Five of Swords as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The card representing conflicts, disagreements, clashes, feelings, and stress is the Five of Swords. A guy is shown picking up three swords from the ground on the playing card. Two guys are retreating from their swords behind him. There has been a battle waged and lost. Conflict and struggle exist. Even if the violence has temporarily halted, the air is still not clean.

Every partnership will have strife, as The Five of Swords serves as a reminder. There will always be strife where there are people. Relationships may benefit from conflict since it sets limits and lets us know when our needs aren’t fulfilled. But what is important is how we handle disagreement. Conflicts might become violent, but they can also be resolved peacefully.

Upright Five of Swords Meaning

This card suggests that you are involved in some struggle. It may also allude to a difference of opinion that breeds anger and conflict. Although you may have a feeling you have won, you may have lost since you have alienated or damaged the people you were arguing with, which has led to your isolation. It’s possible that, at the time, you prioritized being correct above appreciating and comprehending the other party’s viewpoint.

It’s crucial to make an effort to put the parts back together right now. While the dispute is still recent, you still have the opportunity to take action. You can think that everything and everyone is working against you. Along the process, you can also lose some friends. You will so need to decide on your point of view substantially. What has greater significance for you? Mutual advancement or success? You may need to overcome an internal battle to do this.

Upright Five of Swords as Feelings: for Relationships

The Five of Swords as feelings in a relationship card suggests this person is furious, impatient, and stressed out. They believe that you and they have been experiencing communication issues, but they are unsure of the cause. The relationship suffers greatly if one of you feels that you must always be correct. Sit down and talk to each other in a direct, frank, and unbiased manner.

Upright Five of Swords as Feelings: for Singles

For people who are unmarried or starting new relationships, the Five of Swords feelings indicate that they are now agitated and irritated. There is a great deal of tension present. You may not even be involved in some of it. They’re not in a good mood right now, so conflicts and clashes will likely break out. If one of you believes that they must always be correct, communication between you may not be ideal. Consider whether this is a one-off occurrence or represents their complete personality since they may not be the right match for you.

Upright Five of Swords as Feelings: for Ex

The Five of Swords as feelings suggests that the person you are enquiring about is upset about the circumstance, whether they are an ex or an old lover. They had a difficult relationship, and their current situation is no better. They often obstruct others with their ego. The message is that until these ego problems are overcome, reconciliation will not be achieved if you wonder if it is feasible.

Upright Five of Swords: Do They Like Me?

Even if they like you, they want to use you to their advantage.


Reversed Five of Swords Meaning

The reversed meaning of the Five of Swords as feelings tells you that all you want is for that time to be done so you may move on and forget. You’ll be able to concentrate on something far more productive and beneficial since you’re starting to realize that winning isn’t everything.

The turmoil you are now feeling will likely worsen as you come to terms with the fact that there can only be losers, according to another reverse reading of this card. You must learn to understand these concepts.

Reversed Five of Swords as Feelings: for Relationships

The Five of Swords as feelings reversed symbolizes feeling defeated for those in serious partnerships. They believe they have worked hard for the two of you, yet something doesn’t seem to be working. Even if you both want things to succeed, communication between you is not good. You may speak over each other at times. They are eager to work with you to reach a solution, but you must first talk things out and give it some time, or else their grudges will become stronger. Step carefully.

Reversed Five of Swords as Feelings: for Singles

The Five of Swords as feelings reversed is a sign that single people and those in fresh partnerships are feeling the desire to walk away and cut their losses. They sense a disconnect in their connection for whatever reason. They believe that the first stages of things shouldn’t be so challenging. They reasoned that if it is this tough, it will only worsen with time. Even though it might be difficult to accept, there are instances when realizing that there are better connections available is preferable.

Reversed Five of Swords as Feelings: for Ex

If you’re trying to figure out how your ex feels about you, the Five of Swords reversed indicates that they believe the split was mutually beneficial. They gave it their all, but it didn’t work, so they feel that they need to let it go and go on. This is a hint that your ex is not interested in reconciliation or getting back together if you are considering doing so. Even if it hurts to let someone go, remember that your twin flame is still waiting for you.


Conflict is represented by the Five of Swords in terms of relationships and feelings. Everywhere there are people, there will always be conflict. Because it alerts us when something is wrong, conflict is crucial. Relationship disagreement is inevitable, but what is important is how we handle it. Whether we choose to perceive it as a chance to blow up or as a chance to improve is entirely up to us.