Candle Flame Too High Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Lighting up a candle in a contained environment can be an artistic experience.

The dancing flame creates a dazzling sight, enthralling anyone looking towards it. As the flame grows, the visuals only appear more majestic, leaving you wishing to keep watching them forever. 

While the views may be majestic, the high dancing flames from a candle often carry a spiritual meaning! A high-burning candle is seen as a good omen in the spiritual world. It signifies that added energy and breath are headed for you from the spiritual world. 

But there is more to it than just being a good omen. Are you wondering about the candle flame being too high, meaning spiritually? This is the place to be! So, let’s get going.

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Why is My Candle Flame So High? 

When you burn a candle, the flame may sometimes be unrealistically high, leaving you to wonder why the flame is so high. While there is a probability of the candle’s wick being too “thick,” it could signify different meanings in the spiritual realm. 

A high candle flame represents that you have a lot of power but are holding it back. Your inner self is full of undiscovered potential, waiting to be tapped. It’s a sign to turn to your inner self and work on discovering your inner strengths. 

Alternatively, a high candle flame could also result from spirits being present in the vicinity. If you notice the flame flickering and shadows forming from bright to super dark, it is a fire-sure sign of a spirit being near you. If you summon the spirits, a high flame means your calls have been answered. 

The flickering fire is the sign of the presence of the spirits you asked for. 

Spiritual Meaning of Candle Flame Being Too High 

A candle flame may indicate various spiritual meanings. However, some of the most occurring interpretations include: 


A high candle flame is a testament to the strong energy around you and your creativity. The flame tells you to allow your energies to flow and look into your inner self for colorful visions. It’s time for you to use your creative vision to find new opportunities. 

As you embark on new ventures, for example, starting a new project, make the most of your imagination. Your creative mindset will allow you to establish an impactful image of others and show your creativity. 

Your creativity can also help you get through some matters of life where you feel stuck. If you have doubts, trust yourself and think critically to find the solution. Your body and mind will feel relaxed as these situations will simmer down. 

End is Near

One version of the candle burning too high suggests the end of something in your life. In this case, it’s the universe telling you to stay strong and deal with the pain sublimely. 

The high flame could suggest an end to your relationship or someone close passing away. Nevertheless, the person who will soon part from you will leave you in unimaginable pain. However, the high, flickering flame tells you to remain hopeful. 

While the person may matter a lot to you, remember that there are other things to live for. Focus on strengthening your bonds and appreciating the people close to you. 

Let Go

Often, we keep nourishing relationships and ventures that drain our energy and keep bringing us down. Being naive, we cannot see their true nature, allowing them to run rampant. The high flame, however, comes as a light of guidance in your life.

A high flame symbolizes releasing the things and people that hold you back. Although you are investing efforts to make the relationship every day, your partner may not be taking the relationship as seriously as you are. If it is about some venture, it may not deliver the expected results. 

The tall flame acknowledges the presence of good and bad people in our lives. Maybe the reason you have not been able to progress lately is that someone is holding you back. Take a good look at the people around you, minus anyone not contributing or supporting your efforts. 

Candle Flame Too High – Ritualistic Meaning

Having a candle flame too high in a ritualistic context is a good omen and implicates being suggested by spiritual guides. Regardless of what ritual you implement, the brighter the flame, the more spiritual guides around. 

For example, you get a high flame at a baptism or initiation. The high flames suggest that your ancestor’s spirits or your guardian spirits are close to you. They are using the bright flame as a means of letting everyone know of their presence. 

On the other hand, the bright flame in a ritual could mean different things too. For instance, receiving a great, tall flame during a ritual is a sign that your ritual is working far better than you expected. 

Candle Flame Too High: Is it Bad or Good? 

When asked about the high candle flame being good or bad, it comes down to your beliefs. While most interpretations believe high candle flame to be a good omen, some see it as a bad sign. According to the negative interpretations, a flame burning above the wick represents wasted energy or time. 

You may be investing efforts into a venture that is not worth the effort. Perhaps, you should reconsider your efforts and spend it on a well-devised plan. Pursuing the current venture will only result in wasting energy, detaining you from progressing. 

Final Words

In most cases, a high candle flame is a good sign. A high candle flame assures you that there is no reason to worry. Positive vibes, radiant energy, and spiritual guidance are on your horizon. Now is a great time to devote efforts to a venture you want to succeed. 

However, it is necessary to hold your beliefs while interpreting the high candle flames steadfastly. By some beliefs, a high candle flame could also mean you have embarked on a wild goose chase. Making efforts for the cause you are invested in currently will not take you anywhere. 

It is time for you to change your plans and perform the necessary due diligence. Devoting your efforts towards a new cause will prove crucial to chasing your ulterior goals and succeeding in life!