Eight of Swords as a Person: Upright & Reversed

Eight of Swords is a complex and emotionally charged person. They are often seen as being trapped by the boundaries they set for themselves struggling to break free of the mental imprisonment they have created.

They have the capacity to be strong, but first they need to confront their inner anguish and figure out how to escape the mental labyrinth in which they find themselves.

Eight of Swords as a Person

The upright Eight of Swords depicts a person who is unable to escape their current predicament and feels as if they have no control over it. This person could have the impression that their choices are restricted and that they are unable to go ahead.

They could also believe that their own ideas and beliefs are holding them back, which leaves them with a sense of helplessness and being unable to go forward. It’s possible that they are hemmed in by challenges and have the impression that they can’t get out from under their present situation.

The Eight of Swords as a person depicts someone who feels damaged in terms of emotional traits. If you really care about this individual, you can assist them in seeking treatment, but ultimately, it is up for them to carry out that healing. You are not obligated to treat them.

They must want to recover. Some individuals unconsciously like acting the victim. This individual has to realize that not all of life depends on chance since Jupiter revolves around luck. We must clear our own way ahead. 

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Eight of Swords as a Person: Reversed

Eight of Swords as a person reversed represents someone who is breaking free from their limitations and regaining their power.

This individual may have been previously feeling trapped and helpless in their current situation, but they have since found the strength to break free and take control. They are no longer held back by their own thoughts and beliefs, and they are seeing their situation from a different perspective.

The Eight of Swords as a person reversed denotes someone who has, at last, realized their own emotional traits. They are willing to change and are conscious of their talents and flaws.

In the worst situations, this may be a person who has recovered from cult brainwashing and indoctrination. They could be self-reparenting and unlearning early childhood conditioning. This can be an indication of someone making amends for previous unpleasant behavior.


The Eight of Swords, according to one interpretation, depicts a person who is starting to take command of their life after having previously felt as if they were bound or confined in some way. This person is continually striving to improve both themselves and the environment around them, regardless of whether or not things are going according to plan.

They are consumed with an insatiable desire to escape the confines of their situation and realize their full potential. They want to end the vicious cycle of negative thinking that results in bad behavior.