9 of Wands as a Person: Upright & Reversed

Nine of Wands is a person who is determined and resilient. They have faced many challenges in life and have come out the other side stronger and more courageous. They are confident in their abilities and are always looking for new challenges and opportunities to prove their worth.

Nine of Wands as a Person

A person with enormous inner power and resiliency is represented by the Nine of Wands in its upright position. The person on the card is shown as having a severe yet resolute countenance and is standing tall and proud.

This individual is not readily discouraged by adversity and instead chooses to hold steadfast in their ideals and convictions despite their difficulties. They may have had some difficult times and have been forced to battle for what they want and believe in.

The wands surrounding them symbolize their iron will and the bravery required to fight for what they believe in and defend their values.

The Nine of Wands motivates many people because it shows the power of the will and the bravery required to persevere through challenging circumstances. It serves as a reminder that despite life’s challenges, we can hold our heads up, be proud, and choose to fight for what we believe in.

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Nine of Wands as a Person: Reversed

The Nine of Wands, in a reversed position, represents a person who is likely to put things off till later, struggle to finish what they start, or experience feelings of being overwhelmed by life. They might be experiencing discouragement and a lack of energy to handle life’s obstacles.

They may be having trouble making choices or taking action because they don’t believe in their capacity to be successful. They can be mired in a pessimistic frame of mind and believe they cannot affect any improvements. 

They may also have difficulty communicating their wants and emotions to others, contributing to their sense of being cut off and alone. They might be experiencing a lack of motivation and be unable to concentrate on the objectives they have set for themselves.

In its inverted position, the Nine of Wands may serve as a gentle reminder to slow down, concentrate on oneself, and look inside for the answers and support you need.


The Nine of Wands indicates that the person is resilient and motivated to battle against all odds to achieve their goals and is prepared to take risks. Additionally, this card suggests that the person is guarded and vigilant and may have difficulty trusting other people.

In its reversed position, the Nine of Wands suggests that the person may be too cautious and unwilling to take chances because of fear. This card says that the person cannot go ahead owing to fear and may feel overwhelmed and unable to make changes.

Additionally, this card suggests that the individual cannot move forward because they are stuck. The person needs to take a step back, evaluate the circumstance, and muster the guts to make adjustments.