Blue Angel Color: Meaning and Symbolism Behind It

Generally speaking, the blue angel light ray stands for strength, power, courage, and protection.

This ray is one of the seven light rays that make up the metaphysical system of angel hues.

Some people think that the seven angel colors’ light waves pulsate at various electromagnetic energy wavelengths in the cosmos, attracting angels with energies that are comparable to their own.

Others think the colors are simply a fun way to represent the various kinds of missions God sends his angels on in order to assist humanity.

People can direct their prayers toward God and his angels in accordance with the type of assistance they need by picturing the varied forms of labor that each color-themed angel is most suited for doing.

Blue Angel Color: Meaning

Trust, fidelity, and tranquillity are all connected with the angel color blue. 

It can also stand for comfort, peace, quiet, and healing. As the color green is essentially created from blue, blue also stands for nature, fertility, and new life. 

The attributes of peacefulness, peace, and quiet are frequently connected to the angel color blue. 

This is so because the hue of the sky is linked in our minds to space and fresh air. 

People tend to find the color blue to be tranquil, therefore it can be utilized in marketing campaigns to promote a more laid-back attitude.

Blue Light Ray & Archangel Michael

Gabriel, Michael, and Haniel are the three angels that can take on this color.

The neck chakra is governed by Gabriel, who is also in charge of protection, and the hearth and home are under the control of Michael.

Haniel is the Angel of Joy, who is also ruled by the moon.

The blue light ray is typically under the direction of Michael, who is the chief of all holy angels. 

Michael is renowned for his extraordinary bravery and tenacity. 

He is a leader who strives for the triumph of good over evil. 

This archangel shields and guards those who cherish God, and often helps those who stray from their religious path. 

Some people turn to Michael for assistance in order to find the bravery to face their anxieties, the strength to withstand temptation to sin and instead choose the right path, and the safety in potentially hazardous circumstances.

The message Your Guardian Angels are sending you via Blue Light Ray

Your Guardian Angels encourage you to concentrate on your communication abilities when blue light energy manifests in front of you. 

Your capacity for successful communication determines how you represent yourself to the outside world.

Your spiritual guidance essentially urges you to find your own voice and master effective communication. 

When you speak with clarity, intelligence, and sincerity, people will pay close attention to you.

It’s possible that you have something significant to say to the world. 

Maybe you’re destined to fill a leadership or teaching position. 

Your Angels are requesting that you spend some time honing your voice in this particular situation.

What should I do when I see a blue ray in the sky?

While some believe that the blue angel light ray radiates most strongly on Sunday, it’s always a good choice to pray any time that you’re under a blue ray, as your guardian angels are trying to send you a very important message regarding your feelings or health!

Praying under a Blue Light 

Finding God’s will for your life and having the fortitude to follow it are two things that are covered by the blue angel light beam.

When praying under the blue light, you can ask God to send the archangel Michael and other angels to assist you understand God’s plans for your life, see God’s will more clearly for certain circumstances you’re facing, and be inspired to go where God is leading you while you pray in the blue ray.

You can also ask for the faith and bravery to act whenever God calls you, as well as the protection you need against evil that might try to prevent you from learning and accomplishing God’s goals for your life.

There are also several leadership skills that you acquire through praying under the blue ray, which may ultimately improve your connection to God and other people more effectively. 

These skills include integrity, creativity, compassion, decisiveness, listening, speaking, and the capacity to form teams, take calculated risks, solve problems, and inspire others.

You can also ask blue ray angels to assist you in letting go of unfavorable thoughts and replacing them with ones that are true reflections of God, yourself, and other people if you are struggling with bad thoughts.

Blue Angel Color: Chakra & Crystals

The corresponding crystals to the blue angel ray are turquoise, aquamarine, sapphire, and even light blue topaz. 

According to some, the energy in these stones can inspire new and imaginative ways of thinking, encourage individuals to let go of negative beliefs, urge people to seek out adventure and take chances, and boost confidence.

Another very important thing in the spiritual realm is reading the chakra correctly and learning how to control it. 

In the case of the blue angel color, it always represents the throat chakra, which is found in the human body’s neck region. 

Many therapists and spiritualists claim that people may highly benefit from the spiritual energy of angels that enters the body through the throat chakra. 

For example, seeing the blue angel color can signify that the person is dealing with throat issues, laryngitis, maybe even pneumonia or thyroid issues. 

On the same level, when our chakra matches the blue angel color on a psychological level, the blue ray suggests we need help in making sensible decisions or fostering more original thought. 

Blue Angel Color in Christianity 

Christianity has a long history and a strong connection to the color blue, which is also linked to divinity and God. 

It symbolizes God seated on his throne and is mentioned fifty times in the Bible.

The color blue is associated with God, regal authority, and wealth in the Bible. 

The color blue is compared to Heaven in the Bible. 

The Bible claims that while Moses and the 70 Israelite elders were worshiping God on Mount Sinai, they caught a glimpse of Heaven, which was described as being blue, on the street.

This was the exact spot at which Moses received the 10 commandments.