Queen of Wands: Yes or No? Tarot Card Meaning in Love, Health & Career

Court cards are among the most difficult cards in the Tarot deck to read. 

While the Major Arcana cards are generally straightforward to apply to any scenario, court cards are more difficult to separate from their personalities. 

The Queen of Wands is no exception!

The Queens in the Tarot cards indicate quiet strength as a whole. 

They are the hidden force behind the King, and the queens actually control the show in certain aspects. 

Queens have a wealth of life experience and the ability to influence and change things. 

In Tarot, queens understand how to harness the power of feminine energy and achieve achievements.

Queen of Wands: General Meaning

The Queen of Wands is frequently referred to as the “witch of the Tarot deck.” 

This is due to the fact that she represents the magic that can occur when you discover how to harness the energy of the Universe and create a life that flows.

The Queen herself represents both the sun and the moon, as well as movement and intuition. 

She has actually mastered duality, which is why she is so powerful.

The black cat on her feet suggests her occult abilities and intuition, yet what people see from the Queen of Wands is a strong sense of love and confidence. 

Queen Of Wands Card Description

The Queen of Wands in the Rider-Waite deck depicts a queen sitting on a throne, wearing yellow robes and a matching yellow crown.

In her left hand, she holds a sunflower, and in her right, a wand with sprouting leaves. 

Her gaze is fixed and her posture is assured.

Her throne is adorned with two lions facing in opposite directions. 

The majority of Tarot readers feel that these lions represent fire and strength.

At her feet, a black cat represents the shadow 

The background isn’t as visible as in many other queen cards, but there are three mountains visible in the distance.

Queen of Wands in Tarot Reading

The Queen of Wands meaning in reading is pretty much straightforward. 

She pushes the person to believe in oneself and pursue their goals.

When a person has the Queen of Wands in their reading, this is a clear sign that one ought to be more confident. 

The Queen’s power, in truth, isn’t profound or secret; she just believes in herself.

The Queen of Wands advises the person to be assertive and true to themselves. 

In truth, her power is not simply feminine; she possesses masculine characteristics as well.

This is one of the most complete Tarot decks.

Remember, the Queen of Wands is a passionate and devoted mother. 

She is devoted to her children and will defend them at all costs. 

If the reading is correct, the Queen can imply that someone is doing an excellent job as a parent and is flawlessly balancing feminine and masculine energies. 

She is both creative and disciplined.

Queen Of Wands In Love

If the person is single, the Queen of Wands in love readings means that they’ll most likely meet someone through common hobbies. 

For example, if they enjoy biking, they should consider joining a group of biking enthusiasts. 

According to the Queen, it is time to be self-sufficient, confident, outgoing, and sociable in order to find the right person.

One should never change to suit the desires of others; instead, they should always be loyal to themselves.  

Otherwise, any attempts to meet the right person will backfire with a heartbreak. 

Already in Love 

If the person receiving this reading is taken, The Queen of Wands indicates that it is time to be more open with the significant other.

This card indicates that the person must open up and have a clear dialogue if they have avoided stating something or have merely hinted at what they desire.

The Queen of Wands, on the other hand, denotes increased passion and intimacy. 

The Queen is extremely passionate, and she is considered the most sexual of all the Queens. 

This card encourages people to be open and honest about their needs (both emotional and physical). 

Queen Of Wands on a Career Path 

The Queen of Wands is always a good omen in business. 

It usually signifies that the person is capable of considerably more than they realize.

The Queen is telling them to go to whatever length to achieve their objectives. 

The Queen of Wands signifies that the person must take action, because they have all of the power when it comes to their future.

The Queen of Wands also implies that the person is an excellent leader or manager at work, and therefore has a natural talent for delegating tasks. 

If people are encountering workplace disagreement, this card recommends that they use charm and motivation to resolve all the concerns rather than force or fury. 

There is always a wiser, more temperate strategy that will yield the desired results.

The Queen offers financial advice

The Queen of Wands is quite practical when it comes to money. 

She conducts research and makes sound conclusions. 

This card implies that the person is making sound financial decisions right now. 

The Queen of Wands is a gentle reminder to be economical, as well as to spend money in well-researched and practical ways. 


The Queen of Wands is a good omen in a health reading. 

This card suggests that the person will soon experience a surge of long-term energy and will heal faster than they anticipate. 

At the very least, this energy will give them the boost they need to achieve their goals.

The Queen of Wands can also signify that one must engage with the “shadow side” of themselves to overcome mental blocks that are creating physical illness.

The Queen of Wands usually means that health must be restored to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies at the same time. 

Finally, in health, the Queen of Wands might signify an upcoming pregnancy or increase in fertility in women!

Queen Of Wands in a Yes Or No reading 

When the Queen of Wands appears in a yes or no reading, the answer will most certainly have a ‘yes’ outcome. 

This card should instill confidence in people. 

This card also represents the fact that anything in life may have a positive outcome if we just make it so.

When the Queen of Wands is reversed, it often implies that the response is no, and advises people to reconsider their goals.

Queen Of Wands Reversed

The Queen of Wands reversed can represent someone who is strong but stubborn, greedy, or insecure. 

Her strength is sometimes simply for show. She is afraid on the inside.

When the Queen of Wands is reversed, it indicates that someone is being way too stubborn, and even insecure. 

This is coming from an overly emotional place, which means that now is the moment to let rationality take control and deal with feelings rationally. 

The Queen of Wands is a person who gets things done, but when reversed, this can be dangerous. 

She could be able to get her way by scaring people and refusing to listen to other people’s viewpoints.

When the person is already in a relationship, The Queen of Wands reversed can indicate that the warmth in a partnership has faded.

Therefore, the person should seek out ways to rekindle the love with their partner and openly have a discussion.

However, if the person is single, the Queen of Wands reversed suggests that one ought to talk with the ‘inner self’, boost their confidence, and try working on their flaws before falling into unhappy relationships.

When it comes to one’s financial status, the Queen of Wands reversed reflects one’s poor fiscal responsibility. 

Maybe it’s the right time to open a savings account!