King of Wands as a Person: Upright & Reversed

The King of Wands as a person is someone who is confident and ambitious. He is a natural leader, full of passion and enthusiasm for life. He is driven to succeed and strives to make the world a better place.

King of Wands as a Person

The King of Wands is a person who has a morally superior and polite demeanor. He is a leader who is powerful and smart, and he never wavers in his judgments. He is steadfast in his views and never changes his mind. He is quick to act when it is required.

He has excellent communication skills and can convey complex concepts in a manner that even the layperson can grasp. He is kind to others, has a big heart, and is always ready to provide a hand to those who are struggling. 

He has a strong sense of justice and will constantly fight for what he thinks is the right thing to do. He is a born leader who commands respect and admiration from everyone around him.

He pursues his objectives with unwavering zeal and resolve and never gives up. He is a trustworthy and honest individual who never returns on his promise. He is a free thinker who is not hesitant to question the conventions that are now in place. 

In addition, he is an excellent problem solver who can think of original solutions even to the most challenging issues. He is a dependable buddy who can always assist and share his thoughts. He is a guy of action who seizes opportunities and makes things happen. He is very productive. He is a King who always puts his subjects’ needs ahead of his own.

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King of Wands as a Person: Reversed

The King of Wands reversed may represent a person who has become too overbearing or full of ego and arrogance. They may be overly aggressive and controlling in their relationships or unable to compromise or show empathy towards others. 

They may lack patience and understanding and may be prone to outbursts of anger and resentment. This individual may be overly ambitious yet unwilling to work to make their dreams come true. They may have difficulty staying focused and committed, making it hard to form lasting relationships.


The King of Wands as a person upright represents a leader who is creative, passionate, and driven. This person has a strong sense of purpose and a powerful vision for the future. They are generous, inspiring, and have a strong sense of right and wrong. They have a natural authority and can be persuasive when needed.

Reversed, the King of Wands can be overly ambitious, prone to taking risks, and sometimes lacking in integrity. They may be too focused on the outcome rather than the journey and may lack the ability to collaborate and compromise.

They can be domineering and uncompromising and may not always be the best judge of character. Ultimately, the King of Wands as a person can be a powerful asset but should be used wisely.