Four of Pentacles as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The card representing insecurity, jealousy, feelings, possessiveness, stinginess, limits, and guardedness is the Four of Pentacles. This card shows a guy holding many pentacles near his body. He’s in a closed posture, with his feet and arms locked defensively. He presents himself as if he expects to be robbed at any moment. He is wary and doesn’t have much faith in others.

The Four of Pentacles serves as a reminder that effective partnerships need limits, but occasionally, insecurity causes us to overstep them. We deprive ourselves of the capacity to offer and receive affection and emotional support when we have our guard up to the point of paranoia and envy. The Four Pentacles warns that possessiveness may ruin relationships and that love should always be freely offered.

Upright Four of Pentacles Meaning

The Four of Pentacles card may create good and bad impressions. On the one hand, the card suggests that you have mostly succeeded in realizing your aims and have amassed a sizable amount of material riches. On the other side, there is a sizable possibility that you may begin appreciating things just for their material value. It is only reasonable for you to want to maintain your stability since you have worked hard to get to where you are today. However, it also has the potential to make you extremely possessive or greedy, wanting to make sure that no one can take your money away from you.

The Four of Pentacles is another card that indicates that you are in a steady financial situation right now and have sound investments. Due to your recent financial success, you are very frugal and certainly not prone to taking risks when making any financial decision. You want to continuously raise your total net worth because you protect the assets you have managed to amass through time. Remember that there is no profit without risk; if you spend all of your time trying to preserve, you risk becoming a slave to your worldly goods. Money is a kind of energy, and we manifest what we express.

Upright Four of Pentacles as Feelings: for Relationships

The Four of Pentacles as feelings in a relationship already established suggests that this individual is now uneasy about your union. They experience the need for clinginess and enmity. Their sentiments could be legitimate if there was adultery in your relationship. If not, they are probably transferring their prior grief and hurt onto your relationship. If they wish to advance, they must determine if they can let go of this.

Upright Four of Pentacles as Feelings: for Singles

The Four of Pentacles as feelings is a sign of guardedness and insecurity for singles and people starting new partnerships. They haven’t completely let go of their prior baggage and are afraid of being wounded. They feel needy, clinging, and envious as a result of this. Although they could be afraid of losing you, their insecurities make them feel that way. They will need to perform the shadow work of letting go of their insecurities to advance the relationship.

Upright Four of Pentacles as Feelings: for Ex

The Four of Pentacles as feelings suggest that, despite their best efforts to hide it, your ex or an old lover is still upset by the split if you ponder how they feel about you. They put up a protective fa├žade to the outside world. However, they are desperate and insecure on the inside. Only once they have let go of that fear will they be able to reconcile and start dating again.

Upright Four of Pentacles: Do They Like Me?

They do like you, but they might also be a little possessive. They could also like you, but they are cautious with their time.

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Reversed Four of Pentacles Meaning

The Four Pentacles as feelings negative connotations are dramatically emphasized when it is reversed. Instead of being protective, you give in to greed and stinginess. You are driven to only think about material things by certain poverty concerns. Regarding material possessions, you are highly guarded and self-protective, and you aren’t opening up to trust other people out of concern that they would take them from you.

On the other hand, you can be spending excessive money, so you need to start taking control of your real financial resources. In any event, the card may evoke both good and bad connotations, so if you get the Four of Pentacles in a reading, you must be very responsible and thoughtful.

Reversed Four of Pentacles as Feelings: for Relationships

The Four Pentacles reversed as feelings indicate that someone in a committed relationship feels ready to let go of old grudges. Since you two had already argued, your spouse is no longer harboring any ill will against you. They now know how to set up sensible limits, and they want to advance.

Reversed Four of Pentacles as Feelings: for Singles

The Four of Pentacles reversed as feelings signify feeling open to a new love for singles and those in fresh partnerships. They had previously been carrying about their bags. However, with enough time, they have finally reached a point of healing. They are prepared to put the past behind them and concentrate on their future with you. This is encouraging for any new romantic partnership.

Reversed Four of Pentacles as Feelings: for Ex

The Four of Pentacles reversed as feelings indicate that your ex is recovering from whatever wounded them in your relationship earlier if you are enquiring about how they feel about you. Many of their old wounds have been healed. It depends on your ex’s feelings about things if you can reconcile or start dating again. They may feel like they want to move on after mending or be ready to start again with you.


The Four of Pentacles denote envy and insecurity regarding relationships and feelings. Although it’s normal to desire to be your partner’s special someone, being too possessive might backfire. This may harm the relationship and be a strain. If you see yourself experiencing these emotions, consider where they are coming from and if they are grounded in reality.