Justice: ‘Yes or No’ in a Tarot Card Reading

Justice, one of the most important tarot cards, symbolizes balance, justice, and truth. The Justice card in a “Yes or No” tarot reading shows fair judgment and objective thinking, and it indicates that the conclusion will be based on facts and evidence rather than personal prejudice or feelings.

Libra is recognized for its fairness and justice; hence the Justice card is connected. Libra is represented by the scales, which depict life’s desire for balance. The Justice card reminds us to be fair and unbiased in our actions and judgments and always to seek the truth.

Is Justice ‘Yes or No’?

If the answer is ‘Yes,’ the Justice card suggests that you have followed the rules and acted with integrity and that your actions will be rewarded justly.

If the answer is ‘No,’ the Justice card indicates that the decision or outcome is not in your favor, but it does not necessarily mean the decision is unjust. It may be that the situation requires a more balanced or objective approach or that factors outside your control influence the outcome.

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Justice in ‘Yes/No’ Love Questions

If “Yes,” your partnership is based on mutual respect, trust, and honesty, and your connection is fair and equitable.

If “No,” the Justice card suggests your connection may be unbalanced or unjust, and there may be power conflicts or a dominant individual. The Justice card pushes you to honestly assess your connection and aim toward a fairer and equal interaction.

Is He Going to Propose to Me? Justice ‘Yes or No’

If the response is “Yes,” your spouse may have evaluated your wants and aspirations and is ready to commit fairly and honestly to your relationship.

If the response is “No,” the Justice card advises that your relationship must be balanced or fair before a proposal or commitment. Your spouse may not be ready to commit or need to settle difficulties before proceeding. 

Is He Loyal to Me? Should I Trust him?

The Justice card in a ‘Yes or No’ tarot reading may provide light on issues of trust and loyalty in a relationship. If the response is “yes,” your spouse is probably trustworthy and fair, and your relationship is likely founded on these values.

If you answered “no,” the Justice card may indicate that you and your partner have trust difficulties, such as lying or cheating. It’s possible that your spouse has been dishonest with you or broken your trust in some manner.

Should We Get Back Together? Justice About Reconciliation 

Regarding questions about reconciliation and getting back together with an ex, the Justice card in a ‘Yes or No’ tarot reading can offer important insights. If the answer is ‘Yes,’ it suggests a strong foundation of fairness and equality that can support a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

However, if the answer is ‘No,’ the Justice card may indicate that there were imbalances or injustices in the relationship that led to its dissolution. It could be that one or both partners were not being completely honest or that a power dynamic made the relationship unsustainable.

The Justice card encourages you to carefully consider why the relationship ended and work towards finding a more equitable and balanced dynamic before considering reconciliation. It is important to approach the situation with a clear and objective perspective and prioritize fairness and honesty in all your interactions with your ex.

Justice: Will My Life Get Easier Soon?

The Justice card in a “Yes or No” tarot reading might indicate whether your life will get less difficult shortly. If yes, you may expect things to fall into place more fairly and harmoniously.

If the response is “No,” then the Justice card might warn that you have unresolved injustices or inequities in your life that must be resolved before you can find peace and harmony. Possible causes include acting contrary to your ideals and principles and failing to accept responsibility for your actions.

The Justice card suggests looking back at your life from a more dispassionate point. To build a just and harmonious life, it’s crucial to make fair and balanced choices and accept responsibility for your actions.

Justice in ‘Yes or No’: Should I Change my Career Path?

If you answered yes, you may want to reconsider your job choices to find more satisfaction in your work. You may be unhappy in your job because it doesn’t fit your values or you’re being treated unfairly.

If you answered “no,” the Justice card may suggest that you are professionally on the right track and receiving fair treatment from your superiors. All it takes to find equilibrium and success in your professional life may be minor adjustments.

Reversed Justice in ‘Yes or No?’ 

When the Justice card appears reversed in a ‘Yes or No’ tarot reading, the answer may be ‘No’ to the question at hand. This suggests that there may be a lack of balance and fairness in the situation or that there may be some dishonesty or injustice at play.

Regarding career decisions, the Justice card reversed may indicate that it is not the right time to make major changes or decisions regarding your career path. You might need to wait for more information or clarity before making any big moves. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you must address any imbalances or injustices in your current work situation before moving on to something new.

Justice Reversed: Yes, or No Love Questions

In a love-related ‘Yes or No’ tarot reading, the Justice card reversed may mean ‘No’. This denotes an interpersonal imbalance, dishonesty, or unfairness.

The relationship may include power imbalances, unjust expectations, or dishonesty. Before making large judgments, these problems may need to be addressed.


Depending on the situation and the other cards in a ‘Yes or No’ tarot reading, the Justice card might indicate that your question will be answered either yes or no. Justice, a sign of equilibrium, fairness, and truth, may denote the necessity to choose or pursue justice.