Eight of Cups as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Eight of Cups represents leaving, looking for the truth, and letting go. A guy is seen leaving eight cups in the foreground on the card. The guy has turned away from these glasses, feeling empty and disappointed. He is leaving his previous life behind. He is making his getaway at night, which implies that he is trying to dodge something.

The Eight of Cups serves as a reminder that when the environment is no longer beneficial to you or your requirements, it is appropriate to let go and move on. You’re under no responsibility to refrain from doing anything. You must act in your own best interests. The Eight of Cups serves as a reminder that leaving is not a bad thing.

Upright Eight of Cups Meaning

The Eight of Cups denotes a period of transition or change that will include leaving behind something. We all need to change from time to time, much like a caterpillar must die to change into a lovely butterfly. This is particularly true when one sets out on a trip to get a better knowledge of life in general after becoming weary of living day to day.

Getting this card’s upright side indicates that you are unhappy with your life and need to discover a deeper meaning in it. You could have been considering your alternatives, hopping from one to the next, and tasting the wine in each cup to figure out what you truly want from life. You are now feeling exhausted and realizing that you must leave the familiar behind. It acknowledges that your previous accomplishments will not bring you genuine pleasure.

Upright Eight of Cups as Feelings: for Relationships

The upright Eight of Cups indicates that it’s time to reconsider your alternatives and consider what you love. The Eight of Cups asks whether your partnership is joyful. Is the relationship as happy and fulfilling as it was in the beginning? This card suggests that you shouldn’t compromise your connection since it’s been too long, and you don’t want to start again. Avoiding now will only hurt later. Right now, prioritize your connection and spouse. This card advises you to assess if your present relationship is enriching your life and providing what you need.

Do you thank God every morning for your life and partner? Are you too engrossed in your career to think about your relationship? Consider your future and if your spouse will be there. If your lover isn’t treating you right, rethink. Relationships should thrill, relieve, and feel at home. Your spouse should protect and motivate you.

Upright Eight of Cups as Feelings: for Singles

The Eight of Cups is a card that indicates hesitation for singles and people starting new partnerships. They are unclear whether this is the long-term partner they should be in. They are attempting to understand your place in their lives. Will you support their long-term development, or are they settling out of fear of being left alone? Another explanation is that this individual is terrified of closeness and their own emotions for you. At the first hint of confrontation, they flee. It will be difficult to interact with this person in a long-term relationship unless they address their problems.

Upright Eight of Cups as Feelings: for Ex

The Eight of Cups suggests that if you are enquiring about an ex’s or former flame’s feelings toward you, they have moved on. Even if they were trying to escape their own emotions, they sense that the cycle with you is over. An indication that this individual has issues to resolve before reconciliation or getting back together is possible if you are inquiring about the possibility of reconciliation or getting back together.

Upright Eight of Cups: Do They Like Me?

They don’t like you, therefore no. And even then, they are still focused on another person.

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Reversed Eight of Cups Meaning

Reversing Eight of Cups indicates indecision. Not understanding what’s best for you leads to confusion and doubt.

Without objectives, one may feel aimless. They virtually always ride life’s waves.

You may know what to do. You stay with something that no longer brings you joy or pleasure, even when your spirit wants to go. You’re afraid of change and losing what’s comforted you, so abandoning what you’ve established scares you.

Reversed Eight of Cups as Feelings: for Relationships

In the love reading, the Eight of Cups reversed indicates that you are in a relationship you want to terminate. No matter how hard you try to keep everything in order, this relationship is becoming too much for you to handle. Even though you know you should go, something is keeping you back. Even if you know you’ll suffer more if you retain it, it’s not time to terminate it.

This card suggests you examine your fear, causes, and obstacles. Ask yourself what you’re so afraid of that you can’t let go even while you’re hurting. Consider if this is worth the suffering. It’s fair to worry about losing all you’ve created, all the love and energy you’ve poured into the relationship, and how life will be after that. Fearing long-term loneliness is common. But remember that nothing is permanent and that you will move on and life will return to normal.

Reversed Eight of Cups as Feelings: for Singles

The Eight of Cups reversed indicates feeling trapped for single people and those in fresh relationships. Although they like you, they are unsure whether they want to proceed. They are being hindered by something. They still carry some of their old baggage with them. They continue to cling on. They want more choices, not less. Currently, this individual cannot express their emotions openly, which is essential for a stable long-term partnership.

Reversed Eight of Cups as Feelings: for Ex

The Eight of Cups reversed indicates that your ex is still fixated on you if you attempt to ascertain how they feel about you. They try to move on but are unable to. They are suffering from being afraid of their own emotions for you at the same time. At this point, they are unsure about what to do. They cannot go ahead yet are also paralyzed by fear and halted. This is hardly encouraging for a sincere reconciliation. They must be honest about their emotions and wants if they want reconciliation or reconciliation to last.


The Eight of Cups is a metaphor for letting go of the past and moving on in terms of relationships and feelings. We sometimes need to let go of things no longer benefit us to pursue our higher good. What seems to be a curse right now could ultimately be a benefit. The Eight of Cups is a gentle reminder that it’s good to let go of things that are no longer beneficial to you. If something is not appropriate for you, you are not obligated to do it.