Eight of Wands as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Eight of Wands is a card that represents mobility, advancement, excitement, feelings, and unexpected developments. The picture on the card depicts eight wands traveling toward their target while floating in midair. They are approaching their destination at top speed. This demonstrates their resolve. They can’t be stopped.

The Eight of Wands teaches us that success often results from having a laser-like concentration on our objectives. Dreaming about it won’t cut it. We must carry it out. The motto of the Eight of Wands is “Seize the day.” There is no one it waits for. It wants to seize the moment and strike.

Upright Eight of Wands Meaning

The troubles brought on by the Seven of Wands are now ended, according to the vision of the Eight of Wands. It denotes a high degree of energy and predicts that several facets of your life will set new standards. Maybe you’ll get some crucial news soon, and you’ll start to develop positively suddenly but steadily. The significance of the Eight of Wands may also apply to your line of employment. There is a possibility that the choice you are awaiting may be made shortly. You only need to wait for it patiently.

The meaning of the eight wands in romantic relationships is that you are prepared to commit to someone, yet, the card cautions against pressuring the other person into making a similar commitment. Your significant other will soon be prepared; don’t push things forward if you don’t have to. Financially speaking, it seems that now is not the ideal moment to make rash investments. We encourage you to exercise patience like you would in your love life. Save your money and hold off on investing till the right moment. Everything you strived for is coming together. You’ll quickly realize that while you didn’t initially observe development, they set the way for the next surge of activity.

Upright Eight of Wands as Feelings: for Relationships

If the eight wands appear upright in a relationship, it portends that you will have renewed passion and satisfaction in your union. Compared to how it was in the beginning, your relationship with your spouse was beginning to seem a bit stale. You were finding it difficult to maintain the connection you formerly had, which caused a standoffish and distant relationship between you and your girlfriend. However, the occurrence of this card suggests that the connection and spark will return, and your partnership will resume its previous state. This card predicts that if you haven’t been in a relationship for a long and your love life appears to be going nowhere. You will soon meet someone highly compatible and whose company you will most enjoy.

You’ll soon experience the turbulent feelings of being in love, and your relationship will seem to be progressing quickly. Make sure to capitalize on this unexpected influx of energy, and don’t allow any chance to slip through your fingers. If you are presently dating someone, there is a potential that you or your partner may make unexpected plans and surprises that will spice up your relationship. Recognize that these pleasant surprises will strengthen and lengthen your relationship.

Upright Eight of Wands as Feelings: for Singles

The Eight of Wands is a card that indicates an intense desire for singles and people starting new partnerships. They want you. They are highly assertive and will let you know how they have feelings. They want to further their connection. This individual is highly enthusiastic about you and is looking forward to where your relationship will go.

Upright Eight of Wands as Feelings: for Ex

The Eight of Wands implies that the person you are enquiring about, whether an ex or an old romance, wants you back. They are sick of being single and have learned certain things about you and your relationship. They’re debating getting in touch with you. Don’t be shocked if you hear from them shortly with a message. This card is excellent for mending fences and getting together.

Upright Eight of Wands: Do They Like Me?

They indeed like you and have feelings. The Eight of Wands may stand for the arrows of love in certain Tarot readings. If you allow people to come to know you via social media, even if they don’t already know you, they will like you.


Reversed Eight of Wands Meaning

The Eight of Wands’ reversed meaning often connotes patience, much as the upward Eight of Wands. There’s a chance you’re becoming irritated about something. You may now recognize how your previous actions caused your challenges. It’s time to accept that the past cannot be changed. You must be kind to yourself and change your approach.

There can already be a conflict in your workplace over your employment. This has to be resolved immediately to prevent any significant issues from getting off track. Think, relax, and take a deep breath. Keep calm and trust that everything will work out just fine. The reversed interpretation of the Eight of Wands for love may be related to potential jealousy. Your current feelings of envy are unfounded, and they will only harm your positive connection with your spouse. You need to sharpen your concentration, cooperate more, and be more determined in health and spirituality. If you lose concentration, the card’s energy will fade away.

Reversed Eight of Wands as Feelings: for Relationships

In a love and relationship tarot card reading, the eight wands reversed implies misunderstandings with your spouse. Even if you’re single, remarks that are misinterpreted might harm your relationships with friends and family. Before speaking, consider how your words will affect the recipient. Even if you’re inclined to move quickly, think and consider more.

Reconsider impetuous actions and allow the other person time without pressing ideas or forming arrangements. The Eight of Wands reversed indicates activity and accomplishment. This indicates you won’t have much time for your relationship or spouse as your life becomes busier. This causes uncertainty and misunderstanding in your relationship. Know that this time is important for them, too. Keep communicating and giving them the benefit of the doubt.

The Eight of Wands reversed may also indicate jealousy. You may feel envious of your lover but realize they’re unfounded. Your jealousy is meaningless and won’t affect you or your lover.

Reversed Eight of Wands as Feeling: for Singles

Reversed Eight of Wands is a sign of hesitation to proceed for singles and those in fresh partnerships. They may need a minute to gather their feelings and thoughts if your relationship has been moving rapidly. They could need your and other people’s reinforcement that they are heading in the correct route. You must be patient with them if you want things to succeed. Give them the time and space they need to readjust.

Reversed Eight of Wands as Feelings: for Ex

The Eight of Wands reversed indicates that the person you are trying to find out how they have feelings about you is uncertain of what they want. They like you a lot but aren’t ready to take the relationship further. They are mentally highly disoriented. Daily mental changes occur. They may move, but since they are uncertain of themselves, they always wind up back where they began. If you’re considering reconciliation, this indicates that your loved one needs to resolve a few issues before moving forward.


The Eight of Wands shows determination and progress regarding relationships and feelings. Knowing what you want and acting on it are the main themes of this card. If both parties can agree on the path, this may be a good factor in any relationship.