Retrograde Mercury in Virgo Arrives, Four Zodiac Signs Will Feel It Most

The Retrograde Mercury in Virgo will significantly influence four Zodiac signs.

The Retrograde Mercury in Virgo introduces a rather unique dynamic that can impact people differently based on their horoscope signs.

While everyone experiences the effects of retrograde Mercury to some extent, certain signs are more susceptible to its energies during this phase.

This marks the third retrograde Mercury of the year, starting on August 23rd and lasting until September 15th.

These four signs will feel its influence the most:


Gemini, being an air sign, is known for its communicative abilities and quick thinking. However, during Retrograde Mercury in Virgo, Geminis might face communication challenges.

They may experience disagreements or even technological breakdowns.

Hence, it’s crucial for Geminis to be cautious with their words and double-check all information before passing it on to avoid potential misinterpretations.


Since Mercury is retrograde in their sign, Virgos might feel its effects profoundly. Their meticulous nature can become heightened, resulting in excessive and self-critical thinking.

This period might require Virgos to reevaluate their goals, relationships, and overall life direction.

It’s essential for them to practice self-care, be kind to themselves, and seek support from their loved ones during this introspective phase.


Sagittarius, a fire sign known for its free-spirited and adventurous nature, feels the effects of Retrograde Mercury in Virgo in their sense of direction and planning.

They might face travel delays or disturbances, encounter issues with paperwork or visas, and struggle to organize their daily tasks.


Pisces tend to be intuitive and sensitive to emotions. With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, they’re likely to experience heightened emotions and increased sensitivity.

This might lead to discord in their relationships and a clear need for communication.

It’s vital for Pisces to engage in self-care practices, establish healthy boundaries, and effectively communicate their needs to maintain harmony during this potentially tumultuous phase.

Final Thoughts

Mercury retrograde has its tough moments, but it also offers us a chance to think things over and reassess.

These four signs might experience a stronger impact, but it’s good for all of us to stay alert and tweak our approaches as needed.

After all, it’s a temporary phase, and knowing how it works can help us handle the ups and downs better.