Seven of Cups as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The card representing options, imaginations, delusions, uncertainty, and wishful thinking is the Seven of Cups. In this card, a guy contemplates his options as he stands in front of seven cups loaded with varied rewards. Analysis paralysis affects him. Some cups contain beneficial gifts, including wealth and castles. Other cups include undesirable results, like dragons, ghosts, and snakes. Some presents may not even exist.

The Seven of Cups serves as a reminder that decisions must be made in life. We will never be able to choose every choice, thus, obsessing over various possibilities may be detrimental. We are not allowed to eat cake and have it too. Picking one and maximizing it is sometimes the best course of action. Additionally, true in terms of love. We are unable to connect when choice paralyzes us.

Upright Seven of Cups Meaning

Drawing the Seven of Cups in a reading denotes the necessity to clearly understand the shadows and images in your mind, both in your dreams and in the outside world. Wishful thinking should be avoided, and you should be aware of your decisions. The Seven of Cups may be seen as a dreamer who is both ecstatic and terrified of what they see in their unconscious. Another interpretation of the Seven of Cups is that it is fine to have goals and aspirations, but it is much better to act to realize those goals. You will eventually have to end your fantasies and confront life’s realities.

If there are too many alternatives available and you can’t decide, weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option to choose which is ideal for you. Using care while choosing your choice is crucial since the card itself seems to indicate that in addition to marvels and riches, you also have access to monsters and shadows.

Upright Seven of Cups as Feelings: for Relationships

If you comprehend the Upright Seven of Cups tarot card, understanding its love meaning is easy. The Seven of Cups implies you have many love possibilities if you’re single. However, if you’re in a relationship, the card indicates that an old flame may return, making you question your present connection. If you’re not over your ex, bringing them back into your relationship is never good.

The upright Seven of Cups tarot card again symbolizes human wishful thinking. The card shows that you fantasize about your connection rather than accepting it. If you’ve wished for a different relationship, you’re more likely to end it at the first hint of interest. Explore what you haven’t done in your relationship to bring back the “butterflies in the stomach” phase if you’re going through this period. Overall, the card cautions locals not to rush into love but to make an educated decision.

Upright Seven of Cups as Feelings: for Singles

The Seven of Cups as feelings for singles indicate uncertainty for single people and those starting new relationships. They currently have a lot of possibilities, and they aren’t prepared to choose one just yet. They can be a person of indecision or have recently ended a disastrous relationship. This individual wants to take their time and carefully weigh all their alternatives. They do not want to take things too quickly.

Upright Seven of Cups as Feelings: for Ex

The Seven of Cups suggests that the person you are enquiring about feels like they have many alternatives right now if you are inquiring about their sentiments for an ex or an old romance. They relish their alone. Even though it’s one of the choices they are exploring, they are not now worried about establishing a long-term relationship. Whether you’re asking if they’re prepared to reconcile or get back together, the answer is no.

Upright Seven of Cups: Do They Like Me?

They are unsure about their feelings for you.

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Reversed Seven of Cups Meaning

Although they both refer to dreams, illusions, and temptations, the Seven of Cup’s reverse seems to accentuate the less positive aspects of this card more than the upright. Your opinions could lean toward fantasy and not be based on fact. It can signify that you are unsure of what you are looking for.

Reversed Seven of Cups may also represent your inability to confront life’s truths and your desire to escape via fantasy and daydreaming.

The Seven of Cups reversed, on the other hand, may also portend the cessation of obscurity, the elimination of illusions, and a move toward clarity.

Reversed Seven of Cups as Feelings: for Relationships

If the Seven of Cups appears in the reversed position in a love Tarot reading, your relationship’s carefree phase is over, and you are now considering its future and what you want from it. Clarity is crucial for assessing any recent relationship disruptions. This card will ensure that things in love don’t go awry for you since you don’t want to leave things unsettled between you two.

The reversed Seven of Cup indicates that you are undoubtedly at a crossroads and unable to locate the ideal mate for yourself if the person who draws it is single. According to tarot card readers, your rigidity and unreasonable expectation of an ideal partner—who most definitely does not exist—limit the potential of romance in your life. Therefore, you will need to let go and date folks you would not often date if you genuinely want to meet new people or get to know them better. The card tells you it’s time to do something you normally wouldn’t because it will be worthwhile.

Reversed Seven of Cups as Feelings: for Singles

The Seven of Cups reversed symbolizes feeling overpowered for single people and those in fresh partnerships. Currently, they are being overrun with choices. They are perplexed and impatient. They are aware that delaying making a decision would only bring conflict and ambiguity into their lives. However, they now have total analysis paralysis. They are only certain that when they do go ahead, they will do it for themselves and their ideals and not for anybody else.

Reversed Seven of Cups as Feelings: for Ex

The Seven of Cups reversed indicates that the person you are trying to find out how they feel about you is unclear about what they want from a romantic relationship. They are constrained despite having many alternatives available to them. They are unsure about their next steps. They need time to sort things out on their own before you inquire about reconciling or getting back together. They won’t have faith in your partnership if they don’t believe in their judgment.


The Seven of Cups signifies decisions that need to be made regarding relationships and feelings. Spending time coming to the best choice for ourselves is crucial. Being patient is wise. However, holding onto the notion that there is always a superior choice is unhealthy and will only lead to dissatisfaction. A successful partnership requires finding a happy medium.