King of Wands as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The King of Wands represents vision, feelings, courage, leadership, and decisiveness. A monarch is seen sitting on a throne and wielding a wand as his scepter in the card. He casts a distant glance in the direction of his realm. He is prepared to make judgments to further his empire since he has a clear vision. He has unwavering hope for the future.

The King of Wands represents the peak of the wand suit. The King of Wands is a gentle reminder that it’s important to have a clear vision for your relationships and take decisive action. Deep self-knowledge will enable you to make the best decision. Due to your complete alignment with your real self, you won’t hesitate.

Upright King of Wands Meaning

The King of Wands is said to symbolize pure energy when it is upright. This specific wand card, however, is not centered on pure inventiveness like the other wand cards in the deck. This monarch is more likely to adopt an idea and execute it personally in a decisive manner. The King of Wands is a born politician who is also very intelligent. The monarch will readily stick to whatever goals or objectives he sets for himself to ensure they are realized.

The King of Wands relishes all kinds of difficulties, no matter how big or minor, since overcoming issues gives him a natural adrenaline boost.

Upright King of Wands as Feelings: for Relationships

Any time the King of Wands shows upright in a tarot reading, it’s a favorable indication. The same goes for your romantic life, as this card indicates that a highly charming and strong someone is either coming to join your life or has already done so. Once you connect with this individual, you will never have a dull moment since they give highly with their time and energy. This individual understands that you need as much attention as your job and is responsible and fun-loving. This card represents a dynamic individual who never lets the present get monotonous.

The King of Wands often represents a person who may struggle with controlling their wrath. As a result, you may sometimes have difficulties or find it draining. However, these individuals won’t allow their negative traits to overcome them. They won’t let the negative aspects of themselves harm you. They are emotionally and behaviorally capable of controlling their rage. Even though the connection might be draining at times, these individuals provide excitement. This card indicates a period in your relationship when you’ll be working on fortifying your link with your spouse if you haven’t met anybody new or aren’t beginning a new relationship and have been together for a while. This card represents joyful times when you experience your partner’s affection and intimacy.

Upright King of Wands as Feelings: for Singles

The King of Wands indicates that this person’s feelings are constructive and originate from a highly mature place for singles and those starting new partnerships. This guy has experience, which is a positive thing. They are aware of their desires, and they want you. There are no immediate plans for you from this individual. They see how you will fit into their long-term plans. This is encouraging for any future relationships.

Upright King of Wands as Feelings: for Ex

The King of Wands suggests that your ex is thinking about you and has a strategy to get you back if you are pondering the feelings of an ex or an old lover. They are unable to imagine their lives without you. Their love for you is intense. This is a fantastic sign if you’re trying to make up.

Upright King of Wands: Do They Like Me?

This individual likes you and has feelings for you, particularly if there isn’t any hostility.

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Reversed King of Wands Meaning

As you would expect, the card’s negative component is tied to a sense of self-importance. Regardless of whether he is aware of it or not, he may even be rather aggressive while pursuing his objectives. He wouldn’t exercise discipline or even the humility to recognize when his help isn’t genuinely needed.

When the card is turned over, it shows a personality prone to making snap judgments. At times, this individual may be forceful, overbearing, and overwhelming. This is undoubtedly a trait of his personality that one might be annoyed by, even if he may not always do it with malice or the goal of making someone feel subordinate.

The card’s reversed meaning, selfishness, and cruelty show the worst possible range of fire’s characteristics. As long as you are assisting him, he may use manipulation. In light of this, the card unquestionably highlights both its strong and weak features and contemplating it might help you delve deeper into your personality.

Reversed King of Wands as Feelings: for Relationships

The King of Wands is not the finest card for someone in a relationship when it is in the reversed position. The person in your life who is too controlling for you to live comfortably with them is the subject of this card. Their personality makes interacting with them unpleasant and painful every time. They act oppressively and deceptively, aiming to exert control over you in every situation. This card suggests an aggressive and arrogant someone who will not treat you with the utmost respect. If by chance, no one in your life has these problems, you should examine your behavior and consider the meaning of the words you use since it could be you acting aggressively in the relationship. As you talk, pay close attention to how they respond to you to determine if your words are upsetting or irritating. Your relationship may seem to be under stress, with difficulties and challenges cropping up almost every day.

This might be caused by your behaviors or those of your spouse. You could believe that everything you do is being done because you care about them and want to see them succeed. However, they are bothered by the fact that you are controlling and manipulating them, which eventually causes a rift between you and them. You must understand that everyone copes or finds answers in their unique manner. Your suggestions and solutions, which you believe to be accurate, won’t assist them and will make them angrier. These behaviors ruin relationships. Allow them the time and space to determine their issue and the best course of action while being by their side throughout.

Reversed King of Wands as Feelings: for Singles

The King of Wands reversed signifies feeling stressed by the commitment demands for singles and people in new partnerships. This individual is unable to articulate their long-term goals. They are happy with their lives right now. They like seeing each moment as fresh and drifting from one thing to another. Although their method may not be ideal for you if you want to find a long-term partner, it may not be right or incorrect either.

Reversed King of Wands as Feelings: for Ex

The King of Wands reversed indicates that the person you are enquiring about is bewildered regarding their overall life path. They are unsure about the kind of connection they want. They need to use this period of traveling they are now in to reflect on who they are and what they desire. It won’t be feasible if you’re requesting reconciliation until this individual has completed their journey.


The King of Wands denotes having a clear vision and taking decisive action regarding relationships and feelings. The King of Wands is the ideal CEO, always pointing the ship in the right direction. As the King of Wands tells us, we all need to take the reins in our interpersonal connections. You will achieve success jointly if you co-lead your relationship.