Eight of Cups as a Person: Upright & Reversed

The Eight of Cups is a person who is not afraid to take risks and take the road less traveled.

They may appear mysterious and aloof but underneath that exterior lies an individual with a heart of gold and a desire to explore new possibilities.

This person is an idealist and always seeking to find the deeper meaning of life and their place in it.

Eight of Cups as a Person

In the Eight of Cups in the Tarot as a person feeling emotionally dissatisfied and unfulfilled will be in the upright posture as a human.

They could have reached a certain degree of success and monetary comfort and yet they still feel as if their lives are lacking something important.

They may feel a lack of fulfillment and a yearning for something deeper and more genuine.

This individual is now engaging in some deep reflection and self-examination as they strive to figure out what it is in life that they need and require. They may have feelings of restlessness and a strong need to escape their present circumstance.

They could be considering a switch in jobs, relationships, or even locations to find something that would give them a higher feeling of purpose and satisfaction in their lives.

When seen as a person the Eight of Cups in the upright position may be interpreted as someone who is never satisfied with the status quo and is ever looking for something more to fulfill them.

It’s vital to remember that this individual is on a path toward bettering themselves and discovering who they are, even when others may regard them as being ungrateful or insensitive to the benefits they now possess.

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Eight of Cups as a Person: Reversed

When the Eight of Cups is seen in the reversed position, the individual may go through a phase in which they feel stable and satisfied.

They may have discovered what they were looking for and are now experiencing pleasure and happiness. They could have made a significant adjustment and are now enjoying the fruits of that decision.

They may be learning to appreciate what they already have and how to make the most of it now that they are in this situation rather than always looking for anything more to satisfy their needs. They are more appreciative and pleased with where they are and working to make the most of it.


In conclusion, the Eight of Cups may be seen as a person who is emotionally unhappy and unfulfilled and looking for something more important and real in their lives. They may be going through a phase of self-examination and reflection when they are standing up straight.

If the situation were turned around, they may have discovered what they were looking for and are now experiencing feelings of contentment and fulfillment.

They must remember that true fulfillment comes from within and that their relationships and connections with others are essential to their lives. Although they may struggle with feeling disconnected from others, they must remember that true fulfillment comes from within.