Black Candle Meaning, Symbolism, and Spiritual Uses

Whether it be movies or societal norms from the early ages, people often connect black candles with dark magic and witchcraft. 

The black candles often signify endings and, in some cases, death, so their mystique is justifiable. However, Black candles are not as dark as perceived! 

These candles also alleviate negativity from your life and dampen the hold of evil spirits. What else do the black candles signify? Luckily, you are in the right place! Let’s discover every important detail there is to know about them. 

Benefits of Burning a Black Candle

Clears Negative Energies

One of the biggest benefits of burning a black candle is clearing the negative energy in your surroundings. Using black candles perfectly illustrates the phrase “fighting fire with fire.” Although these candles symbolize darkness, burning a black candle will ward off any negative emotions and evil spirits on your horizon. 

Increases Inner Strength

Black candles are the perfect tools to have at your side when looking for some motivation and strength. Burning a black candle allows you to reinforce your inner self and become emotionally strong, proving you with the needed motivation. 

Breaks the Effects of Curses

Have you been finding yourself on the losing side in your life lately? Regardless of how much effort you invest and how hard you work, the conclusions don’t turn out in your favor. While sometimes it might mean you must try harder, it could also hint towards darker forces disrupting your life. 

Using a black candle will help you eliminate these hexes and curses, negating their effect on your life. As the dark clouds cast by these curses clear out, your life will soon start progressing, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. 

When Can You Burn The Black Color Candles? 

Black candles are all about removing negativity from your life, making them ideal in various scenarios: 

Separating Yourself from a troubled situation: 

Being stuck in a neverending drama can be draining for you. Lighting a black candle will help you put an end to these difficult situations, clearing out any stagnant negative energy from your horizons and helping you move forward. 

Breaking Bad Habits

Bad habits captivate you to indulge in a pattern harmful to you and others. However, if you can’t separate yourself from breaking this pattern and let this habit go, performing a ritual involving a black candle can be helpful. 

These candles can help you connect well with your inner self, allowing you to establish stronger self-control and deterring from harmful habits. 

Letting Go 

When you realize you are part of an unhealthy relationship draining your energy, you will desperately feel the urge to withdraw and preserve yourself. However, if the relationship has progressed significantly, attachments and complications may make it difficult for you to break free of this relationship. 

Lightning up these black candles helps you gather the energy required to distance yourself from these relationships and to let go of any obligations and attachments you may feel towards your partner. 

Evil Spirits and Curse

Black candles can help you clear a house manifested with an evil presence. Performing a magic ritual involving black candles protects you from any hexes or curses meant to harm you.

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What is the Perfect Day for Burning a Black Candle 

According to Roman Beliefs, Saturn is the God of endings. Since these candles are associated with Saturn, the best day to perform a ritual with a black candle is Saturday. 

The black candles also share their association with the Devil Tarot card and Capricorn in horoscopes. Granted that these candles reflect ominous energy, they offer exactly the energy you need when concluding something. 

These candles can be significantly beneficial when letting go of a toxic relationship or forgetting a hurtful memory. Letting go of a difficult relationship or a memory can help you get your life back on track and work towards your goals in life. 

Black Candle – Origins

With their origins intertwined between the present and the past, they offer a captivating blend of contemporary belief and history. Being linked to the number 13 in numerology, these candles signify reaching a conclusion or the death of something. 

However, studying ancient traditions and some modern practices, these candles have garnered a strong reputation in the magical world for their potent qualities and protection. Throughout many belief systems, the black candles are known to negate pessimism, protect you from malevolent forces, and increase your intuition.

By harnessing their profound energy through the rituals, these candles allow the practitioners to discover their inner selves, unlock hidden wisdom, and find harmony within. The transformative energies embroidered within this color urge you to focus your intentions, urging you to improve your life. 

Some Black Candle Associations

  • Numerology: 13 
  • Astrology: Capricorn 
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Day: Saturday 
  • Gods: Hades, Triple Goddess
  • Direction: North 
  • Element: Earth
  • Holiday: Samhain

Where to Buy Black Candles

According to many experienced practitioners, it’s best to purchase these candles from your local pagan shop. However, if you don’t have any shops selling black candles, you can always scour the internet to look for these candles. 

While there are pagan websites that can guide you about using the right candles for the rituals, stores like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay are better choices for buying black candles in large quantities. 

Final Words

Black candles offer ideal support when there is no trace of happiness in your life and when any good seems to have been perforated from your life. If your life has contentment, and everything seems to be going your way, there is no need to use these candles. 

Signifying the absence of color, the black candles work wonders by absorbing all the evil spirits and pessimism in your surrounding. The black candle can also help you reverse the effects of a curse on the person who cast it. 

We hope this guide proved helpful in contemplating the black candle meaning. Good luck using these candles to banish the evil energies in your surroundings.