Red And White Clover Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism

There is so much more to clovers apart from adding intrinsic beauty to nature. Their everlasting beauty will make anyone inspire the beauty of nature and instill good vibes in their life. But one can only see the true colors of these flowers once they expand their vision and look through the spiritual messages they carry. 

While all clovers carry the good luck spirit, the red and white clovers have much more to say. For those wanting to explore their horizons by knowing the Red Clover and White Clover’s spiritual meaning and symbolism, you are in the right place!

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White Clover Spiritual Meaning

Good Luck

In all their beauty, the white clovers are a sign of prosperity and finding good luck. Seeing a white clover in your dreams or coming across one is a rare experience and signifies crossing paths with good luck soon. 

Faith, Hope, and Love: 

In some Christian traditions, every one of the three leaves represents virtues like love, hope, and faith. Seeing a white clover is a sign to pay attention to these virtues in your life. With some hope and love, the required affection and support will allow you to attain all your goals. 


White Clovers are known for warding off evil spirits and protecting you from negative energies. Seeing one in your dreams or real life could be a sign that the universe is working to keep you out of harm’s way. 

Remember to stay kind and humble to the people around you. Also, since the universe is aligned with you, it’s an ideal time to lay efforts in achieving your goals successfully. 

Red Clover Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual Connection

The vibrant color of these flowers represents divination embossed in nature. It tells you to work on connecting with your inner self and trusting your instincts. Although you might feel unsure about a few decisions, your higher self knows about the right decision. Listen to yourself and go with a choice that aligns with your mindset. 


Like the white clovers, the red clovers also harbor protective energy from evil and negative influences. Seeing a red flower signifies that your guardian angel is looking out for you and keeping the evil spirits off your horizon. 

Utilize your energy to achieve your goals and become a better version of yourself. 


The exhilarating color of Red clovers also links them to love and affection. These flowers represent a sparkling love between you and your partner. Your partner feels blessed to be in a relationship with you. They are constantly thinking of ways through which they can improve the relationship and cherish the relationship forever. 

Your partner also wants to see you succeed and will go the extra mile to see you win. The Red Clover urges you to recognize this blessing and treat them equally well. 

White Clover Symbolism

The Trigolium repens, or as many people like to call them, White Clovers, are a beautiful sign of luck. Since seeing a white clover is a rare occasion, it represents the arrival of distinguished opportunities. These opportunities have the power to give you the lucky break you have been hoping for. 

White Clover also symbolizes being surrounded by positive energies. The flower suggests finding unexpected blessings and serendipity in your daily dealings. Ensure to remain optimistic, and you will soon cross paths with good fortune. 

Red Clover Symbolism

In the spiritual world, red clovers represent fertility and abundance. Their vibrant hues suggest finding affection in your relationships and strengthening your connections. Much like their white counterparts, the red clovers also signify finding opportunities and abundance in your life. 

These flowers encourage you to find and embrace the joy in little things in life. With their gentle beauty, red clovers serve as a reminder to stay strong through difficult times and appreciate the beauty in little things. 

Cultural and Modern Clover Meaning

Clovers come attached with longstanding myths and folklore attached to them. Depending on their colors, they share a different cultural meaning: 

Red Clover in Different Cultures


In the Irish culture, red clovers are known for bringing luck, wealth, and finding true love. Seeing these flowers suggest finding opportunities and developing meaningful relationships. Investing efforts in some endeavors will assure beneficial results and fast-track your road to accomplishing your goals. 

Native American

In various Native American belief systems, red clovers are associated with recovery and healing from physical and mental pain. Since they believe these plants have healing powers, Native Americans have used red clovers as medicinal plants. 

For you, seeing a red clover could indicate a speedy recovery from heartbreak or a grieving situation. The red clover tells you that your hardships will clear away soon, blessing you with abundance and happy memories. 


Used by Goddess Hera to enhance her charm and beauty, Red Clovers hint towards the beauty in your life. Your charming personality makes you a reliable person in your surroundings. Your beautiful personality will help you develop meaningful connections and strengthen your relationships with those close to you. 

White Clovers in Different Cultures


The Celtic culture believed that white clovers protected them and their livestock. As we transition this belief to the modern world, a white clover protects you from the evil spirits and the bad energies surrounding you. Seeing one is a sign that your Guardian angel is at work, shielding you from any harm coming your way. 

The White Clover encourages you to stay adamant about your dreams and not give in to distractions. As the universe aligns with you to protect you from harm’s way, put all your focus and efforts into making your dreams come true.


The White Clovers were renowned throughout ancient Egypt for inhabiting accelerated healing powers. Many practitioners used them to create cures for various ailments. 

However, when we focus on its symbolization, the white clovers signify healing from the wounds of the past. It’s time for you to let go of the things that have been hurting you. Holding on to these things is causing your focus to split, rendering you unable to give your best to the opportunities surrounding you. 

Close the chapters of the past and start anew. Pay attention to the new opportunities. Utilizing these opportunities will allow you to turn your life around and enter a developing phase. 

What Do These Clovers Mean For Love? 

Red Clover in Love

Seeing a red clover is a good sign of love and suggests finding happiness and luck in your relationship. These red flowers suggest that your partner cares about your happiness and wants you to succeed. Your relationship will soon usher into an era of love and intimacy. The phase you are about to enter is perfect for creating cherished memories and strengthening your bond. 

For singles, seeing a red clover signifies finding new beginnings and opportunities soon. You will soon meet the right person. This relationship will significantly contribute to your growth, allowing you to reach new heights of success. Your partner will be ready to invest efforts that will ensure the growth and longevity of your relationship.  

White Clover in Love

When concerned about love, seeing a white clover signifies that your relationship is abundant. It points towards the thoughtfulness and kindness your partner holds towards you. 

Seeing a white suggests that your partner often thinks about you. The idea of being with you is a cherished thought in their mind, and they will try to give you the best treatment. Your partner approaches your relationship with honesty and affection. They see you as someone they want to spend their life with. 

The pure intentions your partner harbors towards your relationship assure that good things will come ahead. 

Final Words

Albeit being a small little flower, clovers have a lot to say apart from showing off their natural beauty. Whether it be seeing them or understanding their spiritual meaning, seeing a clover generally means good news. 

However, meanings can differ depending on the clover’s color. This piece provides an extensive overview of the spiritual meaning and symbolization of Red and White clovers.