Page of Swords as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The card representing communication, wit, imagination, feelings and inquiry is the Page of Swords. On this card, a young guy stands with his sword raised toward the heavens. Although he has his sword directed in one direction, he is actively scanning the area to see what else is happening. He has a relentless and uncompromising appearance.

The Page of Swords serves as a reminder that life and love depend heavily on communication. When we like chatting with our companion, we are content. We get enthused when fresh concepts, wit, and humor inspire us. The Page of Swords serves as a reminder that mental attraction is equally as significant as physical attraction.

Upright Page of Swords Meaning

The Page of Swords in feelings never appears to run out of ideas. She is bright and attentive. She has a sharp tongue and quick wit to match her natural curiosity and inquisitive nature. Given her love of ideas and fluency in the language, she is a fantastic communicator who engages in spirited argument.

She seems to feed on almost a nervous energy as if she has too much to say and her thoughts are always racing. She may provide news covered by her suit as a news source, including rumors, legal issues, and agreements. Alternately, you may need to channel her energy, so be cautious, stay awake, and keep your eyes wide.

This card can represent your intense desire to put into action an idea you’ve had for a while or a project you came up with. You are enthusiastic about it and can’t wait to tell others about your success. Time moves slowly when compared to your passionate heart. It’s time to discuss now. A Page of Swords represents communication and exchanging of ideas when it occurs in a reading. It’s time to open up and discuss ideas, whether yours or someone else’s, so long as they are helpful.

Upright Page of Swords as Feelings: for Relationships

The Page of Swords as feelings in relationships suggests that this individual is content with your compatibility regarding current partnerships. You two communicate well and agree on the majority of issues. Although you’ve been dating for a while, you still make each other laugh. This is a terrific match, provided your emotional compatibility is equally strong.

Upright Page of Swords as Feelings: for Singles

The Page of Swords as feelings for singles indicates a strong intellectual connection between you and this individual for singles. They like speaking with you. It’s enjoyable and simple. You all understand each other’s humor. They love your wit and humor. They sense a genuine convergence of ideas at this point. This is encouraging for your new relationship since your intellectual compatibility is strong. Just be certain that you two are compatible on an emotional level as well.

Upright Page of Swords as Feelings: for Ex

If you inquire about an ex’s or old flame’s thoughts toward you, the Page of Swords as feelings for ex suggests that they are rationalizing their sentiments about you and your former relationship. Even though they were upset by what occurred, they devised strategies to trick themselves into believing they weren’t. Only if your ex learns to feel more at ease being emotionally exposed are reconciliation and a reunion conceivable.

Upright Page of Swords: Do They Like Me?

Despite their eyes on you, they feel bad because of another person.


Reversed Page of Swords Meaning

When the Page of Swords in feelings is in reverse, all her flaws are exposed, and she may even become deadly. She is endowed with a keen intellect, which she may exploit for trickery and deception. Her innate skill for words has been converted into a weapon, and the blade she wields has the potential to harm her.

She may not have the maturity or insight to comprehend the misery she causes while experiencing the thrill of lashing out. On the other hand, the author of this page can be someone who talks a lot but doesn’t actually say anything substantive. Be careful to back up your words with power and deeds, or risk ruining your reputation.

Reversed Page of Swords as Feelings: for Relationships

The Page of Swords as feelings for relationship in reversed indicates frustration for individuals in serious partnerships. They believe you are not listening to them. When you mention anything negative, they get defensive right away. Even though there have been plenty of arguments and misunderstandings, the situation seems particularly tight now. To determine if you can resolve the conflict amicably or whether you have reached a deadlock, you need to sit down together.

Reversed Page of Swords as Feelings: for Singles

The reversed Page of Swords as feelings for singles symbolizes contentious and defensive feelings for singles. This individual thinks you two are speaking over each other. Perhaps because they believe they must constantly be correct, they don’t feel like their opinions are being heard. Your relationship is under a lot of strain as a result of this. Air out the room. Together, determine if this communication problem is solvable or whether it is a sign of more serious problems and compatibility.

Reversed Page of Swords as Feelings: for Ex

The Page of Swords as feelings for ex reversed indicates that your ex has unfavorable thoughts for you if you are enquiring about how they feel about you. They have a long list of justifications for why you are to blame for the relationship breakup. They are still seeing your relationship in a simplistic, black-and-white way. Therefore, now is not the time for reconciliation or reconciliation in the traditional sense.


The Page of Swords indicates mental attractiveness and cleverness for relationships and feelings. Both mental and physical attraction is necessary for a successful relationship. It is beautiful when you have a spouse that inspires you and connects with you intellectually. The Page of Swords emphasizes this component of love.