Page of Cups as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Page of Cups represents idealism, naiveté, sensitivity, and romantic daydreams. A little page is holding a cup in this card. He is wearing royal regalia. This reveals not only his rank but also his youth and cockiness. Unexpectedly, a fish starts emerging from the cup instead of water. This shows the page’s vivid imagination and sense of humor.

The Page of Cups is a gentle reminder that although adolescent love may be idealistic and foolish, it is also lovely and caring. It is a stage evident in all relationships and a component of the human experience. The Page of Cups encourages us to approach the world with the curiosity and openness of a kid because they are trying to make it a better place.

Upright Page of Cups Meaning

According to one of the Page of Cup’s most significant meanings, you should be open to new ideas, particularly those that come from intuitive inspiration. Although it may be unexpected, the card says such inspiration should be welcomed. You could go on an expedition and discover various things. This card urges you to pursue your dreams, particularly if they are creative, such as getting into music or the arts.

The Page of Cups suggests that you should approach a challenging problem from a whole new angle if you are experiencing difficulty and have given up on your aspirations. As this is the only method to achieve your ambitions, it stands for perseverance. Believe everything is possible, pay attention to your intuition, and pursue your calling.

Upright Page of Cups as Feelings: for Relationships

If you’re in a relationship, the Page of Cups may portend romantic proposals, unions, conceptions, and marriages. It may also suggest being more sentimental and emotional. Singleness might indicate a romantic partner. The Page of Cups may also represent a relationship with a child. It might mean you need to confess your love to someone special. If you want your crush to grow, take a risk.

The Page of Cups is creative, compassionate, and passionate. They may seem naïve regardless of age. If this card doesn’t represent someone in your life, you may be in for some nice surprises. If you’re in a relationship, you may be seeing new things in your partner and admiring them more. Singles may approach love innocently. Relationships and potential partners may taste fresh.

Upright Page of Cups as Feelings: for Singles

The Page of Cups indicates that this individual has positive feelings for you, which is good news for singles and people starting new relationships. They are falling head over heels for you. They are in utter, dreamy love. They have a lot of hope for you two in the future. They now understand what fresh love is like thanks to you. They have new eyes and a childish interest in everything. Although this is a wonderful beginning to a new relationship, remember that infatuation does not endure a lifetime. Make sure you have a firm foundation on which to stand over the long term.

Upright Page of Cups as Feelings: for Ex

The Page of Cups suggests that the person you are enquiring about has a romanticized view of your former relationship if you are inquiring about how they feel about you or an ex. They feel bad about breaking up with you. You are missed. They understand how fortunate they were. If you’re unsure if reconciliation is likely, know that your ex is considering reconciliation. To avoid repeating the same cycles of conflict, be sure that their justifications are based on reality and are not merely ideals.

Upright Page of Cups: Do They Like Me?

Yes, this individual thinks highly of you, exactly as you do.

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Reversed Page of Cups Meaning

The reversal of a Page of Cups indicates that your creative flow is being stifled. Some activities or projects fascinate you, but you don’t always appear to do them just for fun. You could do them for financial gain, celebrity, or another reason. A reversed Page of Cups may suggest that to restore your creative soul. It would help if you remembered the delight your endeavors once offered you.

The Page of Cups might symbolize a disturbed individual in its reversed interpretation. one who is terrified of reality, whether financial, medical, emotional, or any other way. They find it difficult to deal with these problems, which may cause them to misuse alcohol or drugs to get away from them. It can be a picture of you or a loved one having difficulty accepting who they are.

Reversed Page of Cups as Feelings: for Relationships

The Page of Cups tarot love meaning suggests a restrained, unsure, and sometimes uncomfortable partner. Kindness may help them warm up to you. However, tantrums, insecurity, and misunderstanding may indicate emotional immaturity. If this card does not represent a person, recognize these traits in yourself.

In a love Tarot reading, the reversed Page of Cups may indicate sadness, postponed proposals, frustration, or breakups.

You may have gotten excessively sensitive or finicky. If that’s the case, you must reassess your objectives and mature your relationship to succeed. It might also mean you’ve had affairs and lost your virginity. Reversed Page of Cups may mean lost love for singles. If so, avoid envy, jealousy, and vindictiveness. It might also indicate promiscuity, which isn’t garnering your love. It’s okay to flirt but think about the connection you desire.

Reversed Page of Cups as Feelings: for Singles

The Page of Cups reversed indicates that a person is experiencing emotional overload for singles and those in fresh relationships. They could be anxious and impatient. Even if they adore you and are very attached to you, it may be detrimental to their happiness if they cannot communicate their emotions. This individual longs to be loved in return, but they cannot express or ask for it. They may have more emotional maturity than you do. To bring their best selves into the partnership, they must perform their shadow work.

Reversed Page of Cups as Feelings: for Ex

The Page of Cups reversed indicates that the person you are enquiring about still feels hurt by your previous connection if you ask how they feel about you. They are not handling the split well. They feel like acting out because they are emotionally immature. Despite having a strong desire to be loved, they do not know how to express this. Whether you’re wondering if a reconciliation is likely, you should realize that it won’t happen unless your ex emotionally grows. For a relationship to be safe and fruitful, that is necessary.


The Page of Cups depicts the romantic phase of infatuation and youthful love in terms of relationships and sentiments. Even though this love may not yet be fully developed, it is kind and kind in its disposition. It is rather innocent and romantic. The Page of Cups serves as a reminder that this is a normal phase of developing love. It merits celebration in its unique manner. But be careful not to overdo it because it may appear immature.