Queen of Cups as a Person: Upright & Reversed

The Queen of Cups is a tarot card symbolizing a deep-feeling and compassionate woman. She is a nurturing and loving figure with strong intuition and an understanding of emotions.

She is the embodiment of femininity and intuition. Offering her insight and understanding to those around her. The Queen of Cups is a complex figure who can provide great wisdom to anyone who seeks her counsel.

Queen of Cups as a Person

The Queen of Cups as a person is someone who can sympathize with others around them and has a strong connection to their own feelings and experiences. They have a kind and loving nature and as a result they often take on the position of caregiver for the people in their life.

This individual can keep their emotions under check and use them to assist other people while standing upright. They can provide a sympathetic ear and words of solace to people who require both. They have a profound comprehension of what it is to be human. As a result, they are in a position to provide direction and assistance to others who are going through challenging circumstances. They have great intuition and can pick up on the feelings of others around them. Even if those individuals aren’t openly speaking those feelings.

This individual can create harmony in a group and is often a natural leader. They are skilled in defusing stressful situations and bringing people together to work together. They are naturally gifted in the capacity to connect with people and are capable of fostering a feeling of community and belonging in others.

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Queen of Cups as a Person: Reversed

The Queen of Cups in the reversed position may be having trouble dealing with her feelings. She may be feeling helpless and unable to deal with the emotions that she is experiencing.

She may be withdrawn and unable to form relationships with other people. It is possible that she is going through a dark period filled with emotions of depression and hopelessness and that she can not see any way out of the situation.

It is also possible that this individual lacks empathy for other people experiences. They may be so preoccupied with their thoughts that they cannot comprehend or empathize with the sentiments of people around them. They might be dismissive of other people troubles and more focused on their own requirements.

In this condition, the Queen of Cups has to take some time to examine her feelings and figure out what is making her anxious to get beyond this stage. She has to be kind and patient with herself and she should let herself experience her emotions.

As soon as she has dealt with her feelings. She will be able to connect with other people in a manner that is both more profound and significant.


It is possible that the Queen of Cups is having trouble processing her feelings and she needs to give herself some time to do so before she can connect with others in a manner that is both deeper and more meaningful.