King of Swords as a Person: Upright & Reversed

King of Swords is a powerful and wise individual embodying the strength and authority of a king. He is an honest and logical thinker who speaks his mind and stands by his convictions.

He is a natural leader with a sharp intellect and an unwavering sense of justice, ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way.

King of Swords as a Person

The King of Swords is an influential figure known for his intellect, wisdom, and authority. As an upright person, the King of Swords is a fair and just leader with a sharp mind and quick wit. He is an excellent communicator who can articulate his thoughts and ideas effectively.

This makes him a great mediator able to resolve conflicts peacefully and efficiently.

In his professional life, the upright King of Swords is highly successful and respected. He excels in law, politics and academics, where his critical thinking skills and ability to analyze complex situations are valued.

He is a strategic thinker who can see the bigger picture and make sound decisions. He is also a good negotiator able to broker deals and make compromises that benefit everyone involved.

the upright King of Swords is a rational and logical individual. He can keep his emotions in check, making him level-headed and responsible.

He is an excellent mentor and role model, able to offer sound advice and guidance to those in need. He is also a great friend who is always there to support and encourage others.

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King of Swords as a Person: Reversed

when the King of Swords appears in a reversed position, he can become an entirely different person. In this position. He can become overly analytical and detached losing touch with his emotions and the feelings of others.

He may become authoritarian and oppressive using his power and influence to control and manipulate those around him. He may also become distant and unapproachable, making it difficult for others to connect with him.

In his professional life, the reversed King of Swords as a person can become ruthless and cunning, using his intellect and wit to gain the upper hand in business dealings.

He may become obsessed with power and control and stop at nothing to achieve his goals even if it means stepping on others to get there. He may also become rigid and inflexible unwilling to compromise or listen to the opinions of others.

In his personal life, the reversed King of Swords as a person can become cold and distant, making it difficult for others to form close relationships with him.

He may become critical and judgmental, finding fault with others and their actions. He may also become controlling and abusive using his power and influence to dominate those around him.


Depending on how you look at him, the King of Swords might be a friendly or evil guy. When on the level, he is an effective leader, wise guide, and loyal friend. He might become domineering, manipulative, and abusive in the wrong situation.

Keep in mind that we all possess the ability to exhibit both positive and negative traits and that we each have the freedom to decide which ones to cultivate.