Eight of Pentacles as a Person: Upright & Reversed

The Eight of Pentacles tarot card represents dedication, hard work and mastery and is often associated with learning new skills and honing existing ones.

As a person, the upright version of the Eight of Pentacles represents someone who is highly focused, driven and determined. They take their work seriously and strive for excellence in everything they do. 

Eight of Pentacles as a Person

The upright Eight of Pentacles represents a person who is continually looking to enhance their knowledge and abilities and isn’t afraid to try new things and take on new challenges.

They are dedicated to their profession and always on the lookout for opportunities to improve their performance. They are renowned for their immaculate craft and it is frequently said that they have an eye for minor details.

They have a high level of pride in their job and they are always searching for methods to make it even more effective.

The Eight of Pentacles depicts a person who works methodically on their emotions and ideas in terms of emotional traits. This individual could appreciate keeping a notebook or writing about their experiences.

They now know how to deal with their emotions in a healthy manner. People with the Eight of Pentacles card are aware that everything great requires time and effort to develop, whether it is a marriage or a company.

This individual will gladly go to couples counseling to work on the relationship issues if you are romantically linked with them. Instead of abandoning up, they think that what they currently have can be fixed.

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Eight of Pentacles as a Person: Reversed

The Eight of Pentacles as a person, in its reversed position, is symbolic of a person having difficulty concentrating and maintaining motivation.

They could struggle to find the time and energy to focus on their art because they feel overburdened by their duties and might need help finding the time to work on their trade.

They may also be experiencing feelings of discouragement due to their lack of development, and they may wonder if the effort they have been putting in is worthwhile.

The reversed Eight of Pentacles, when used to describe a person, stands for an individual who is emotionally slothful. They don’t pause to acknowledge or deal with their feelings.

Given their inability to control strong emotions, these individuals could be prone to violent behavior. They also possess an energy that is comparable to The Magician in reverse and are capable of deceit and manipulation.

However, an Eight of Pentacles individual sabotages by covert actions behind the scenes, as opposed to the Mercury-ruled Sorcerer who distorts with words.

For instance, if they work for you, they can put you in a position where you won’t succeed.


The Eight of Pentacles, whether upright or reversed, depicts the qualities of devotion, and perseverance. The righteous Eight of Pentacles is someone who has honed their skills to perfection and is dedicated to doing what it takes to succeed.

Like the Eight of Pentacles in reverse, one who may have trouble concentrating and maintaining motivation but who, with the correct help and encouragement, may recover fully.

Both interpretations of the Eight of Pentacles remind us that excellence is within reach for anybody prepared to put in the time and effort necessary to achieve it.