Purple Angel Color: Meaning and Symbolism

As the past couple of years have been deeply affected by the global pandemic, many people have entered the mysterious world of spirituality in order to maintain their mental health.

And quite frankly, there have been multiple studies that indicate meditation and regular spiritual sessions have a positive outcome when it comes to both mental and physical well-being. 

From chakra points to angel numbers and colors, the spiritual world is still a mystery to many. 

Read on to find information about the chakra energy system, as well as about outside signals that affect it.

Purple Angel Color 

Spiritual people see purple light rays across the sky as a sign from Zadkiel, the archangel of mercy. 

According to the Bible, archangel Zadkiel is in charge of helping people who regret their actions. 

Furthermore, he encourages humans to seek forgiveness from God, ensuring them that he will have mercy if they confess. 

People believe seeing a purple light ray will help them repair their broken relationships, as they also seek forgiveness amongst each other. 

Purple Angel light connects to the Sacral Chakra

Apart from each angel color being specifically connected to an archangel, these colors are further connected to different chakra points in the human body. 

There are 7 archangels, 7 colors and 7 main chakra points in the body, all of which hold an enormous amount of energy. 

That being said, purple rays significantly affect the Sacral Chakra in the human body. 

The sacral chakra point is associated with finding balance in our lives. 

As the purple rays shine upon humans, they ought to learn many things from Zadkiel, such as acceptance, rejection, and forgiveness.