Orange Candle Meaning & Use in the Spiritual Realm

The power of orange was well appreciated by the great portrait artists of the Middle Ages. Orange represents abrupt change. It bestows a type of superpower on those who dare to wear it. 

Few individuals nowadays (even royalty) have the courage to wear orange clothing. For that reason, the act of lighting an orange candle is forceful. One would do so to bring about immediate and substantial change. 

Orange candles are appropriate for ceremonies held on the night of weddings or critical business meetings. 

The Meaning of Orange Candles 

The orange candle is the appropriate candle color for this aim if you’re conducting candle magic and want to enhance energy, create joy, and begin swift, positive action.

The best time to utilize the orange candles is on Sundays.

Orange candles are ideal for casting spells or doing manifestation work in order to increase confidence, playfulness, mental sharpness and even your day to day motivation.

Here are some of the special occasions why you might want to light an orange candle:

  • You’re ready to speak with your employer about a raise and need that additional injection of confidence.
  • If you’ve been having trouble connecting with your sacral chakra’s creativity, fluidity, and vitality.
  • When you’re feeling down and want to bring some joy and play into your life.
  • If you’ve recently relocated and want to make new friends and have more fun in this new phase.

Orange Candles Meaning in Spirituality 

Orange Candles combine yellow (mental agility) with red (action-energy), giving you the best of both worlds. 

Orange sun energy promotes life, energy, and endurance. 

Orange candles are useful in spells for attracting success, prosperity, good fortune, good luck, business and career success, and positively attracting others. 

Orange is forceful and extroverted; it promotes enjoyment while discouraging sloth; and it energizes the entire system. 

Promotes a cheerful look. 

Orange candles promote flexibility, inventiveness, attraction, mental stimulation, as well as natural spontaneous vivaciousness. 

Orange is beneficial for attracting, beauty, companionship, unexpected changes, energy stimulation, obtaining control, altering luck, and instigating justice.

Orange is a sunny hue that also represents fertility, both physical and mental, as well as creativity and expansion. 

Orange candle rituals can also be employed in professional situations where creativity or dealing with people’s needs are important.

Simple Spells with Orange Candles

Here are some simple candle rituals and spells that utilize the power of the orange candles. 

Orange Road Opener Spell

Light an orange candle and decorate the candle with orange peel.

Psalm 25:4 says, “Shew me your ways, O Lord; teach me your courses three times.” 

Perform the spell for three nights, beginning on Wednesday. 

This spell is said to open new professional roads for you. 

Orange Candle Love Ritual

This is a couple’s love ritual used to rekindle old sparks and enhance the attraction. 

You must conduct it early on Sunday.

Because, as previously said, the strength of the orange candle increases as the sun rises.

You will need two orange candles and a white lily. 

Place yourself in a quiet place, preferably alone, as no one should bother you.

Place two orange candles on the floor in front of you and sit near a window (or outside the house).

You must also face the Sun directly in front of you, a.k.a. witness the sunrise.

When you’re on the floor with the candles in front of you, space them two feet apart.

Then, between the two, place a white lily on the ground.

Light one of the orange candles with a match, then another with a candle with the wick already lit.

Then you will take the flower and place it on your breast while thinking about the loved one’s attributes and what you enjoy best about them.

Address your partner by their name out loud, kiss the flower, and place it back on the floor amid the candles.

Then you must wait until the sun rises to extinguish the candles.

Repeat the practice twice more, always on Sunday at the same time, until that person’s passion for us has developed to the extent that you want.

Orange Candle Fertility Ritual

If you’re having trouble conceiving a child, you should attempt this easy routine.

You can also do it if you’re fatigued physically or emotionally.

This rite must be performed either at dawn or at midnight.

You will need an orange candle, a rose incense, and of course, a match to light the candle.

In a quiet room, light an orange candle on a small table and sit on the floor with your legs crossed.

Ignite a rose incense and let the aroma fill the room.

Once the room smells like rose incense, use a match to light the candle on the table.

Close our eyes for a few seconds and leave our minds free.

When you’re less stressed and more relaxed, you’ll be able to express all the things you want to accomplish but can’t because you’re weary.

When you’ve finished reciting them, blow out the flame and we’ll close our eyes again, resting.

You will let the incense to burn, and then you will

You will burn the incense and then let fresh air enter the area to recharge the energy in your space and your body.

This practice can be repeated as many times as necessary because it is extremely helpful to your physical and mental wellbeing.