Red Candle Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Draping a vibrant color, the red candles are ideal for brightening your mood or adding some life to your surroundings. Red also shares its connection with the element of fire, representing strength, power, energy, and many other things. 

These candles are perfect for inducing anger, desire, or passion within. Given its connection with the universe, the red candles are ideal for performing rituals and quickly deriving results. 

But, before fetching one from the market and starting your rituals, it’s necessary to apprehend the meaning of these candles. Read on for an extensive overview of the red candle’s meaning and some information to make your rituals more effective.

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Benefits of Burning a Red Candle

Attracts Power and Vitality

The shade of red can be a dynamic and compelling color. This color gives candles a magnetic power, riling up your blood and strengthening you to face the challenges that lie ahead. These candles also reinforce self-confidence, allowing you to face your problems head-on. 

If you have been feeling lethargic, burning up a red candle will allow you to rekindle your energy and infuse vitality. 


Do you feel that your relationship has lost its spark? Red candles are here to save the day! 

Burning a red candle adds a fiery spark to your relationship. Their energies bring back the lost desire and intimacy between the two lovers, giving you a chance to grow close to your partner and keep your relationship steady. 


While it’s true that wealth is a product of hard work and struggle, red candles can help you fast-track your efforts. Whether it be better job options or finding additional sources of income, red candles will help you attract opportunities for your career growth. 

You can also burn red candles if you are overdue for a promotion at your workplace and are waiting impatiently for prosperity. 


Red candles can help you spiritually fortify yourself and become resistant to the effect of malevolent energies. The energies infused in these candles strengthen your inner self, allowing you to muster the strength to fight the hardships and conditions that mean you harm. 

The improved physical and emotional health will also make you self-dependent. As you rely more on yourself, you will develop the courage to walk away from relationships and situations that no longer benefit you. Distancing yourself from such scenarios will create the space to attract prosperity and happiness.

When Can You Burn a Red Candle? 


Some situations can make you understandably angry. However, it may seem difficult sometimes to let your anger out. Burning up a red candle removes residual anger, freeing you of the bad vibes and harmful consequences. 

Adding a “Spark” To Your Love Life

Whether it be passion or lust, burning a red candle is a sure way of adding a spark to your love life. These candles can help you fulfill any expectations and wishes from your relationship in terms of affection and intimacy. 


A Red Candle can help in the pursuit of success and fame. Burning these candles not only encourages physical strength but also strengthens your inner self. Performing a magic ritual involving red candles will motivate you and give you the strength to ask for anything you are owed. 

Fresh Starts

Burning a red candle just before starting your job or going steady is a sure way of attracting good vibes. The energies infused within these candles attract good fortune and keep away any harmful aspects, allowing your relationship or job to prosper. 

What is the Perfect Day for Burning a Red Candle?

If you are wondering about the perfect day for the ritual, Tuesdays and red candles go hand in hand. Tuesdays identify as the day of Mars in the Astrological domain and various belief systems. 

In Latin, Tuesdays are called “Martis Dies,” literally meaning “Mars’ Day). The meaning also persists in other languages, including the Italians calling Tuesdays “Martedi” and the Spanish “Martes.” Albeit belonging to different languages, all these words serve the same meaning as their Latin counterpart. 

In Norse culture, Tuesday originates from the Norse God “Tyr,” resembling its associations as discussed below. 

Red Candle – Origins

The history of red candles comes from many beliefs and cultures.

Early civilizations, such as Babylonia, depicted red as the color of blood and arousal. Their interpretations of the color red traversed through various cultures, which is why it is connected with the God of War. 

In the Babylonian civilization, Nergal was the God of destruction and war. However, when they turned to astronomy and discovered a red planet residing on the solar planet, they named it after their God of Pestilence. 

After a few centuries, the Greeks started calling Nergal Ares, also the God of War, in Greek culture. However, after some more speculation, Romans called this planet “Mars”.

In today’s world, research concludes that all living beings, including humans and animals, associate red with anger, danger, or potency. 

However, in Chinese Traditions, red represents finding good fortune and joy. The Buddhists somewhat follow the same ideology and associate red with achievement. 

Some Red Candle Associations

  • Numerology: 5, 9
  • Astrology: Aries and Scorpio
  • Angel: Archangel Uriel
  • Chakra: Root
  • Element: Fire
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Planets: Mars, Ares

Where to Buy Red Candles

The best place to get your ritualistic candles is a local Pagan store. Visiting a local pagan store can help you fixate on your intentions and choose a candle accordingly. Visiting a local store also saves you from absurd waiting times, causing an unplanned ritual delay. 

However, if there is no pagan store nearby, you can easily find red candles on platforms like Amazon. There are various pagan stores scattered throughout the internet, making them ideal places to cater to your needs. 

Final Words

Many cultures recognize red candles for their strong connection with fire and Mars. Performing a ritual involving red candles can have various benefits, such as attracting love and wealth in your life. 

However, burning these candles on a Tuesday is ideal to strengthen their effect and attain results quicker. These candles are also suitable for various uses. As you go through this article, you will come across the benefits and the various uses for which these candles are perfect. 

We hope this piece will be helpful in interpreting the meaning of red candles!