Pink Candle Meaning, Symbolism, and Spiritual Uses

Being linked to unconditional love, warmth, and self-love, pink candles are ideal when emotions run high.

Since pink is a mix of red and white, these candles carry the essence and benefits of both these candles combined. 

Where the red candles signify desire and passion, the white shade in pink points to the pure intentions and innocence in your personality. 

But there is much more to these candles. If you have been looking for an article that explains the pink candle meaning in-depth, you have come to the right place! Let’s discover everything you need to know about pink candles in the magical world of candles.

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Benefits of Burning a Pink Candle

A pink candle proves significantly helpful when you have the intention to strengthen your bonds, improve your friendship, and deepen your love. Performing the pink candle ritual can have several benefits, including: 

It Strengthens and Creates new Friendships.

As you start a new workplace or are striving to find more connections that share your vibe, the pink candle magic paves the way for you. The energies infused in these candles give you the will and courage to approach new faces and positively impact them. As you converse with them, you will soon notice everything is going well, and you will have made new friends in no time! 


Regardless of how hard we try at work, academics, or any relationship, it’s necessary to love ourselves too. While it’s true that hard work always pays off, it also takes a big toll on your morale. Since we usually work without any breaks when working hard, we are likely to wear down quickly and be surrounded by feelings of stress. 

These candles have a calming vibe that convinces you to take some time out for yourself from the daily hustle and bustle. Whether enjoying a meal or taking a long soak in the tub, do any activity that brings you joy. 

Trying out something that brings you relief will return your lost control and return lost morale. 

Finding Unconditional Love

If you want to nurture a relationship with unconditional love and affection, pink candles are the way to go. Whether it be your parents, siblings, children, or partner, the pink candle infuses certain loving energy in relationships, pulling people close. 

These candles give a harmonious vibe to anyone that absorbs their essence. Ensure to light up the pink candle in a setting where you meet the person on which you want the spell to work. 

While the results from the pink candle may not be expressive, you will develop a strong bond that will stand prevalent against any difficulties that come through. And since the candle will have brought you close, you can use the opportunity to develop a stronger bond. 

When Can You Burn a Pink Candle? 

Considering the benefits pink candle brings to the table, you can use them in various situations:

New Beginnings

A pink candle is a great choice for people looking for new friends and partners. If you have recently moved to a new city or a country, performing the pink candle ritual will help you attract new friends. As you perform these rituals, the energy from these candles infuses with yours, allowing you to attract people with the same mindset as yours. 

Doing a ritual involving a pink candle can also work wonders when searching for a love interest. This candle can help you attract people that radiate the same energy as you, giving you a chance to start a progressing relationship.  


A pink candle ritual can work wonders when looking to reconcile with a friend or someone close to you. These candles wear off the effect hoarded by the evil spirits, reneging any negative energies between you. As the air starts to clear in between, it becomes easy for you and the other person to let go of their anger. 

Pink candles can also help reconcile with your partner, giving you a ray of hope. As the negative energies begin to slide, your partner is reminded of the relationship you shared and the mutual affection. Reconciling will give you a chance to leave the disagreements in the past and start anew. 


Often, we get occupied with our work responsibility, causing a deficit in self-love and sidelining our well-being. If you have been feeling burned out lately from all the work, the pink candle ritual will bombard you with energy and the will to continue. 

The positive aspects of these candles radiate self-love within, kicking out any pessimist thoughts. It forces you to adopt a positive mindset, instilling self-confidence and the energy needed to keep going. 

What is the Perfect Day for Burning a Pink Candle 

The Pink Candle shares its connections with Venus and the Goddess of beauty, love, and harmony. Venus often is found where the matters of heart exist, especially when finding a new love interest, relationships, and alluring love in your life. 

Its planet, Venus, carries a gentle and nurturing energy, making it fit for spells related to emotional healing and love in any form. 

Consequently, Fridays are the best days to carry out the pink candle ritual. Many cultures see Friday as Venus’ day. Some also believe it to be Freya’s day, making Fridays an auspicious day for carrying out love rituals. 

Pink Color Candle – Origins

The origin story of the pink candles takes us back to the early days of humanity. In the earlier generations, people have adhered to using flowers, fruits, minerals, and plant extracts to achieve the pink colors on these candles. 

They added the color to the candle, believing pink is associated with compassion, emotions, and love. Benign a color of warmth, tenderness, and affection, many believed that pink is the right color to represent matters of heart. 

As time went by and life continued progressing, the candle makers upgraded their techniques. In today’s world, these candles are mostly used in rituals like prayers, meditation, and candle magic. 

To sum up, where there are matters of hearts concerned, involving the pink candles can strike a huge difference.  

Some Pink Candle Associations

  • Numerology: 6, 9
  • Chakra: Heart
  • Astrology: All nurturing signs, including Taurus, Libra, Virgo, Gemini, and Cancer
  • Angel: Archangel Cahmuel 
  • Planet: Venus
  • Gods: Aphrodite 
  • Day: Friday

Where to Buy Pink Candles

Given their functionality, pink candles are in high demand and can easily be found. You can find them online at Amazon, Etsy, or Walmart stores. Some pagan portals also sell these candles online. 

However, the best practice is to buy these candles from your local pagan stores. Buying these candles from your pagan store will allow you to get the candles instantly and to buy them for a lesser price than online. 

Final Words

Harboring the essence of pink color, the pink candles signify compassion, affection, friendships, and finding unconditional love. It is crucial for us to remind you of an important message conveyed by these candles. 

The Pink Candles urges you to practice self-love and care for yourself. It tells you to let go of the harsh experiences you have endured in the past. Indulge in activities that contribute to your well-being and allow you to become a better version of yourself. 

We hope you found the above-shared information helpful in interpreting the correct meaning of pink candles.