Seven of Swords as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The card representing deceit, trickery, plotting, ingenuity, and resourcefulness is the Seven of Swords. This card shows a guy skulking from a military camp while carrying five swords. He glances back at the two swords he’s left behind and over his shoulder. He is grinning and conveying his satisfaction in leading detection by doing so.

The Seven of Swords is a gentle reminder that everything has a dark and bright side. Because we are concerned that we won’t be appreciated for who we are, the card symbolizes dishonesty often prevalent in relationships. It also stands for the sensible limit of prioritizing your own needs. It would help if you always kept in mind that you cannot offer to others what you do not give to yourself. Your requirements are equally crucial.

Upright Seven of Swords Meaning

The common interpretation of the Seven of Swords is betrayal and duplicity. Getting this card might mean that you or a close friend or relative is having trouble getting away with anything. Sometimes we have no choice but to act sly to avoid detection. When exposed, we must deal with the repercussions, including shame, punishment, or worse. This may happen when you have to respond quickly and do something rather cunning and out of character. The risk of becoming secret public has increased. You could feel the want to leave quietly, which signifies that something is no longer going as planned. You decide to go covertly, hoping that no one would see you instead of dealing with it. It’s possible that you overlooked this problem in the hope that it would go away over time, causing it to deteriorate and spread.

When examining the Seven of Swords, the key issue is if your current situation can be resolved by departing. You may believe that you have escaped, but when you attempt to flee, you find that you have been trapped and are being discovered. The Seven of Swords might sometimes signify a determination to go it alone. You could feel the need to get out and do some independent research. This may be a successful strategy if you wish to sidestep group consensus and demonstrate your independence. You could be encouraged to follow this road by the Seven of Swords symbolism since an eccentric genius can occasionally produce a breakthrough.

Upright Seven of Swords as Feelings: for Relationships

The Seven of Swords suggests that this individual feels wary and untrusting of their current relationship. They believe that it is challenging to be sincere in a relationship. This trickery is reciprocal. They could think you’re tricking them, but they might also be tricking you. They worry that if you find out the truth, you won’t be satisfied with them. There are many things in your relationship that need to be made clear. To clear the air, you must have an honest and open discussion.

Upright Seven of Swords as Feelings: for Singles

The Seven of Swords is a card that indicates anxiety for single people and those starting new partnerships. They don’t feel like they can be completely themselves with you for whatever reason. They believe they must constantly wear a mask. They are under a lot of stress and worry because they are terrified of your overreactions. This can be based on actual events or a projection based on their prior negative interactions. Anyhow, for a relationship to work, you both need to be able to communicate honestly with one another.

Upright Seven of Swords as Feelings: for Ex

The Seven of Swords denotes that the person you are enquiring about feels that there was too much deceit in your connection, whether an ex or an old lover. Although they may feel bad for lying and cheating, they ultimately don’t see a solution since they feel self-centered. They always prioritize taking care of themselves and putting themselves first. This is not a good omen if you’re considering reconciliation or getting back together.

Upright Seven of Swords: Do They Like Me?

The Seven of Swords is often not a good omen and suggests that your companion (or possible lover) doesn’t like you. The answer is that they like you if your connection may be seen as immoral or sleazy in some manner.


Reversed Seven of Swords Meaning

Depending on the context of the other cards in the reading, the Seven of Swords reversed may have a variety of meanings. It may first indicate that you must alter your strategy since your current methods are ineffective. This card’s reverse may represent a more severe form of the same activity. This card might represent a crafty triumph achieved via deceit and guile when held upright. Alternatively, a rebirth of the conscience. You or someone in your network may be opting to come clean about a manipulation they may have taken part in to relieve themselves of their guilt. Although trust has been damaged, you may be able to mend it with a confession. There is a desire to attempt an alternative, collaborative approach rather than autonomous.

Reversed Seven of Swords as Feelings: for Relationships

The Seven of Swords reversed symbolizes relief for those in committed partnerships. Any falsehoods and dishonesty they may have been carrying in your relationship have been lifted off their shoulders. They are confident in telling the truth and are prepared to do so. They are sick of the tricks and games. All they want is for the future, to be honest.

Reversed Seven of Swords as Feelings: for Singles

The Seven of Swords reversed is a sign of being very game-weary for singles. This individual desires an open and direct connection with you. The same old games are becoming boring to them. They think your connection is worthwhile and want to ensure it is built on honesty.

Reversed Seven of Swords as Feelings: for Ex

When the Seven of Swords is reversed, it indicates that the person you are trying to find out how they feel about you has let go of the lies surrounding your prior connection. They’re sick and weary of lying. They are weary of always having to recall their falsehoods. They are prepared for a new beginning. This is an indication that you two could be able to start over here if you are considering reconciliation or getting back together.


The Seven of Swords denotes deceit in terms of relationships and emotions. We strive to be our best selves for those we love constantly. This may sometimes go too far and enter the realm of deception. The Seven of Swords warns that telling falsehoods in a relationship won’t benefit us in the long term.