Queen of Swords: Yes or No? Tarot Card Meaning in Love, Health, Money

Just like most Tarot cards, a person’s Tarot reading will depend on many factors such as their money income and marital status.

Queen of Swords is considered one of the positive Tarot cards.

Read on to find out the symbolism behind it.

Card Description

The Queen of Swords card shows the queen sitting on an ornate throne and gazing into the distance.

Her double-edged sword is facing the sky, while she offers advice with her other, open palm.

The card also shows accumulated clouds in the background, which is a common Tarot symbol that expressed the ever-changing course of life. 

Reading of this card depends on whether the person receives it upright or reversed.

Namely, the Queen of Swords in the upright hand is protective, supportive and encouraging, while the reversed Queen brings cruelty, cold-heartedness and hatred. 

Queen of swords: yes or no?

Queen of Swords in Love and Health 

When seen in a tarot reading, the Queen of Swords card symbolizes an entrance of a supportive female figure in one’s love life.

The next female person that enters one’s life after this tarot reading will significantly improve their lives, as well as encourage them throughout every difficult situation they might be facing forward in life. 

Having experienced loss herself, the Queen of Swords offers support and wisdom.

Therefore, the Queen of Swords is a great card to open in the reading if a person has faced negativity or loss sometime before the tarot reading.

Queen of Swords in Money and Career 

Just like in love and health, when it comes to money and career, the Queen of Swords suggests that there might be an experienced, knowledgeable female person at the person’s workplace that will guide them down their professional path. 

When it comes to financial status, if a person receives Queen of Swords, this means that a financially responsive and intelligent woman will guide them into solving their financial problems.

On the other hand, if the person’s financial status has no problems, one may get advice from a wise woman about future investments, that are about to bring them wealthy income. 

Single or Taken

When it comes to a person’s relationship status, the card reading heavily relies on whether the person is single, taken, or maybe has a lover. 

That being said, if they are already madly in love, the Queen of Swords indicates that they are with the right person in their life. 

The Queen of Swords embodies love, loyalty and support, so even if the person is single, opening this card is a strong sign that this is about to change. 

For single people, this card represents a loyal, affectionate relationship in a close future. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the person will find the love of their life just around the corner, however, they should be open-minded when it comes to seeking new love interests. 

Reversed Queen of Swords

As it was previously mentioned, when the Queen of Swords is opened reversed, this means that the person receiving the reading will encounter a rather bad-spirited woman in the close future.

If the person is already in a committed relationship with a woman, it’s probably time to end it, since Queen of Swords symbolizes an unsupportive, abusive female in their life.

The person is then likely to meet a selfish, careless female, whose only goals are to wreck one’s life, as well as deeply hurt someone. 

Queen of Swords indicates that whoever the person might encounter, they should take caution when trying to make new connections, in order to not get hurt, lovewise.

Financially speaking, one should be careful venturing for new business investments, as an evil-spirited woman might persuade them to invest in a fraud. 

Upside Down Queen of Swords

Flipped card Queen of Swords can also represent one’s low self-esteem.

As a result of low self-esteem, many people depend on other people’s opinions, which the Queen of Swords is there to fix. 

The Queen of Swords brings confidence and decisiveness, both of which are necessary in order to succeed.

Queen of Swords: Yes or No

The Queen of Swords shows up to offer assistance and direction as the person works through their issues from the past. 

She is trustworthy and informed, yet she urges the person to make a final decision on whatever that comes their way. 

Because of this, the only response she can provide to the yes/no question is “maybe.” 

A person is ought to investigate their own feelings rather than relying exclusively on the tarot. 

Queen of Swords: Important Tarot card combinations

The Queen’s positive energy influences other cards in one’s reading, from monetary gain to discovering a higher mission of life. 

The most significant Queen of Swords card pairings are listed here.

The Queen of Swords and the King of Swords

This combo portends that one’s thoughts will have a significant impact on a figurehead or influential group. 

If the person has an investment in mind or a business they want to start, the Queen of Swords will guide them. 

When the King and Queen of Swords collaborate, victory is assured. 

The Queen of Swords and the Two of Pentacles

Financial success is predicted when the Queen of Swords and the Two of Pentacles are combined. 

More specifically, a modest investment at this point in their life could have a significant payoff. 

While The Queen of Swords advises the person to consider all aspects of the possibility before deciding, they can be confident that the return will be high when listening to her. 


The Swords Queen and Ace encourage the person to discover their higher destiny in life. If they haven’t yet discovered this, then they may be certain that the day will come when they do. 

This combination may support their belief that they have already found their calling. 

In either case, a person ought to prepare themselves because their life is going to slightly improve.