How to Manifest someone’s breakup in 5 steps

Whether we realize it or not, our thoughts hold the power to shape the reality around us. This means that you can manifest virtually any goal you have in your life and make it a reality. Don’t believe us? Well, keep reading this article, and let us prove you wrong!

Today, we will center our discussion around how you can manifest someone else’s breakup. We will discuss when doing so can be appropriate and what negative things will happen to you if you do this for selfish reasons. Towards the end of this discussion, we will also give you a solid, step-by-step guide on how to manifest someone’s breakup. Let’s begin.

Manifesting someone else’s breakup – A warning

Before we begin discussing the steps you need to follow to manifest someone’s breakup, we must issue a warning. You need to be extremely careful about what your true intentions are behind manifesting this breakup – make sure they are not selfish or vile.

There are many positive reasons why one would want to manifest someone else’s breakup – perhaps one of the people in the couple is your best friend, your son, or your daughter who is in a toxic relationship that is draining the life out of them, but they’re too clouded by their emotions to see it and end it for themselves. In such cases, where your motive behind manifesting a breakup is solely based on the benefit of the couple or for the greater good, and not at all for selfish reasons, it is okay to manifest someone’s breakup. However, if you are doing it out of spite (for someone you dislike), because you’re jealous of what they have, or because you are hoping if you break this couple up, you will be able to get together with your crush, be warned.

The law of attraction will backfire on you because you will be exuding negative energy into the universe. The forces of the universe will reciprocate this energy, and nothing but darkness, negativity, envy, and resentment will fill your life. Additionally, you will begin to see your own relationships falling apart all around you, with absolutely nothing you can do about it.

The 5 steps of Manifesting a breakup

Step 1) Clarity on your goal

The first step towards manifesting anything is to have a clear vision for it – both in terms of what you want to manifest and the reason why you want to manifest it. Having clarity on what exactly it is that you want to manifest will ensure that you are giving the correct energy you need to give off to achieve your goal, whereas knowing exactly why you want to manifest that thing will determine the intensity of the energy you give off to the universe – if you want to manifest something because It has strong emotional or moral significance behind it, you will give off greater attraction energy into the universe. Remember, the law of attraction is all about thoughts and behavior so that your entire being starts resembling a magnet for your goals.

When manifesting a breakup, it might be helpful to imagine, for example, the couple you want to break up with, what you want out of that breakup, and why you want them to break up in the first place. As we mentioned earlier, you must be careful about your motives here. If you are trying to manifest a breakup out of jealousy, spite, resentment, and loneliness, the law of attraction will backfire on you. Manifesting a breakup for such negative reasons means you will give off negative energy into the universe. Since the law of attraction reciprocates the energy you give off, negative energy will enter your life, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you begin to see your significant relationships with others falling apart right before your eyes.

Step 2) Visualization – put your imagination into use.

The next step in manifesting something is to use your imaginative powers to try and visualize what exactly it is you want to happen. Imagine the couple you are trying to break and imagine different scenarios that could lead to this breakup. Then, imagine the consequences that you want to follow this breakup, and focus on them. The purpose of this practice is to mentally send you into a (hypothetical) reality where the breakup has occurred. When your mind stays in that reality for a while, you will start drawing energy from your imagined reality and pour it into the actual reality around you. This way, you will be able to give off exactly the kind of energy you need to send out to the universe to make this breakup happen.

Step 3) Out with the limiting thoughts.

While your goal-defining and visualization abilities are working to give off the correct kind of energy into the universe, you might want to also draw your attention to any of the thoughts, behaviors, and values that you have that would counter their effect. Sit down, and examine all of the thoughts, behaviors, and values that you have that might be relevant to the breakup you’re trying to manifest. Are you having doubts about the outcome of this process? Are you questioning your own motives and afraid that you might end up screwing things up instead of solving problems? Are you afraid you’re making the wrong call? It is important to be at least aware of each of these thoughts because they will ultimately translate into your actions and cause you to self-sabotage what you’re working so hard to do. This will either prolong the process indefinitely or push it out of your life completely. So, make sure these thoughts are eradicated.


Step 4) Daily Affirmations

A simple yet effective way to eradicate any limiting thought that might be inhibiting your energy is by getting into the practice of meditating on and reciting daily positive affirmations regarding your goal. This practice allows you to counter the friction of your limiting thoughts and helps you proceed towards your goal faster. Now the specific affirmations that you end up reciting will depend on what your ultimate goal is. Still, to pick the most effective affirmations to meditate on, a very useful practice is to articulate some of the main limiting thoughts (discussed in the section above) you have and form an affirmation that is the opposite of it. For example, if one of the limiting thoughts clouding your mind is that your intentions may not be good, recite the following affirmation: I am manifesting this breakup for the greater good. Practice meditating on affirmations consistently, and you will be surprised at how effective they can be.

Step 5) Trust the Universe

The final step in the process of manifesting a breakup is to keep repeating the steps laid down above consistently. You will have to be patient as the universe does its magic, and you must not lose faith in the process. Do this, and you will get your desired outcome before you know it. A word of warning, though, some people get greedy and decide that the process of manifestation is too slow. These people then consciously or unconsciously take actions that ultimately sabotage this entire process. They try to intervene and catalyze the process that the universe has set in motion, but they end up slowing it down even further or, worse, putting it off altogether. If you want your hard work to pay off, you will have to trust the universe and be patient.

The Bottom Line

Before you head back into your life with this knowledge, we would like to lay emphasis on the dangers of manifesting a breakup one more time. Only manifest someone else’s breakup if you truly and genuinely believe that your intentions are pure (i.e., you’re not doing it for selfish reasons) and that it will benefit one or both of the people in the relationship you’re trying to break off. Ignore this warning, and you will be responsible for the negativity that enters your life.