Seven of Wands as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Seven of Wands represents defense, protection, feelings, and standing up for what is important. On the card, a guy is seen on top of a hill while challenged by the foes below. He is tenacious and never gives up. He is doing all in his power to support his stance. He’s standing up for himself.

Upright Seven of Wands Meaning

The Five of Wands and the Seven of Wands represent problems that follow an event’s initial pleasure and happiness. On the other hand, the Seven of Wands is distinctive because it emphasizes maintaining your position rather than gaining it via effort. This is about the challenges we confront to maintain our achievements. It would help if you were prepared for the competition to defend your title and establish your worth. You must keep ahead of them because they will want the same outcomes that you want.

Your project or business endeavor will face obstacles from outside sources that might hinder its success. It would help if you stayed committed to your objectives, and with focus and work, you will succeed in fulfilling them.

The Seven of Wands’ overarching message is to stand your ground in opposition. You will need to stand up for this position and oppose those who would want to replace you. There are obstacles throughout this period, but you must continue to stand up for your values and deal with anybody who would want to harm you or disagree with them.

Upright Seven of Wands as Feelings: for Relationships

Seven of Wands (upright) indicates a time to create boundaries and territory, even if it makes others uncomfortable. Your relationship with your spouse will be tested by other influences, such as family members, society, or other suitors. To safeguard and defend your relationship, you may face several external threats.

You have self- and partner confidence. You feel, and you’re not wrong to believe, that you’ve formed a great relationship founded on love and trust, and every work and battle is worth it to preserve it. Believe in yourself and your goals, and you’ll get through this.

Upright Seven of Wands as Feelings: for Singles

The Seven of Wands indicates that this individual has positive feelings about you and your connection with singles and those starting new partnerships. They are prepared to put in the effort necessary to make your future together a reality because they can see it. They may have disagreed with those who disapprove of your relationship, but they have always stood up for it. They have faith in you and are interested in how your relationship progresses.

Upright Seven of Wands as Feelings: for Ex

The Seven of Wands suggests that they are still thinking about you or has feelings and your relationship if you ask how an ex or former love feels about you. They have realized that they are prepared to fight for it after some time alone. They are aware that while it will be difficult, it will be worthwhile. This is a good indicator if you’re wondering if there will be a reconciliation.

Upright Seven of Wands: Do They Like Me?

Although they may like you and has feelings, they think you are drama- and conflict-filled. The individual you are reading about is anxious that you two will get into a fight.

Reversed Seven of Wands Meaning

The reversed interpretation of the Seven of Wands suggests that you could be feeling overburdened by the obligations and difficulties you are currently dealing with. It may not be easy to see everything at once as a result. Additionally, you could feel pressured to compete and measure up to others, which makes you feel weak and unworthy.

The reversed interpretation of the Seven of Wands may also represent how you feel as if you are continuously being evaluated and condemned by others. Your loved ones may interrogate you about your choices and actions, and you feel overtaken by their criticism.

The Seven of Wands, in reverse, often represents avoiding confrontation and giving ground. When challenged by someone, this might induce sadness since you abandon your aims and flee from activities. Consider what you endured to get here, and ask yourself whether you genuinely feel that it is worth sacrificing for now. When the Seven of Wands is reversed, another interpretation is that you act aggressively to defend yourself and endanger your relationships.

Reversed Seven of Wands as Feelings: for Relationships

In a love tarot card reading, the reversed seven of wands signifies that you are clinging to something unhealthy. You are putting too much effort and feelings into protecting your spouse and your relationship, yet doing so is harming both of you. It’s conceivable that your loved ones may sense that the connection you’re working so hard to safeguard and maintain is, in fact, unstable.

Your loved ones are concerned for you since they can see how agitated you are while you try to maintain your connection. Perhaps you are still in denial and are unable to perceive the issues. It’s difficult for you to see everything because of love. The Seven of Wands reversed may also mean that while you are with the correct person and are confident in your relationship, outside difficulties are making it difficult for you, or other forces are attempting to break you two apart.

Reversed Seven of Wands as Feeling: for Singles

The Seven of Wands reversed signifies feeling defensive and irritated for singles and people in new partnerships. They sense that things are off to a rocky start and are unsure how to fix it. They prefer to sit back and have successfully given to them rather than taking charge to make things better or communicate. If they approach the problem with more openness and humility, this will only improve.

Reversed Seven of Wands as Feelings: for Ex

If you want to know how your ex feels about you, the Seven of Wands reversed indicates that they are unhappy with how things turned out. Without considering their involvement in the issue, they can blame you for the breakdown of the relationship. Regarding the part they played, they deny it. They feel immobile, unable to let go or advance. This card indicates that genuine reconciliation is only possible when they cease acting in such a defensive manner if you are pondering whether or not reconciliation is conceivable.


The Seven of Wands stands for setting boundaries and standing up for your convictions regarding relationships and feelings. There are moments when perseverance is advised because the people you care about are worth the effort. The Seven of Wands serves as a reminder that clear communication and respect for others’ boundaries are essential to any successful partnership.