Gold Candle Meaning, Symbolism, and Spiritual Uses

Sharing a resemblance with the color yellow, the gold candles have been linked with power, prosperity, and wealth for centuries. These candles can be very helpful in achieving your desired goals.

The gold candles are also known for instilling a peaceful atmosphere and for attracting blessings in your life. Using these candles can help you in many different aspects of life.

But, you should comprehend the gold candle meaning before performing the rituals for optimal results. 

Read on to find out the meaning of the gold candle, its origins, and some important information to help you through the ritual!

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Benefits of Burning a Gold Candle

Doing a golden candle ritual can have various benefits, including: 

Attracting Wealth

Seeing its association with wealth in various cultures with wealth, the financial benefits are an obvious association with financial benefits.

Tapping into the energies of the gold candles will allow you to attract wealth and find abundance. 

Lighting a gold candle can instantly help you find good fortune and money. 

Attracting Strength

In another interpretation, the golden candles can help you boost your confidence and gain strength.

With your increased strength, and confidence, you will inhabit the will to face any difficult challenge life throws at you. 

So, light a golden candle, and notice yourself becoming more powerful emotionally. 


If your life is going through a challenging face, the golden candles can instill positive vibes, allowing you to remain optimistic.

The profound wisdom will give you the strength to face your troubles head-on and emerge victorious. 

When Can You Burn a Gold Candle? 

When Chasing Your Desires 

Whether it be the application for your desired job, any educational institute, or proposing your partner, burning a gold candle can help you attain a positive outcome.

Since these candles bring luck and wealth, landing a new job could help you achieve your monetary goals and find abundance in your life. 

Connecting with Your Higher Self

The golden candles bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms. If you are on a journey to get in touch with your higher self. Performing a ritual involving the gold candle can help you significantly on your journey. 

Getting in touch with your higher self will radiate positive emotions like motivation and optimism, allowing you to focus more on the things that matter in your life. 

Strengthening Your Relationship

If your relationship has been in turmoil lately, burning a gold candle can help ease your sorrows. The energies instilled within these candles strengthen the spiritual connection between you and your partner, causing you to grow closer. 

Burning these candles will help you sort out any disagreements healthily and allow you to continue your relationship stronger than ever before. 

What is the Perfect Day for Burning a Gold Candle?

Considering its benefits and uses, gold candles can be a potent tool for attracting wealth, financial growth, and abundance. Reflecting on its color, the gold color resonates with the Sun in various cultures. 

Consequently, the ideal day for burning a gold candle is Sunday. To make your rituals more powerful, ensure to have it from noon to 1 PM since the Sun is strongest in this house.

The Sun’s heightened power will strengthen your rituals, allowing you to enjoy the maximum benefits. 

Alternatively, a gold candle ritual is perfect for any day when the Sun is shining bright. The Sun’s warmth is a sign from the universe telling you to perform the ritual right away. 

Lightning up the candle on a sunny day will help your ritual embrace solar energy, intensifying your intentions and increasing the odds of receiving a positive answer from the universe. 

Gold Candle – Origins

Ever since its early times, the gold candles have held a crucial place in Christianity. Despite being costly and made out of beaten gold, the priest used the candles to pray before God. 

The gold color is also associated with the solar plexus chakra and addresses personal power, self-confidence, and self-esteem. In numerology, the gold color is also associated with the number 3. In the spiritual domain, the number 3 signifies creativity, expansion, and growth. 

Some cultures also relate the gold color with the rising Sun. The rising Sun symbolizes new chances and getting new opportunities. Its rays also induce enlightenment, giving you a fresh perspective on the important decisions in your life. 

Lastly, the gold candles have fire as their element, representing energy, vitality, and warmth. It also reinforces the idea of renewal and transforming into a better version of yourself. 

Given all the bright associations with gold, golden candles are widely used in candle magic for attaining various wishes. 

Some Gold Candle Associations

  • Numerology: 3 
  • Astrology: Gemini, Leo
  • Planet: Mercury, Sun
  • Day: Wednesday, Sunday
  • Gods: Apollo, Hermes
  • Direction: East 
  • Element: Fire
  • Holiday: New Year’s Eve

Where to Buy Gold Candles

When looking to buy ritualistic candles, it’s always best to visit your local store.

Shopping through a local store will not only help you get the candles at a discounted price, but it will also help you to avoid long waiting delivery times.

These delivery times might cause a delay in your ritual, causing you to wait for another ideal day for the ritual. 

However, if there are no local pagan stores nearby, check out the pagan websites present online. Alternatively, you can check out Amazon, eBay, and Etsy stores to get the gold candles. 

Final Words

Burning golden candles is a powerful ritual allowing you to manifest your intentions. Surrounding yourself with these candles helps you find joy and peace. It’s crucial to notice the lessons brought forth by these candles. 

Your life has everything you need to attain contentment. Keep going, and you will soon achieve all your desires. 

We hope this provided information assisted in helping you apprehend the meaning of Gold Candles!