings), but you should be aware of whether they are being diverted toward the incorrect objectives. There is nothing wrong with showing yourself.


The Temperance tarot card as a person is someone patient, calm, and balanced. They understand the importance of balance and strive to maintain it in all areas. They are compassionate and forgiving and try to reason with difficult people instead of making rash decisions. They are a great listener and offer advice that is wise and helpful. They are a great mediator and can help to bring peace and harmony to any situation. In short, they are a person who understands the importance of balance, patience, and moderation in life and use these qualities to bring peace to any situation.