Capricorn Sun Capricorn Moon Man Compatibility

Figuring out what sort of people are compatible with you, be it in matters of family, friendship, or love, is a pretty difficult task. It seems that we cannot point out what exactly it is that makes 2 people “right” for each other. Some people think that the similarity of values, beliefs, behaviors, and habits makes 2 people compatible. Yet, we hear of so many cases where we see like-minded people fight with each other, while people who have nothing in common unite to form the best of matches.

While many people scratch their heads to solve this puzzle, those who believe in Astrology offer an answer. They believe that the compatibility of two people is quite literally “written in the stars.” How so? Well, Astrologers argue that the sun and moon signs of an individual always have a huge part to play in determining the compatibility of two people- this means that for two people to get along well, the compatibility of their signs is more important than the similarity of their personalities.

If you’re someone who’s been having really bad luck in the dating arena, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you learn which sort of people your sun and moon signs make you compatible with so that you know exactly what to look for when you try your luck again while seeking out a lover (or even a friend). In this article, we will be discussing what kind of people are compatible with men who have Capricorn sun & Capricorn moon as their star signs.

Sun and Moon Signs – A brief Introduction

Before we look at which personalities are the most suitable for Capricorn sun and Capricorn moon men, let’s first quickly refresh our understanding of what sun and moon signs are for those who don’t know.

Sun Signs, in astrology, are determined by the location of the sun in the zodiac at the time of your birth. Sun Signs, or “star signs” as they’re more commonly known, reveal information about people’s outward personality, i.e., the personality they have in other people’s presence. This includes everything from what sort of people you seek to hold relationships with to what sort of relationships you end up holding and more. Your star signs will determine your good and bad outward traits, so they’re impossible to overlook when answering questions about compatibility.

On the flip side, moon signs are the key determinants of your inward personality – they shape your personality traits in the absence of others (while you are your raw self). As you might’ve guessed, Moon signs are determined by the location of the moon at the time of your birth. However, it is important to know that moon signs function a bit differently than star signs. While Star signs change every month or so, moon signs change around the zodiac every two and a half days. This gives rise to multiple suns–moon combinations of people within a given month.

Personality Traits of Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon

Now that you know what sun and moon signs are, you know exactly what we’re referring to when we say that an individual has a Capricorn sun and a Capricorn moon sign. In this section, we will take a look at the good and bad personality traits of people who hold this combination of sun and moon signs in hopes that it will help such people better understand themselves and, by extension, their needs.

Virtuous Traits

Capricorn Sun and Capricorn moon give rise to personalities who are firm, unapologetic, and hardworking. These people do what they need to do to tap their full potential, and they take their time while doing it instead of making judgments in haste. Hardship and adversity only seem to give these people more strength and motivation to reach their goals because they can not accept anything but good for themselves. This is not to say that these people are greedy; just that they have high standards for what kind of life they want to lead – standards that are not unrealistic.

The flaws

Now, let’s discuss their flaws. People of this zodiac combination are known to be the “leading” types, but this leadership is also known to get messy because such people tend to make important decisions unilaterally, often not accounting for what other people have to say. Additionally, these people are overly disciplined, and so they may come off as reserved or cold, even though they are of a gentle and caring nature.

Compatibility of Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon.

Finally, we can move to the heart of our discussion and see which types of personalities are best suited for men with a Capricorn sun and Capricorn moon zodiac combination.

Compatibility in Relationships

As we’ve mentioned earlier, men with a double Capricorn zodiac tend to be pretty stiff and, at least appearance-wise, cold. So, in their relationships (not necessarily romantic ones), they don’t express their affection that openly or frequently. Of course, it should be kept in mind that this doesn’t mean that they don’t feel this affection, only that they face discomfort while expressing it. This, combined with the fact that they are very success-oriented and make consistent efforts to achieve their true goals, makes them form really good relationships with people who tend to be secure in their relationships. This is because their security ensures that they don’t easily get bothered by the low frequency with which a double Capricorn zodiac expresses their affection for them.

Compatibility in Love

In purely non-platonic matters, a double Capricorn man prefers partners who are insightful, knowledgeable, and capable of holding deep conversations. Additionally, they are most compatible with lovers who feel and act secure in their relationships with the double Capricorn man. Such partners challenge the already motivated Capricorn men to grow even further in a constructive way, and hence such people make excellent lovers for Capricorn men. The star signs Scorpio best suits this description. So, if you’re a double Capricorn man, seek a lover who has a Scorpio zodiac.

Compatibility in Friendships

While they appear pretty reserved and closed off, Capricorn men prefer friendships with people whom they can trust and open up to (eventually). Such people, especially if they are mature, caring, kind, and motivated, make the most compatible friendships with Capricorn men.


To sum up, personalities aren’t the only factors in the equation of compatibility – Zodiac sign compatibilities matter just as much. To seek the most stable platonic and/ or non-platonic relationships in your life, you must study the compatibility between the different sun and moon stars and look for a partner whose sign complements yours.