Six of Swords: Yes or No Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Swords is a call for you to leave behind anything that no longer serves you.

It is time for you to heal from past wounds and move on to better things. You have exhibited commendable courage, and have won against the hurdles. 

Now, it is time for you to sit back and relax. It is time for you to find solace and peace within your life. The Six of Swords point toward an ongoing conflict with a loved one. It is a sign that the conflict is nearing its end and your efforts to achieve the desired outcome are going to bear fruit. 

While it may be difficult, you need to hang on, trust yourself, and keep making the effort. The results will soon follow.

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Is the Six of Swords a ‘Yes or No’ Card?

In a “yes/no” tarot reading, the Six of Swords generally signify a “no” answer. 

Given the current situation in your life, you feel trapped, causing you unable to move forward. You find yourself tied to a problem that you have no control over. Seeing things are now out of your hand, it is time for you to consult the people close to you to attain a different perspective and find a workable solution. 

The Six of Swords encourage you to reach out to other people. Seeking help from others will help you realize that you are not alone in troubled waters. 

Nevertheless, stay optimistic and hold on to hope. Although the path through a tunnel is dark, there is always light at the end. Stay focused, trust the people close to you, and you will soon be able to get the situation under your control. 

Six of Swords in ‘Yes/No’ Love Questions

A six of swords signifies a “no” answer during a “Yes/No” love tarot reading. 

The reading suggests that your relationship is in turmoil and is entering an undesirable form. Your relationship could be going south given the recent hurdles. The difficult conditions of your relationship are making either you or your partner feel tired. Either they or you believe that you no longer have the strength to carry on. 

The Six of Swords suggest different outcomes, yet both are unfavorable. In one context, it suggests that your relationship is nearing its end, and no amount of effort can resuscitate it. On the other hand, it means that your relationship is transitioning into a difficult situation. 

Regardless of the context more suitable to you, step back and retrace your steps before making any decisions about the future of your relationship. 

Is He Going to Propose to Me? Six of Swords ‘Yes or No’

The Six of Swords does not indicate a clear answer about expecting a proposal from your partnership. 

However, pulling this card is a sign for you to leave behind the hardships and to induce a sense of stability and peace within your relationship. Improving your relationship will allow you to get closer to each other. 

As you grow closer and your relationship transcends into a healthy one, your partner will soon acknowledge their desire to live with you. Nevertheless, reaching that mark requires a lot of trust and development in a relationship. 

Is He Loyal to Me? Should I Trust him?

The Six of Swords leans towards a “yes” answer, suggesting the potential for healing, growing, and introducing a positive change in a relationship. 

The Six of Swords signify moving from the troubled waters into calmer ones. It advises you to leave behind anything that feels out of your control. Leave the hurtful memories of your relationship in the past.

As you leave behind the hardships and conflicts in the past, there is room for establishing loyalty and trust in your relationship. Try to communicate openly with your partner. Make equal efforts so that you can develop a trustable bond based on mutual respect. 

Should We Get Back Together? Six of Swords About Reconciliation

The Six of Swords present a “maybe” answer and lean more towards discouraging reconciliation. 

Pulling Six of Swords suggests that your partner has accepted what happened in the past and they have come to terms with it. They have accepted to not force things anymore and to let events unfold on their own. 

Although this card does not explicitly give a “no” answer, it suggests that your ex is not showing a keen interest in a reunion. They believe you were a part of their past and have decided to look forward.

Their goal is to achieve peace in their life. They are concerned with improving their life and achieving mental stability, denying the thoughts of reunion with you. 

Six of Swords: Will My Life Get Easier Soon?

The Six of Swords is an optimistic card to receive about life guidance and suggests a “yes” answer. 

This card symbolizes a slow change and a subtle beauty entering your life. This gradual change will soon transition the hardships of your pasts into hopefully greener pastures. 

The Six of Swords suggest you remain consistent and not give up. Although you are doing your best, you may not be experiencing a quick change in your life. The Six of Swords advises you to remain patient and suggests that the path to betterment is a long one. 

Do not be disheartened by the difficulties. You will notice your efforts improving the situation gradually. Instead of hoping to all at once, seek gratitude in achieving the small steps. 

Stay consistent and your life will eventually get easier.

Six of Swords in ‘Yes or No’: Should I Change my Career Path?

When concerned about a career change, the Six of Swords signify a “yes” answer. It is time for you to prepare yourself for a new career. Believe in your instincts and trust yourself when the transition to a new career path. 

You should explore career opportunities that resonate with your dreams and passions. While you may need to take a few calculated risks, keep your mind open to adaptability and the willingness to change. 

The Six of Swords tells you to ultimately focus on your long-term vision. Consult people working in the same industry to see if it is the right career jump for you. 

Reversed Six of Swords in ‘Yes or No?’

A reversed Six of Swords signifies a “yes” answer to your question and speaks to your inner strength. The card suggests that you harness enough power to have a strong hold over a situation and turn things in your favor. 

Your positive attitude towards life allows you to find a creative solution to problems, allowing you to attain positive hope for the future. 

However, dealing with problems needs more than just planning. Now that you have developed a course of action, it is time for you to implement these plans and make efforts to end your troubles. 

Six of Swords Reversed: Yes, or No Love Questions

A Six of Swords in reversed positions suggests a “no” answer and hints towards your relationship going through a difficult time. 

The stormy conditions in your relationship are making you feel overwhelmed. These conditions are making you feel like that your relationship is going nowhere and stuck in the same place. There is a lag in the progress of your relationship, causing your relationship to progress slowly. 

Final Words

Embracing self-sufficiency contributes to personal growth and is generally beneficial. However, understanding our limitations and the fact that we cannot handle everything independently is important.

Reaching out to a few trustable individuals not only helps you gain a healthy perspective on a situation, but it will also make them feel valued and improve your bond with them. 

The Six of Swords suggest you trust other people and communicate with them to create stronger bonds in your life. It also suggests treating yourself well and allowing yourself some breaks. As a human being, working hard and facing difficult situations on your own can make you feel overwhelmed. 

In such times, just sit back, recuperate, and let things be as they are for a while.